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  1. A buddy and teammate of mine is planning on attending the game, he's a proud Peruvian by birth and a helluva a guy. Any V's had any contact with the CSA or Peruvian groups about what section they'll be in?
  2. He actually drew a foul in stoppage time outside the citeh box. not sure if it was before or after Irelands goal
  3. Peters played CM switching from holding to attacking and played really well. He distributed the ball well kept possession and had two very good chances at net the last the keeper makes an incredible save to deny him. One of the better players on Ipswich squad today in my unbiased opinion
  4. ^Portsmouth is also flat broken and would take what they can get for James, then roll the dice on Asmir and Niemi.
  5. David James is being shopped around maybe Asmir becomes first choice?
  6. By the time Jackson and Peters got into the game Saturday Honduras had already settled on putting 10 men behind the ball, holding a deep line and converging. Not too many players can break a defender under those circumstances and none have ever been Canadian. I think it's a little premature to rag on both players, they showed us a lot in the group stage when the games were open and flowing.
  7. Ya we were screwed again our boys deserved a much more fair fate then this. We still had 50 minutes and tons of opportunities to grab a equalizer and failed. This group is together for another run we now know our strengths and weaknesses under Hart Let's hope these guys take the advances they made and remember revenge is best served cold. This country is turning the corner in the global game keep Hart, keep developing players and a Canadian style so Concacaf can never fahq us again by gifting a goal in a Quarter final
  8. and send him to a tailor too the guys suit is horrible. Unless a proven International coach is hired this is Hart's job. The Belief and confidence he gives the players is something we haven't had over the last 2 WCQ.
  9. "Like Afghanistan bombed out and depleted" That would have been the best way I to describe our back 4 coming to the end of WCQ. What a diffence 6 months make. Been so impressed with the youth coming up in the that area of the team Hanualt and Dejan have looked impressive for club and country. Add the likes of Nana and Edgar who IMO our national team ready and the lot keeps getting deeper and more talented. I changed the title, now stop hating on a player
  10. Atiba deserves more than a 6, Hart picked him to play deep in the 2nd half, protect the back 4, he protected the ball and moved it economically out of a deep position. The guy did everything he was asked too do not a flashy effort but a sound one. I thought Simeon did well playing alone up top, when the ball came to his feet he kept possession and when he had time evne turned thier CB's numerous times. He needs to play underneath a target man IMO. That's a great point, 3 games and very little in the way of Overlapping runs from our Fullbacks. A dimension that has to be
  11. Keano gave Peters time at RB for Ipswich Town too close the season out. He performed well enough to keep a spot in the side for the month of April something he didn't have all year. I hear you Marvel Wynne's horrible
  12. It's sucks we have nothing to play for till 2014 but the youth movement happening in this gold cup can rejuvenate the older vets to focus and play harder to keep their spots when qualification starts up again. That being said I pray everyday for capable RB to replace Stalteri guy has turned into a spaz
  13. I like the thought of Peters at RB, Can't remember us ever having a swashbuckling RB, I guess will have to see if the transformation takes place at Ipswich this year. I like Nana, he's grown quite a bit I think you'll see from him offensively as his confidence grows. Like you said Ledgerwood is a Candidate. Canada's situation at RB is exactly like Ireland at LB. Useless Kevin Kilbane gets lit up for goal after goal but no one can step into replace him. I hope we're not on the same course with Stalteri.
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