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  1. I thought this forum was going to go under. Near the end it took a long time to post.
  2. "Today I watched two the best soccer games I have ever seen in my life. First Canada beat Guatemala 5-0, and then Mexico beat Haiti 5-1. Amazing games. Unfortunately neither of these games were available on Canadian tv. Canada has now advanced to the knockout round. If they win on Thursday they will qualify for the Olympics and make it to the final in the tournament, but again this game is not on TV here in Canada. Please pick up this game against the Americans, as it should be amazing. "
  3. feedback@sportsnet.rogers.com http://www.cbc.ca/contact/
  4. Here is what is one durring that time Sportsnet W: Prime Time Sports, Sportsnet Conneted, NHL Hockey Sportsnet O: Poker, poker Sportsnet E: NHL Hockey Sportsnet P: Pratt & Taylor, NHL Hockey FSWC: Football Icons, Sports Unlimited Goltv: Match Capsule, Spanish Soccer CBC-O: Wine Confidentail, Dubai: Miracle or Mirage CBC-P: Simpsons, Arrested Development, CBC news: Vancouver at 6 So FSWC or CBC look like the only ones that might care
  5. Wow, why does it have to be Sunday Night? I'm all jacked up right now, it would have been an amazing night to go out.
  6. I can't believe tonight is crazier than last nights F1 race.
  7. Acording to the feed we are playing "Estados Unidos". Never heard of that Tin Pot Republic before, where the hell is it? []
  8. We need to add this Haitian goalkeeper to the Christmas card list
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