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Canada-Guatemala U-23 pre/in-match thread

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Great feed. I've tried both.

Is it just me or does our strategy seem to be "control on our half for 5 minutes at a time and then try the hail mary long bomb"?

One thing I noticed in the U20 was the high percentage completions for other countries (Chile, Austria) when they did go deep.

A lot on the right side so far. Nice backchecking just now 38 min.

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quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

Try this one: http://www.rojadirecta.com/canal/psn-1.html

Edit: They just flashed the tie breakers, it is like this:

1. Goal Difference

2. Goals For

3. Head to Head

4. Drawing of Lots (that's what I think that meant)

This means there is an outside chance Canada makes it with a win and a Haiti-Mexico tie.

If Canada wins 1-0 and Haiti and Mexico tie 0-0, Canada is in (both Haiti and Canada would have +0, but Canada would have three goals to Hailti's 2. If we win by two, we are through under any Haiti tie.

But, first this team has to show that it can actually score...

2-0 would actually give us a above average chance of at least getting to lots....


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