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  1. Had a great time at "Home and Away" here in Calgary. There were only 5 of us but they gave us the big screen and portable speakers so we could listen to the match rather than the Stampede rabble. See you guys on Tuesday.
  2. Oh please let it be true!! Would love to see the built in rivalry between my beloved HOOPS (Calgary Foothills F.C.) and Victoria. Plus it would mean one more home game and a fantastic away trip.
  3. The Calgary V's will be meeting at "Fiddler's Courtyard" Unfortunately I won't be able to make it.
  4. Table booked for Saturday, 4:30 at Fiddler's Courtyard again here in Calgary.
  5. Well when Calgary Foothills want to win their first away game of the season, they like to win it big. Washington Crossfire 0 - 3 Calgary Foothills. Goal scorers: Russo, Adekugbe (2)
  6. Table booked Wednesday at Fiddler's Courtyard, see everyone there!
  7. I'm thinking Fiddler's Courtyard here in Calgary if anyone's interested?
  8. Another point on the road today as Calgary and Portland draw nil - nil.
  9. And in last nights match Calgary drew 1 - 1 away at Lane United. Goal scorers: Timothy Mueller, Lane United (27th) Darius Ramsay (30th) A great You Tube feed from Lane United. I just wish they would stop calling us FC Calgary.
  10. All the best from the FOOT SOLDIERS. Perhaps one day our teams will meet in a V's cup match!
  11. And in todays match Calgary Foothills FC drew 1 - 1 away against Seattle Sounders U-23's . Goal scorer for Calgary: Dominic Russo in the 35th minute. A point on the road? We'll take it!
  12. I got the attendance from a Calgary Herald article.
  13. Yes, I believe so. Considering it was a long - weekend and there were alot of people out of town, I think it was a fantastic turn out. Our next home game is on a Tueday: June 2nd. So if we get similar attendance I'll be pretty confident in the immediate future of the club.
  14. Since this is the start of a brand new season I thought I'd start a thread based on just this season. Final score in yesterdays match, Sunday, May17th, 2015 Calgary 2 - 1 Puget Sound Scorers: Darius Ramsay, 6th, Calgary Nat Tecle, 62nd, Calgary Puget Sound, Renan Troccoli, 81st Cautions: Tyrin Hutchings 50th and Kieran Hay 90th Att. around 1,000 A great day out with the FOOT SOLDIERS, our scarves showed up (Thanks Ryan), 3 points and we have new mascot: Ferguson the St. Bernard.
  15. Looks like Mark and Sean will be joining us. Anyone else?
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