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Jay Chapman

Dub Narcotic

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1 hour ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

Not sure what you are even trying to say at this point and why you think it is relevant. Philip Dos Santos made a comment about the USL Championship having fewer restrictions on salaries than CanPL in a recent interview on Onesoccer:

That comes into play when a player like Jay Chapman is involved who would probably be looking for one of the largest salaries CanPL has on offer. PDS also talked about fewer loans from MLS being likely in future due to the emergence of Next Pro, which is an issue for the Valour given the impact players like Pantemis, Sirois and Rea have had with them.

Not sure what you are even trying to say at any time and why you think any of the crap you spew is relevant in the remotest sense.

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