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USA v . CAN in Detroit - Same Day Bus from Toronto - Info


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Hi Guys, I can't make the trip now (i'll be starting a new job in couple weeks... and won't be able to get any days off work during the 1st 3 months).

I've already paid for my spot on the bus. Rudi said I can transfer it to someone else. Let me know if you are interested in taking my spot on the bus or if you know anyone else that can use it.

thanks Derek

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Hey I know this might be a big ask but the bus gets back to Toronto at 3 in the morning and my bus doesn't leave for Kingston until 10:30 that morning, so if someone had a couch I could crash on for a few hours before I head out that would be much appretiated.

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Hey guys, a bit of a update (not one that I want to post, unfortunately).

So I just got off the phone with the bus company. They're telling me that the schedule I requested was "too tight" under Ontario regulations and would either require a second driver or extending the itinerary and getting the solo driver a hotel room for eight hours (the second option is far more plausible).

So the compromise I've come up with is to depart Toronto at 8 a.m. rather than noon, arriving in Detroit much earlier so that the driver can get his room and required rest. That's the easy part.

The shitty part is that extending the itinerary also extends the duration of the trip into "two-day" territory, adding a significant cost (plus the cost of the hotel). They've yet to give me a final quote as I literally just gave them the ok to extend the trip, but the rep guessed that it'll add roughly $1000 to the cost of the trip, plus whatever a hotel room costs (I have to arrange that myself).

So ultimately we're looking at leaving four hours earlier and having to spend roughly $20-25 more per person.

I'll have something set up for payment once I get the final costs in, but if these new developments are too much for anyone (either timewise or moneywise), please don't hesitate to PM me and you can get a refund.

Sorry about all of this, and I'll update again soon.

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Hey Rudi, is there any way you can arrange the overnight in Windsor? Just wondering -- and loads of thanks for stepping up and troubleshooting things.

There's no overnight in the plans. The hotel room I'm talking about is for the bus driver, who requires 8 hours between shifts. For all intents and purposes, this will still be a "same day" bus for the passengers.

Adding an overnight element for the passengers would be adding even more cost to the trip, something I'm trying to avoid. On the plus side, we'll have four more hours of drinking time...

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