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MLS Match Updates and Talk 2020

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That is....off-putting. 

Jakovic and Kaye to start for LAFC, which means that they will start more Canadians than either Montreal or Toronto did in the first game of this tourney.

Chapman on in the 65th minute for Miami against NYRB. Johnston starting for Nashville against DC. Lots of Canucks seeing action tonight and we haven't yet got to LAFC vs. Vancouver. This is

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atlanta vs cincinnati

do or die for both..they need a win or they are most likely not making playoffs

tfc vs miami

the usual cb duo of gonzalez pirez and reyes are out suspended so they put makoun and delagarza there..delagarza is a good defender but more a rb and makoun was very weak last time I saw him he kept getting beaten so they really gotta go at him..priso-mbongue gets a start

nycfc vs nyrb

nothing special looking at lineups or standings..both making playoffs..maybe only that they can fight for a home game spot and to not play the play in match

new england vs dc

amazingly dc has three wins and a draw in the last four and is fighting for one of the last two spots

montreal vs orlando

montreal also fighting for one of the last spots..ballou out of the 20 so as I said likely done under henry..haitian saba makes the squad for the first time in mls

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Akindele is taken off after 70 minutes with his team tied 1-1 and down a man after Nani got a red. Orlando took the lead with Akindele's replacement Benji Michel potting the go-ahead goal.

St. Clair has let in two tonight so far for Minnesota. He made a double-save on another play but only because he bobbled the first strike from distance. Didn't look like he had much chance on either goal though, with some woeful Marco Velez-Nick Garcia type defending from Minnesota on Chicago's 2nd.

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here we go with playoffs..play in rounds tonight starting with revs vs impact and then it will be nashville miami

wanyama piette urruti out for montreal..jackson and brault starting for montreal and buchanan starting for new england..mlssoccer has montreal in a 4-3-3 with jackson at left wing and a shocker buchanan at rb so they could be going up against each other..gotta go at buchanan who is weak physically and unproven at the back but arena must have seen something in him to put him there in playoffs

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montreal the team that concedes the most in minutes 31-45 and they do it again..gil has them up 1-0 at the break and buchanan got a secondary assist..montreal has kizza okwonkwo toye on the bench..lets see if he acts or just waits as usual..jackson looks out of gas so should bring someone right away for him..probably okwonkwol..not much to do in the midfield as there arent great options

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