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  1. I use to work at TSN. Jays usually get high hundreds of thousands to 1.1-1.2 million per game during the season (depending how big the game is/if they’re competitive. How the ratings go in Toronto: 1) Leafs A little gap 2) Blue Jays Huge gap 3) Raptors somewhere in between the other 2 gap 4) TFC CFL does shockingly well. Around the Raptors, and above.
  2. We needed to beat Mexico in the Gold Cup semi final to have any chance of getting into pot 3. As someone on here said before, you usually need to be ranked in the high 30’s to have a chance at pot 3. We won’t gain 30 spots by June. The Mexico win would have put us in 40’s alone.
  3. It’s gonna be 40% El Salvador fans, you watch. They were the ones who bought almost half the tickets before the Honduras game. The rest were people realizing Canada was playing, and wanting tickets. We gotta be loud. An early goal for Canada would really help. P.S Do what TFC does, and shot towards the south end in the 2nd half.
  4. Herdman said Davies had a cramp, so take this with a grain a salt. I remember before the 1st game, I saw an interview with him, and he said Cavalini could potentially give 15-20 mins at the end of a match. So, I think a lot of people that have him starting are going to be disappointed. Anyone at practice see if Kennedy is practicing? My guess is no.
  5. Haha, am I the only one yelling at my screen when they all agreed to Kennedy on the bench? Or Atiba not starting? I get the Laryea vs Buchanan debate (id personally go Buchanan), but it’s mind boggling to me that he’s isn’t the first CB on the team sheet. And them debating Victoria or Henry… don’t even get me started 😂
  6. Yup sounds about right. Our base for fans in this city for games is around 17,500. That’s what the games against Panama and Cuba got in WCQ for 2014. You add that there has been zero, and I mean ZERO advertisement for this, and Covid, you get around 14,000. I think we sell out the El Salvador game on the premise of people actually knowing these games are going on, plus them having a bigger support than Honduras. I’m bringing 26 people to this game, and maybe 6 of them knew this game was happening/the format of this.
  7. Besiktas, and Lille got good draws though, so that’s good news.
  8. When do we have to give the tickets back to Canada Soccer? Or do we have them till kick off? Seems like the ticket sales have slowed down since a few days ago.
  9. Wow, what a complete farce. After this ban, they do exactly the same thing, but to us, and then they decide the punishment is to strong? GTFO
  10. Ive done my part. Bringing 24 friends/family to both games. Educated them all on what’s at stake and how this format works. Looks like the Honduras game has a few seats left in 112-115, and 116-118 still have a lot. Let’s keep going guys. We gotta sell these out.
  11. Question, if I want to buy more tickets as a member, can I go over the allotted 4 for each game that was told to us before the first day of buying?
  12. What’s the ticket sales looking like? Is the south end almost sold out?
  13. Has anyone considered both games in Montreal? Or what I haven’t seen written here yet, Montreal, then back to Toronto for the 16th? Not saying it should be, but that is one to consider. My personal opinion would be play both out east and make sure you have a pro Canada crowd against Mexico.
  14. My opinion, he is 100% a starter against Honduras.
  15. Gotta win your home games. Only teams I’ll accept losing points at home are the US, and Mexico. And to be honest, the ladder doesn’t scare me as much as it use to. 5 wins out of 7 is 15 points. Leaves us needing 8 points on the road to probably qualify.
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