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Gold Cup final [R]


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I'm sure everyone has heard the result by now.

Canada loses 2:1 in Gold Cup Final

Randee Hermus scores her 8th goal for Canada

Photo: Dale MacMillan

Carson, California –. Canada suffered a heartbreaking 2:1 extra time loss to the United States in the Championship final of the 2006 CONCACAF Gold Cup played at the Home Depot Centre in Carson, California.

The US defeated Mexico 2:0 while Canada overpowered Jamaica 4:0 earlier this week to gain their spots in the CONCACAF final.

This was the fourth time these teams have met in the championship game of a CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament. USA defeated Canada in the championship of the 2002 CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup, when they notched a dramatic sudden death overtime win on a goal from Mia Hamm. Canada’s only CONCACAF championship (CONCACAF World Cup qualifying tournament) came after they defeated Mexico 1:0 in 1998 in Toronto, Ontario.

This match was more about bragging rights and the added silverware to the trophy case than anything else. Both teams have already qualified for the FIFA women’s World Cup with their respective semi-final wins.

Needless to say that Canada and the US are familiar opponents. This was their third meeting in 2006. It was only a few weeks ago that both teams met in the final of the Peace Queen Cup in South Korea.

The Americans set the tone early when Leslie Osborne capitalized on a scramble in the penalty box in the sixth minute. Her shot bounced over goalkeeper Erin McLeod and a few Canadian defenders to eventually find the back of the net. USA led 1:0

Canada knew they had to take advantage of their speed and aggressive play if they were going to put an end to USA’s 34 game winning streak (26:0:5).

Melanie Booth’s came close when her 20 yard left footer was barely tipped over the bar by the American goalkeeper Hope Solo at the half hour mark.

The Americans were convinced that they would head into the second half with a 1:0 lead. Canada proved them wrong though when the Canucks were awarded a free kick from the right side of the pitch in extra time of the first half. Booth used the opportunity to cross the ball in the penalty spot. The USA, unable to clear the ball, handed an opportunity to Randee Hermus to crush a shot to the top corner for the equalizer.

Canada headed into the locker room with momentum while the USA used the break to adjust their game plan.

Head Coach Even Pellerud made his first substitution at the 55th minute when Brittany Timko replaced Isabelle Morneau at defence. The only other change in regular time was made 20 minutes later when Andrea Neil replaced Candace Chapman in the midfield.

The intensity really picked up in the last quarter of the second half.

The US had a few chances in the 74th minute, really applying the pressure to Canada which led to an outstanding diving save off the line by McLeod to keep it a tie game.

USA sneaked away again on a breakaway in the 78th minute but McLeod was able to save the day once more with an initial save and another on the ensuing rebound.

Christine Sinclair had a glorious opportunity at the end of the half when she was able to swirl around the American defender with speed. Her shot barely missed finding only the side netting.

For the second consecutive CONCACAF Gold Cup, Canada and the USA would play extra time to determine the tournament champion.

The first half of extra time showcased few highlights other than a USA strike missing just wide of the far right post while Booth was booked with a yellow card at the 101st minute.

Canada defended well in the last 15 minutes of play.

American striker Kristine Lilly came close at the 112th and 117th minutes with staggering strikes that sailed inches over the bar on both occasions.

The Americans were definitely looking for that winning goal.

They were given the opportunity on a questionable call from the match referee on a shove in the box that gave the USA a penalty kick in the last minute of extra time.

Lilly made no mistake giving the victory and the tournament crown to the USA.

“I’m proud of our team. We recovered quickly after being down 1:0. Still, it’s a tough way to loose on an unnecessary call in extra time,' said head coach Even Pellerud. “This is a game we should have won.”

Match Report:

November 26, 2006 – 2006 CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup - Final

Home Depot Center - Carson, California

Attendance: 6,749

Canada - 1 (1)

USA - 2 (1)

Goals: Canada – Hermus (45+); USA - Osborne (6), Lilly (120+, pk)

Cautions: Canada – Wilkinson (70), Booth (101); USA – none

Ejections: none

CANADA: 22-McLeod, Erin; 3-Booth, Melanie; 7-Morneau, Isabelle (17-Timko, Brittany, 54); 8-Matheson, Diana; 9-Chapman, Candace (5-Neil, Andrea, 79); 10-Franko, Martina; 11-Hermus, Randee; 12-Sinclair, Christine ©; 13-Walsh, Amy (2-Kiss, Kristina, 119); 16-Wilkinson, Rhian; 18-Gayle, Robyn

