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  1. Yes, it does for several reasons. 1) You need to build fan bases beyond just soccer fans and having every team in contention drives fan involvement. 2) A large source of revenue is going to be selling players. Thus you need to make sure all players have a good shot to development and not end up with a team that is cutting financial corners. 3) Having teams be out of contention to early in turn makes people tune out for the later half of the season. It was apparently a big issue that they had last fall season with the lead up to the final. Especially when you have limited broadcast options and a season that runs during cottage weather. 4) I honestly find the "Big name teams" of the European leagues a gigantic turn off. Partly because it drives this culture of people who have no actual roots or connection to a club, to suddenly grift on because they win, which in turns helps their finances which in turn helps them win. Partly because I love seeing the Yankees lose and partly because simply put, mismatches aren't entertaining in any sport, unless the underdog wins, which seldom happens in soccer.
  2. As far a Pro/Rel within the CanPL. I think it's a completely moot point until you have at least 16 teams, then I think you can have an honest discussion. To be honest, I feel 20 is the magic number where you should split the league in half and institute pro/rel, but that's a long ways off. As far as Pro/Rel with MLS. Simply put, will never happen. There is no way MLS is going to let a Canadian side in on their revenue sharing without having also paid absurd dues via a franchise fee. They also aren't going to allow a club in that isn't part of the single entity. As far as moving the MLS teams to the CanPL. Right now, it's not a realistic option, and frankly I don't think it ever will be. I don't think the CSA should force the issue until 1) CanPL teams are drawing 20K + average attendances 2) CanPL teams continue to show V.Cup success against MLS sides 3) There is a clear revenue sharing model in place for MLS teams to parachute into without being financially ravaged. Lets face it, the three MLS sides make a lot more money off the US TV Deal then the CanPL sides are making with OneSoccer and the occasional CBC broadcast. I think your best option is to get a comparable TV deal (of which the CFL deal with TSN is such a deal) and sell the MLS franchises on the idea of "Hey, you can make close to the same money here, and you get a one time windfall if you sell your franchise rights back to the US. You just need to keep your existing branding as part of the separation. That said, that's a long, long road that may not happen in my life. We aren't even getting 8K averages in the best markets, nevermind 20K.
  3. So....Forge ended up meeting quota, not breaking any rules....so.....does anyone else want to chirp in at how Forge is terrible, bad for player development and the scourge/bush maker of the league.
  4. I think Forge needs to first actually break the rule to start, they still have a game, there is a chance Maan will be ready, and if he's not...I suppose Forge could play an emergency tender for the minutes needed to meet the requirements (which I think would be awesome). That said, I fully agree a fine is not adequate punishment. Not sure what it should be. I think fine, point deduction and loss of U-Sports draft picks seems fair.
  5. I would think it would be more akin to the player on loan's entire salary counts towards the cap, regardless of if the CanPL or the parent is paying for it.
  6. Yeah, really apart from the one whistle which Bobby hilarious replied to, I thought she did very well.
  7. Hopefully we can try for at least one match and EndZone since I guess they have a patio now and were having a hard time getting the city to ok it.
  8. If this is in fact the case, and the runner up of the V.Cup doesn't get the CONCAAF league spot, I would frankly love it. I want to see Canada Soccer back scratching their league more and make the USSF scratch the Canadian sides more if they want them to remain there. It does make some sense though, given this year the Canadian MLS sides I'm to understand had a chance to poach some of the US's spots in the Champion's league this year, so giving them a second free ride given they already had a chance in their league. That said, I think it's a tall task for any CanPL team to conquer whoever the top team coming out of the MLS series will be. It will also be a damn shame that if it ends up being Forge/York and TFC, Pacific and Vancouver or Ottawa and Montreal that it won't be able to be seen live for the first time.
  9. Huge fan of Tissot, and really glad Ottawa's loss is our gain here. Seem to recall he was a fairly good set piece player for the Fury.
  10. I wouldn't go that far. I think for sure they have lost a step, but I wouldn't say they are the poorest. Too soon to tell who is going to contend for the Wooden Spoon.
  11. Ok, so pretty much at least one day would be dedicated just to getting onto the island if I used public transit, whereas if I rented a car, I could probably get there the day of arrival, but would obviously have to factor that cost vs the cost of an extra night's stay, of which I'm pretty sure the extra night will be cheaper. The core issue is flights from Hamilton to Abbotsford are dirt cheap ($210 round trip right now) which makes the trip possible. I am skeptical of getting another flight even close to that ballpark. Everything I find is around $300 one way to either Victoria or Vancouver, so really they aren't really in the cards.
  12. Hey guys, serious question. I am considering making the trip out for the May game vs Forge, but really what it comes down to is cost and time. How easy/how much would it cost to get to the island from Abbotsford Airport via public transit. From what I can tell, the cheapest way is to take a shuttle bus for $20 from the airport to Scott Rd. Station in Surrey, and then take two buses to reach the ferry (which appears to be $3) and then the Ferry which is $18 to reach the island. Google Maps pegs this at a little over 3.5 hours to get to the Ferry terminal. Just wanted some input on this one.
  13. My thought is you could have made a case for either Cavalry or Forge getting the bye and either choice would have been a right choice. However, now that you've established "The guy who did the best last V.Cup gets the bye/better treatment" that's the way it is, and should be sticked to. MLS getting the bye is accommodation to MLS's schedule, how much cash they are likely investing in youth soccer compared to the CanPL and how much more well established they are. When CanPL sides are drawing 10,000+ a game and beating MLS sides in the V.Cup consistently, then we open the discussion of all teams being seeded that way.
  14. I'd say Pacific has certainly narrowed the gap with signing Bustos, but how significantly, we will have to see.
  15. From my understanding, the Hamilton party will be running off of OneSoccer
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