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  1. When is FIFA doing the intercontinental draw for the 2022 World Cup? All I can find is at a later date.
  2. After his speed, what would you say is his next best attribute is? For me, I’d probably name 4 or 5 things before anything to do with his defending.
  3. I don’t know how many times I need to watch him for Bayern, or the Canada. He is not a fullback. Hasn’t played it his whole career until Bayern, and it shows. At best, he’s a wingback. He’s not a very good defender. He just relies on his speed. Doesn’t pick up his man well in the box, and the angles he takes to defend are weird. And that completely understandable, with how long he’s learned this position. But, he’s not being fully utilized. He has so much to bring to an attack, but doesn’t get to on that team. He needs to be freed.
  4. So it’s on the bad end. His season might be done. Will be close. He might be able to still play for Canada though, but it might be his first action in 2 months. Recovery time is usually 6-8 weeks.
  5. Apparently it’s sprained. Hopefully it’s just a minor sprain, and he only misses a couple of weeks.
  6. Whatever way you want to spin it. I’ll spin it another way. He leads Ligue 1 in goals since the new year. So he’s the most in form striker in France for the last 3 months. And honestly, if he took penalties, and didn’t get screwed out of a couple goals, he’d have 15/16 goals, with 7 to go. With the way that team plays, that’s pretty impressive actually.
  7. For the draw, the teams were allocated to four pots based on the FIFA World Rankings of October 2017. Pot one contained the hosts Russia (who were automatically assigned to position A1) and the best seven teams. Pot two contained the next best eight teams, and so on for pots three and four.[46] This was different from previous draws, when only pot one was based on FIFA rankings while the remaining pots were based on geographical considerations. However, teams from the same confederation still were not drawn against each other for the group stage, except that two UEFA teams could be in each gro
  8. What some people aren’t thinking about, is if we do make the World Cup, what would our ranking be for the draw. The difference between being in pot 3, and pot 4 could be a good Gold Cup, because of the value of the points (higher than WCQ points I believe). Being in pot 3, could give us a chance of maybe getting out the group. I don’t think our full A team will play, but won’t be surprised if 2-3 of our starters end up there, with a majority of our remaining of our bench/reserves. The rest will be filled with our best u-23’s, and players they would like
  9. That Dest kid is a problem. I remember him against Canada in the rematch against the states in November 2019. His first match for the States, and completely owned Davies on that side. They have a special player there.
  10. Man, I don’t know about you guys, but having this guy and Atiba controlling the ball in our midfield is a wet dream. They can both take care of it, great pass percentage, and are very good against the press (Mexico). This team is gonna live and die by our CB’s.
  11. They all improve Suriname, but the Bisewar signing is meh. They’re all going to start on the back line, so it will make them harder to break down, but none of these guys are midfielders, or strikers. We should still be able to take the game to them, and overwhelm them.
  12. That reads “I won’t be there in March, but I’ll be there in June” to me.
  13. Don’t watch to much of the premier league, but I was curious how many mins Tomori has gotten since he got his England caps. He’s played 45 mins in the league since mid September, and 188 mins in the league cup. This guy is gonna get buried at Chelsea like so many before him has. Which got me thinking. How unlucky for Canada fans that this guy got a 3 month starting spot for Chelsea? If Derby wins that promotion match, he probably stays there for another season, and doesn’t probably get the call. If Chelsea didn’t get 3-4 serious injuries at CB, he doesn’t get a sniff at t
  14. If I had to guess, he doesn’t play the first 2 games in March, and plays in June (final 2 games of the group + home and away with Haiti/Nicaragua after his club season is done. If we make the Oct, he will have a decision to make.
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