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  1. Feeling positive today. 2-1 for the good guys. Allez Les rouge!
  2. I'm good with Smithfield. I emailed them a week or two ago to confirm that a group of Canadians are coming but they never responded. I'll let my group know.
  3. Long shot, but I'm going to be in NYC with some friends for this one. I'll be at Smithfield Hall or Football Factory (both near MSG, wherever is more fun) if anyone else wants to watch with some Canadians.
  4. I really loved the press tonight (shoutout to Kamal Miller). USA had a tough time breaking it down.
  5. Speechless. Absolutely speechless. Lets do the math tomorrow and enjoy tonight.
  6. Ugh, pain in the ass to get to from Alberta. For me, USA away will have to wait until the Hex...
  7. What a half. Start was horrid, cheaply giving away possession, their aggressive press was causing a ton of issues. But then....wow. The amount of attacking talent on this team is ridiculous. We absolutely bossed them for long stretches. Player thoughts: -Arfield is having the game of his life. The vision, the control of the midfield, the passing, just spectacular. -I thought Cavallini was really struggling at the start with a ton of cheap losses of possession, but what a calm, cool finish 1v1 with the keeper. -David, what can you say. All he does is score. -Davies is getting by on athleticism today but has been quite reckless IMO. The tactical changes for the semi will be interesting, as a better squad could definitely exploit him at LB.
  8. I havent been this excited for a CanMNT match in a long time. Lineup apparently looks like this: David-Cavalini-Hoilett Osorio-Hutchinson-Arfield Davies-Cornelius-Henry-Godinho Borjan
  9. FC Edmonton has nothing in the final 3rd. No finish, no creativity, no killer instinct, absolutely nothing. Incredibly frustrating to watch.
  10. Not to detail, but has anyone heard anything about USA away in terms of venue? An away trip in the southern USA in November is very appealing!
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