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  1. I don’t think you have been watching Turkey lately. They beat France, and tied them in qualifying. They allowed 3 goals against all campaign, none coming from open play. They have been unlucky with some injuries the past couple months to big players, but was a legit dark horse for this Euro. In my book, a top 10 team for sure in UEFA.
  2. Would be a great learning experience for us if we were to qualify before World Cup 2026.
  3. Any news about Ricardo Ferreira? He signed with that top flight Portuguese team a few weeks ago, but it seems like he hasn’t made the bench yet.
  4. We basically know the answer already, but when do the Fifa rankings get updated, so we can officially see if El Salvador lost points against Iceland?
  5. So 7.6 if we win both, which will get us half way. But with El Salvador looking to just play minnows outside of Panama, unless Panama beats them in March, we ain’t catching them.
  6. I think they beat Panama at home, and lose to Costa Rica in Washington. That’s 0.5 points gained, so no big jump. This is on us to get to 7-10 points to close the gap, making a very interesting June.
  7. I still can’t believe this is legit conversation. Davies plays as a winger forces teams to keep 2-3 players pinned back on that side. Look at the home game against the states. They were scared shitless to jump the fullback forward because of his speed. As funny as this may sound, Davies playing winger actually helps us defensively.
  8. And some people were saying they maybe wouldn’t start him in the rematch against the States in November had he been available. At 37 years old (b-day is tomorrow), he’s still our best DM. Guy has the Pirlo DNA... ages like fine wine.
  9. How many points would these be worth? Win, tie, or loss?
  10. Give me Trinidad and Panama. Both teams we should be able to beat with our A squad. I think both teams give the best bang for you ranking points. Panama has looked horrible since before the gold cup, and Trinidad is even worse. How many points would these be worth? I think that’s the most points you can almost be guaranteed of all these match. Canada can even cheap out, and play Panama at home, and Trinidad in Florida or something. add to the fact that El Salvador might lose some points here, and potentially for that Iceland game, and I think we would be within 3 points of them come June.
  11. Panama has a match against Curaçao in March. I’d get them up here in March for 6 points. They have not looked good since beginning of the Gold Cup. If we can’t beat them up here, we don’t deserve to be in the Hex anyways. I’d try to get Trinidad and Tobago here as well for 4 points. They have been horrible for a while now. There’s 10 points, at home, against 2 teams we gotta beat in CONCACAF, who have inflated FIFA rankings. Add the 3.5 points we get if we beat Barbados and tie Iceland, and all of a sudden we’re 2 points back of El Salvador going into June. Btw, I think they play in March against some minnows too. And if they do, it will make it harder for us to catch them.
  12. With the news of them potentially playing a friendly in late may, if Canada is still in the race for 6th, I think that camp/friendlies will be in Europe in May/June. Euro just about to begin, and they can get the euro players to play, as league play in Europe usually ends the 2nd/3rd week of may.
  13. Yup. Just about to write that now. 2 huge players to take out of the starting 11
  14. My guess is that the May friendly will be all euro based players, and played in Europe.
  15. Herdman was on writers block on the fan 590 today. Said they are looking to play in January, and potentially in May, with obviously games in March and June. May is interesting. Camp after euro leagues are done, with a match against someone before the window opens?
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