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Canadians abroad: April 19-25, 2019


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6 hours ago, shamrock said:

And Toronto doesn't? Osorio, Chapman, Layrea and Hamilton are more than capable of getting wins. Vancouver has the only starting Canadian goalkeeper in MLS. AND two Canadian CB's. I share you enthusiasm about some of the prospects but all MLS have made progress and need to do even more.  

Not intended as a knock on TFC or VW who  have good young players and what appears to be great prospects coming up...e.g. U17 Canada squad. However in Bayiha, Choiniere and ZBG ( I am excluding Piette who is an established vet) Montreal has 3 players (possibly 4 in Shome) who look like they are starters. I think the Impact look better with the kids..they are faster and more compact defensively with Bayiha and Choiniere doing a lot of work defensively and ZBG more of a threat offensively.  I do wish Vanney would play Chapman and Hamilton more but I don't see that happening and Cornelius does not look like he is a starter for VW yet. Perhaps if Chapman and Hamilton were with IM  or VW they would be starting but it is what it is.

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