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  1. Don’t watch to much of the premier league, but I was curious how many mins Tomori has gotten since he got his England caps. He’s played 45 mins in the league since mid September, and 188 mins in the league cup. This guy is gonna get buried at Chelsea like so many before him has. Which got me thinking. How unlucky for Canada fans that this guy got a 3 month starting spot for Chelsea? If Derby wins that promotion match, he probably stays there for another season, and doesn’t probably get the call. If Chelsea didn’t get 3-4 serious injuries at CB, he doesn’t get a sniff at t
  2. If I had to guess, he doesn’t play the first 2 games in March, and plays in June (final 2 games of the group + home and away with Haiti/Nicaragua after his club season is done. If we make the Oct, he will have a decision to make.
  3. Me personally, no. Davies for obvious reasons, but Richie Laryea, outside of Pozuelo, has been TFC’s best player all season. He has really developed into one the best fullbacks in the league. So much so that teams (Nashville especially), had to game plan around him. Over load on his side, so he’s have to beat 3 guys to get to the end line/box. if he has anyone season like last, O think we will starting hearing Europe calling, probably more so than Osorio did.
  4. Well Laryea has played a lot in a 4-3-3 system, which is very similar to a 3-5-2. A lot of the same role, and assignments. Davies has not, but he is a very good defender, and I think this position suits him the best. Give him the rains to attack, and he can make up for learning mistakes because of his speed. I truly believe these 2 guys attacking down the lines is going to be a treat for us, and the world to watch.
  5. Larin David Arfield Davies Hutchison Laryea Eustaquio Kennedy Victoria Cornelius Borjan 3-5-2 gets you best players on the field, and in the best positions. Davies, and Laryea are game changers, and allowing them free rains to bomb the sidelines is going to give teams fits. For me, Larin has added holding the ball up to his game, and is a decent passer. If he keeps this pace up till March, he’s in my starting 11 over Hoillett, and Cavallini. Dav
  6. I don’t think we should look by Haiti. Remember, they took Mexico to extra time in that Gold Cup, and held their own. Bermuda, and Suriname are a different story. If we can’t get by them somewhat comfortably, then Herdman has completely wasted our best generation for over a decade, if not more.
  7. Something to keep in mind, none European players will be at a severe disadvantage for the 3 games in January. MLS playoffs start at the end of October/mid November. That’s 2 months off without competitive games, then being thrown into an away game in Honduras, and home tie against the states.
  8. My person opinion, Kaye, and Piette. Eustaquio, Hutchinson, Arfield are automatic. If they play a 4-2-2-2, or 4-4-2 diamond, then I think Osorio gets the last spot. Herdman rates him, and has played very well in big club/country games over the last 4 years. Very good passer, and doesn’t give the ball up. Also has improved significantly on the defensive side of the ball.
  9. I think you guys are all forgetting if Canada somehow makes the World Cup, their World Ranking will be used to determine what pot they’re in. I’d much rather be in pot 3, then 4. 1 gold cup game potentially could be the difference.
  10. I don’t think you have been watching Turkey lately. They beat France, and tied them in qualifying. They allowed 3 goals against all campaign, none coming from open play. They have been unlucky with some injuries the past couple months to big players, but was a legit dark horse for this Euro. In my book, a top 10 team for sure in UEFA.
  11. Would be a great learning experience for us if we were to qualify before World Cup 2026.
  12. Any news about Ricardo Ferreira? He signed with that top flight Portuguese team a few weeks ago, but it seems like he hasn’t made the bench yet.
  13. We basically know the answer already, but when do the Fifa rankings get updated, so we can officially see if El Salvador lost points against Iceland?
  14. So 7.6 if we win both, which will get us half way. But with El Salvador looking to just play minnows outside of Panama, unless Panama beats them in March, we ain’t catching them.
  15. I think they beat Panama at home, and lose to Costa Rica in Washington. That’s 0.5 points gained, so no big jump. This is on us to get to 7-10 points to close the gap, making a very interesting June.
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