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  1. Jeez …..just scored a screamer !
  2. Recall seeing something R Reynolds put out related to Deadpool and he was wearing a Canada soccer jersey in the trailer …I think
  3. His goal last night v Ottawa was likely lost in the shuffle - amazing first touch and well taken chance too
  4. Encountered his mother, cousin and another friend leaving the stadium They were wearing some of his game worn kits - so I asked if they are related and they were Told her what a great player her son is and to be proud- put a smile on her face
  5. Nice Black hoodie bought for my son was 120 taxes in- Nike black very tight is what it is at stadiums -tall Stella for $3 at LCBO are $ 15 at BMO - did see a lot of them being consumed too!😀😀
  6. well done to One Soccer - a great value all in- Canadian Premier League, France etc so good on them to get a return on investment (assumed) Still less per month/per day than cost of a pint many on this string will consume at the next 2 home matches
  7. Great Match Props to the Battalion in full voice too #Wednesday’sintheHammer
  8. Reply to my own post LOL All of this for $125! thx OP am going to spend the “savings” on pints tonight at Forge and Canada games upcoming
  9. Zvezda 4 Cluj Romania 0 Milan clean sheet, watched the game and he was solid as usual one more game to win then different Europa League challenges /opportunities coming this year for our #1 keeper
  10. Forge fan here but this A Ottawa kit is best in the league (and there are many good ones too) nice to see the sea of red-bodes well
  11. I watched the entire Zvezda game- the first goal was not ideal but he made several good saves and overall played well with good distribution. The pitch was bad and the opponent did not play a single Moldovan national ( TFC v 2.0 LOL). Memories are short in sport- Milan was the teams inspirational leader after the most recent Haiti games ( and played well in those) and will deserve to lose the gloves only based on Canada camp performance or games- not based on a result like yesterday in that match IMO
  12. Was at the match as well- club level seats had alot of people in the “old” stands before all moved to the one side this year, so that may not have been seen on the broadcast Battalion were in full voice and we could hear them well ! Borges will get his swagger back and Babouli never lost his York looked good too Great to be back and like Dani Rojas says “ Football is life”
  13. I had an previous used email under my profile on the V’’s site-updated the email account so I should receive them going forward - can you resend please to confirm receipt thx
  14. @rob.notenboomHi Rob have 2 memberships - signed up a few weeks ago : have not received any emails at all- this one referenced and previous ones as well , can you check status please
  15. Well said Vince A, as our team seems to be turning a corner, so should the finances for #Canmnt too Have to think the Gold Cup result has to have some serious cash infusion to the program (anyone confirm ?) and the various qualifiers coming up should add to the coffers as well Time to invest in the program is at this point
  16. So glad that away goals are no longer part of the equation and it is on aggregate now That way don’t need to do too much thinking 🤔 on what the other team would need to score
  17. CPL and Ottawa entering Radiohead In Rainbows era pay what you feel it’s worth space ——- Love it
  18. Post game interview on one soccer - proper player, love the attitude
  19. Load me up by M Good has some ok soccer video footage and honestly a great Canadian band Alt 90’s jam ……Big Shinny Tunes level tune More Importantly - that Ayo video makes this French Born, came to Canada at 18 months, ex Yugo , Bosna heritage parents Serb,LOVE this country and what it brings to all of us ….#bestcountryintheworld
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