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  1. Agreed, its gotta be 4-4-2 vs the USA in order to have our best players on the field at the right places. 4-3-3 does not suit our best 11 - we get odd man out scenarios or people playing at the wrong place. 4-2-3-1 forces us to play guys out of position David needs to play a central role, we're wasting him out wide LB is still a huge question mark - we needed to see Cordova - at this point I guess I stick with Miller, he's got the most longterm potential. Larin needs to stay in Belgium until he proves otherwise. CANMNT shouldn't need to save his career, seems like thats what we're trying to do. He hasn't earned a start in 2 years. Henry needs therapy - he's got the athleticism and instinct. -------Cavallini - David Davies - Kaye - Arfield - Hoilett Miller/Adekugbe - Cornelius - Vitoria - Laryea The first lineup here is spot on for me. The question here is at left back. Didn’t get to watch the away game, but in the home leg, Miller didn’t do it for me. Bad passes, didn’t look comfortable. I know this might be me being pie in the sky, but Atiba has played a fair portion of his career at RB. You think playing LB would be asking to much of him? I thought in the big games against Mexico and Haiti, he was on of best players. So calm, and always makes the right decision
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