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  1. @rob.notenboomI'd potentially be interested. I was at Russia 2018.
  2. Edmonton: Per their twitter, 1st RND Downtown (11248 104 Ave) will be showing tonight's game. I haven't confirmed, but apparently they will be showing the rest of the matches in this Sept window. (link: https://twitter.com/1strnd/status/1432926403255803904?s=19)
  3. Gut punch, but we've taken a few of those. This time it's different. We've truly arrived now.
  4. Should have been a foul on Mexico in the midfield before all this. Absolutely frustrating.
  5. Kurt Larson reporting that the match is sold out tonight. 80,000 fans. This is going to be a hell of an experience for our young lads. I can't wait.
  6. He's also frustrating me as a fan, haha. He does the difficult things well (like you said, control in tight) but he leaves me wanting more with his passing/decision making when he has time and space in the final third....it feels like he turns the ball over in those situations more often than not.
  7. What a half. Absolutely bossed them, another Octo squad. -Buchanan showing he can play on the right without losing a step is absolutely terrifying for the rest of CONCACAF. Davies and Buchanan are going to be a handful -Eustaquio is quickly becoming my favorite MNT player. Absolutely sublime on the ball. -Glad to see Kaye pick it up after a rough few matches Let's close this out!!!
  8. This may be helpful for anyone booking a trip for the Nashville game. "Pick from one of these four eligible cities – Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, or Nashville – and the flight to Tennessee could be on us. Be among the first 10,000 people to book a minimum 2-night stay in a participating hotel, and get a $250 airline voucher from one of the three participating airlines: American, Delta, or Southwest." https://www.visitmusiccity.com/tennesseeonme
  9. How do the new kits fit? True to size? I've got my eyes on a black kit as well but have some hesitancy pulling the trigger due to buying the Macron CanPL kits before trying them on.
  10. I should also be clear, Mexico City was an incredible away trip. The city itself was amazing, the food was top notch and we had too much fun enjoying the nightlife. Like any cosmopolitan major city, there are places you avoid, and you'll find an entire spectrum of people from friendly to not-so-friendly. A bunch of us were regularly out and about into the wee hours of the night (morning) and never felt unsafe (I guess I should caveat that I am of the melanated persuasion and never felt unsafe, I won't speak on behalf of our "gringo" V's, haha). Matchday was also an incredible experience. The vast majority of Mexican supporters were welcoming and surprised to see a contingent of Canadian away supporters. I've had the privilege of watching football in stadiums across the globe and Azteca is still near the top of my list of matchdays. I can't wait to go back there again. Unfortunately, the timing for the WCQ isn't going to work for me, but I'd highly recommend it for an away trip. Happy to share some of the finer details/recommendations via PM if anyone is considering it.
  11. I can't speak to the logistics/behind the scenes regarding our section but everything was organized for us ahead of time. The riot van/armed escort home happened on the fly, completely spontaneous. There was a mix-up with the police and our security as to where our bus was parked. We were escorted out of the stadium to the wrong area and into a sea of Mexican supporters. It would have been impossible to get through the crowds to our bus, so kudos to the Mexican police for not leaving us there on our own. They quickly decided that the safest way out would be via their riot vans, and took us straight to our hotel. Just a wild experience.
  12. This is getting comical. Put this thing away, boys.
  13. -Davies: What can you say. He's incredible, he's doing everything he can to get us through, maybe even too much...if anyone scores today, I hope it's him -David: Needs to be a little more clinical but the linkup with Davies is the stuff CONCACAF nightmares are made of -I'm worried about our pace of play. Last 15 was better, but there is too much walking when in possession. -I'm also worried about Kaye and Eusatquio playing the ball back to our CBs/Borjan. Perhaps those two are used to a little more quality in terms of ball playing CBs and Keepers at their clubs. I'm worried about a real gaffe resulting in a goal against -Need a spark in that midfield. Perhaps Corbeanu or Hoilett?
  14. We need to cash one of these, argh. We are keeping the door open.
  15. Eusatquio is so, so good. Let's turn it up boys! We can easily win this. Less wasteful and push the pace more, we will be fine.
  16. That's a penalty, David went down easy but he had position and the challenge was nowhere near the ball
  17. Really feeling the nerves right now. I'm happy with the lineup, I though Oso was better in the last Haiti match vs the Suriname match. Let's hope we bag a goal early and make this easy on ourselves.
  18. Unfortunate for the Haitian lads. All the signs are pointing in the right direction for us, but that is making me even more nervous right now....
  19. Exhale. Curious to see how Herdman sets up on Tuesday. I hope it's not too cautious - I think we can expose this team.
  20. The next evolution of this generation of our MNT will be mastering the CONCACAF dark arts.
  21. Tough to draw any conclusions with the pitch and conditions but I've been happy with Kaye, Eusatquio, Johnston and Kennedy. Hoping we can come away with the 1-0 and the away goal; from what I've seen from Haiti, we should be able to more than handle them in ideal conditions in Chicago.
  22. Sounds crazy, but I'm tempted to bring him off at half for someone who can play a little simpler/safer. We need to grind out this 1-0 and let Davies run wild on a proper pitch in the 2nd leg.
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