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Voyageurs in Orlando

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Hi fellow road trippers.  I thought it would be helpful to have a separate thread for discussions for those going to Orlando for the game on Nov 15. 

I was hoping we would gather for the pre-match festivities, but we currently have no consensus on a location. 


1. Tailgate with American Outlaws

2. Tailgate somewhere else

3. Find a pub/restaurant

4. Each do our own damn thing and we'll meet at our seats

I'd like to tailgate, but I understand that those without a car might prefer not to.  Tailgating is easy to organize - just buy some beer and show up. 

I think it could be fun to join the American Outlaws tailgate.  Someone posted in the other thread that they were going to tailgate in a different location - where tailgating is permitted, but is it common? 


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I was fortunate enough to run into Arfield, Spoony and Milan at the hotel bar after I got back from a few Blue Hawaiians at the Tiki Bar (forgot who suggested it but glad I went).   The lads seem


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It's looking likely that my wife and I will end up at the Broken Strings tailgate.  We want to be where there's a good crowd.  Also the brewery (and bathroom) and nearby food options help. 

We plan to pick up some BBQ on the way and hopefully find some room to share on a grill to warm it up. 

Info here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/944965389217305


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2 minutes ago, sstackho said:

There is no consensus.  Gary23 has already booked at a parking lot for their group of 8 to tailgate.  My wife and I will likely be at the American Outlaws tailgate at Broken Strings brewery.  No solid confirmation from the others. 


We went from like 6 people to 50+.  The trouble is we don't know who they are or how to get in touch with them.   So booking/reserving a place is not that simple. 

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3 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

I am going, staying at the Marriott on Thursday and Friday nights, and would love to hang out with some V’s when the opportunity arises.  

Ok, let's find a place for Thursday and a pre game for Friday then.   The best we can do it put in the event, but I am not doing ticketing for this so it is not possible for me to message everyone beyond here....

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1 hour ago, Redpunkfiddle said:

Motorworks, Brew Theory, and Community Brewhouse all have tap rooms walking distance 15 min to stadium. Looking at their details.

I'm arriving Friday aft.

Ok, are any of these designated supporters bars by the Outlaws?  They have a tailgate so maybe it doesn't matter.

Let's just pick one.


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26 minutes ago, sstackho said:

For what it's worth, here's what the Orlando City Ruckus supporters site says about Broken Strings:

**NOTE – While the Broken Caldron is a Ruckus friendly bar; it is not a Ruckus exclusive bar. Any harassment of their patrons will not be tolerated.


Broken Strings is the AO bar thought isn't it?

Alex is going to scout Motorworks, Brew Theory, and Community Brewhouse and make a call.

We can't guarantee any numbers so we can't really do a proper booking.


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Yes, the AO tailgate happens at the parking lot next to Broken Strings.  It looks like I'm in the minority in wanting to "fraternize with the enemy"!  

As I mentioned earlier, the AO event organizer on Facebook says (claims?) that we are welcome to join them at the tailgate. 

Parking + tailgating + a brewery tap room + a crowd of soccer fans sounds like a good formula for me.  Though I understand if others prefer something different. 

I'm impressed/surprised that we are at 50 tickets sold.  Not sure how many that would mean for numbers at a pre-game event. 

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