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  1. I wrote this before the 1st Canada vs USA game, and people didn’t want to hear it about Piette. When teams press him (go watch the Mexico match), he gives the ball up. I love him for the ball winner he is, and MOTM last game, but it didn’t help that him and Kaye have played a combined 30 minutes the last month. They really need Hutch tonight, and this Davies at LB experiment needs to end. I honestly can’t name one time since the Gold Cup where Cornelius is main man at fault. He’s a horrible passer, but so is Henry, and he has stinkers all the time. This team to get to the next level needs another CB, but this match is on Herdman. Completely ****** up the lineup, and didn’t have enough in form ball winners in the middle. There was a massive hole in front of the back 4 all night. After they scored their second goal, how does he not make some sort of adjustment? Like that’s embarrassing... and I will say one more thing. One thing a coach can do is work on set pieces... they scored from 2 of them, and almost a 3rd. Shows they weren’t ready. For me, Herdmen is a motivator, not tactician. I personally don’t believe he’s the guy for the job.
  2. Does this “personal reasons” explanations for Larin and Atiba not coming to this game not bother anyone else? This is being hyped as the biggest game for Canada in 20 something years, yet neither have showed up for either game? Atiba has a legit excuse last time, but him saying no again has me confused. As someone pointed above, Larin probably knows he might not make the field, and doesn’t want to waste his time coming over here for one game, which is a shame if true.
  3. What’s the final number of supporters going to this game?
  4. If there was any game that an early goal would be huge, it’s this one. Could break their spirits, and the intensity could take a hit, with the “here we go again” mentality kick in for them.
  5. Really? What changed? He’s 18, and said no last month. He couldn’t wait a few more months?
  6. Defensively he hasn’t put a wrong foot in since the beginning of the Gold Cup. His weakness is his passing. He’s the worst passer on the team by a decent margin. The Mexicans exploited that with the press as soon as he got the ball. The US decided not to, which gave him time to make simple plays.
  7. Kaye or Piette, but the way Piette played against the states, there is no way Herdman would take him out of the lineup. Now if Kaye has a playoff run to remember with LAFC, then maybe Herdman goes back to Kaye. But honestly, every time Atiba plays in a big match for Canada, he’s always been money for me. the good need is we only need to wait 2-3 weeks to find out if Atiba is in the 23
  8. Apparently the reason why he didn’t come was cause he had just got back from injury, and it would have been taxing on his body to travel here to play and travel back. He also wanted to gain his spot back in the starting 11. Herdman stated he really wanted to come, but he needs to listen to his body. I think he comes for this one.
  9. The way Herdman spoke about not being able to get Hutchinson to come back for that game sounded like he was going to start. And as old as he is, against Mexico, and against Haiti, he was our best midfielder. I think it says something that Besiktas threw him right back into the starting 11 after being out with an injury for over a month. He’s got a couple good years in him still.
  10. Also need to keep in consideration that the game before is in Orlando in that window. I don’t think they are going to fly to west coast of Canada, and then back to their clubs in Europe. More likely would be a game in Florida on neutral grounds. Halifax would make more sense. All the MLS guys seasons are over after, so no problem there.
  11. I agree he might want to change up what we did. I think if Atiba is healthy and playing (which he seems to be), I’d start him in Kaye spot. Everything else I’d keep the same, maybe switching formation up if you want to get the states guessing. Cavallini, Hoilett, and Kaye or Eustáquio off the bench.
  12. What nobody is talking about is if El Salvador stumbles and losses to the Dominican, and finish 2nd, they will play in the qualifying games to get into the Gold Cup. It could be up to 2 more games, that if I got it right, will be worth x25.
  13. The only problem I have with him and Henry (him more) is neither of them can pass. I thought they played well defensively at the gold cup, but against teams that pressed them (Mexico, Haiti) they couldn’t handle the ball and would give it up. That’s why for me someone like Tomori would be huge. Not just defensively, but offensively have a CB that move the ball out of the press.
  14. Agreed, its gotta be 4-4-2 vs the USA in order to have our best players on the field at the right places. 4-3-3 does not suit our best 11 - we get odd man out scenarios or people playing at the wrong place. 4-2-3-1 forces us to play guys out of position David needs to play a central role, we're wasting him out wide LB is still a huge question mark - we needed to see Cordova - at this point I guess I stick with Miller, he's got the most longterm potential. Larin needs to stay in Belgium until he proves otherwise. CANMNT shouldn't need to save his career, seems like thats what we're trying to do. He hasn't earned a start in 2 years. Henry needs therapy - he's got the athleticism and instinct. -------Cavallini - David Davies - Kaye - Arfield - Hoilett Miller/Adekugbe - Cornelius - Vitoria - Laryea The first lineup here is spot on for me. The question here is at left back. Didn’t get to watch the away game, but in the home leg, Miller didn’t do it for me. Bad passes, didn’t look comfortable. I know this might be me being pie in the sky, but Atiba has played a fair portion of his career at RB. You think playing LB would be asking to much of him? I thought in the big games against Mexico and Haiti, he was on of best players. So calm, and always makes the right decision
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