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  1. Ok, so pretty much at least one day would be dedicated just to getting onto the island if I used public transit, whereas if I rented a car, I could probably get there the day of arrival, but would obviously have to factor that cost vs the cost of an extra night's stay, of which I'm pretty sure the extra night will be cheaper. The core issue is flights from Hamilton to Abbotsford are dirt cheap ($210 round trip right now) which makes the trip possible. I am skeptical of getting another flight even close to that ballpark. Everything I find is around $300 one way to either Victoria or Vancouver, so really they aren't really in the cards.
  2. Hey guys, serious question. I am considering making the trip out for the May game vs Forge, but really what it comes down to is cost and time. How easy/how much would it cost to get to the island from Abbotsford Airport via public transit. From what I can tell, the cheapest way is to take a shuttle bus for $20 from the airport to Scott Rd. Station in Surrey, and then take two buses to reach the ferry (which appears to be $3) and then the Ferry which is $18 to reach the island. Google Maps pegs this at a little over 3.5 hours to get to the Ferry terminal. Just wanted some input on this one.
  3. My thought is you could have made a case for either Cavalry or Forge getting the bye and either choice would have been a right choice. However, now that you've established "The guy who did the best last V.Cup gets the bye/better treatment" that's the way it is, and should be sticked to. MLS getting the bye is accommodation to MLS's schedule, how much cash they are likely investing in youth soccer compared to the CanPL and how much more well established they are. When CanPL sides are drawing 10,000+ a game and beating MLS sides in the V.Cup consistently, then we open the discussion of all teams being seeded that way.
  4. I'd say Pacific has certainly narrowed the gap with signing Bustos, but how significantly, we will have to see.
  5. From my understanding, the Hamilton party will be running off of OneSoccer
  6. I was going to mention that location, given Melnyk was talking about putting the Sens there. I was going to ask, would a smaller, outdoor venue that would still allow the Ottawa Blue's Fest to continue at the location work?
  7. Hey guys, just got word from the owner Greg via Text. Viewing party for the Canada vs USA game will be at EndZone at 7pm Nov 15th.
  8. Just got word. Hamilton's viewing party will be at EndZone: Bar & Grill https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Sports-Bar/The-EndZone-Bar-Grill-118875491799843/
  9. I think it depends on who we draw and who we lose.
  10. This is true. For years (probably up until the Argos were bought by MLSE) Sportsnet routinely would either, ignore, demean or have it's radio anchors slag the CFL because they don't own the rights to them. Sadly, the CPL isn't quite big enough that coverage is somewhat mandatory.
  11. Just got email from the club, looks like CONCACAF League game is August 1st. Just thought I'd test the waters and ask, what do you think our chances are against GFC Antigua?
  12. Yes, and the reason why is fining is not an effective form of discipline in professional sports. It's a slap on the wrist. So what other methods of discipline are there? The only other I can think of is an automatic yellow at the start of the next match, but suddenly the purists will be up in arms. So let me qualify my remarks then. 1 and 3, player safety is involved which, frankly should carry even longer suspensions then diving should. Diving is 1 game, with cumulative suspensions for repeat behavior player safety is minimum 1 for reckless play, minimum 2 for intentional with additional games for repeat behavior and more tacked on depending on severity and if injury is caused. IE: 1 and 3 are more severe offenses and warrant potentially longer suspensions.
  13. Overhead? Are you kidding me? It's re-watching the game, looking at the replays, something that should already be a part of ref evaluation. It's a few hours of extra work at most. As far as the real game? What? How is players striking other players when the back is turned part of the game? How is diving part of the game, and should be rewarded? How is injuring people needlessly part of the game? Getting these items out of the game, should be everyone's priority and frankly, striking other players and clear dives are unambiguous, as is actually causing an injury.
  14. I disagree here. You already have only one ref. Stuff is going to get missed with one ref. You should always have a post-game review of the entire match, and the following items should always suffer suspensions. 1) Players that strike other players when the ref's back is turned 2) Clear dives where no contact is made and the intent is to draw a foul 3) Engaging in play that caused injury that was either intentional or incredibly reckless.
  15. You're right, but this is a rare time I'd like to see us stand on principal, set an example and showed the world "We started reviewing and punishing diving, and it cleaned it up and got it out of the game" and then maybe some other nations start doing the same.
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