Head coach: Even Pellerud

Subs not used: 1-Alcia, Leisha; 4-Andrews, Sasha; 6-Schmidt, Sophie; 15-Robinson, Jodi-Ann

USA: 18-Hope Solo; 2-Heather Mitts; 3-Christie Rampone; 4-Cat Whitehill; 6-Natasha Kai; 7-Marci Miller; 12-Leslie Osborne (11-Carli Lloyd, 93); 13-Kristine Lilly; 15-Kate Markgraf (14-Stephanie Lopez, 03); 16-Angela Hucles (10-Aly Wagner, 57); 20-Abby Wambach;

Head Coach: Greg Ryan

Subs not used: 1-Briana Scurry; 5-Lindsay Tarpley; 8-Tina Frimpong; 19-Danesha Adams

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Also no mention of the various snipers who were shooting at Wambach throughout the game. She deserves a purple heart for the courage she showed throughout that game. Repeatedly getting up off the turf after being shot is really something.

I guess Pellerud and company have the remaining ladies focussed as they did quite well. To his credit, he corrected the poor selections he made during the Olympic qualifying.

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For G knows how many years I have been preaching ball control,passing control and visionary expertise. Well our girls are second to none in being the greatest fighters in the world of soccer,but it is a game that requires all the goodies,including those skills etc. I never at any time did I see the influence a coach could have on a team by showing those skills. It was a very poorly played game and the passing was non existant.It is a shame that we are stuck with these tactics and my little ex Dutch heart and all my coaching in Canada was not a happy one.

I remember a media conference were Pelerud was present and I tried to explain the importance of the passing game,he looked at me like I did not know what I was talking about,which is fine,but hey watch the men's game and it becoemes very clear that they have those type of tactics and the skill level is really not that demanding.Pass,control find the open player and pass. That pass must be easy to receive and that is it.It you watch any men's game you will see the breakdown when the player neglects to control and pass and that's were the problem starts.

It also depends very greatly in what position the non kicking foot is. It has to be aimed exactly at the spot you are aiming for.It only makes sense.Anyway,there it is,watching that game and seeing so many glaring errors.It ain't nice at all!

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the passing was actually better in this game than any other game I have seen the WNT play it was not great but better than in the Jamaican game.

Melanie Booth was pretty good when she was playing along side Sinclair she did supply some quality passes at times.

there is still that fear about the ball being a live grenade that should be launch in the opponent side at the first opportunity.

I did not get to see the O.T so I dont know whether they did resort to bunker defense and sending scud misiles in the American end for 30 mins.

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This coach is pathetic. I have watched at least a dozen WNT matches over the past 3 years and have been uninspired by what I have seen.

The Canadian ladies have talent. I liked what I saw from some of the players. They may not be as talented or deep as the USWNT but unless they start to play a more positive style (ball control rather than Dump 'n Chase) there is no chance that they ever get to the top of the podium in the woman's game. Other countries are catching up and overtaking Canada already. I have been so pleased to see the MNT start to play a ball control style and look good doing it. Now it's time for Pellerud to start to teach the "modern" game or step out of the way and let someone else take these ladies to the next level. The style of play being preached is so restrictive, especially for the midfielders. We'll never know how good some of these women are if the continue to play that style.

On the positive side, despite the poor tactics, some of these women really impressed me (specifically Gayle, Hermus and Sinclair, who was definitely playing hurt). I will be curious to see how this team fares if they can get healthy all at the same time.

What ever happened to Ayesha Jamani (from Calgary...I hope I spelled her name right). I saw here score a ton of goals for the U-20 team a couple of years back but have not seen her since.

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quote:Originally posted by Kaylee

Aysha Jamani is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska. She started 19 games this season -- had 4G, 4A. Timko played in 18 games and had 11G, 7A.

thanks for the update. I can see that Timko is talented but those numbers are impressive. In a few years, she might be a good offensive partner with Sinclair (if the coach allows them to play a more up tempo style)

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quote:Originally posted by Richard

Must agree the passing was much improved over the last few games I have seen this team play. They still have a long way to go but then again there is still plenty of time before the WC in China.

Wee Elf;

"You're watching womens soccer?"



Wee Elf;

"Hmmph. Well at least it's not beach volleyball."


"Oh, very nice."

10 minutes later

Wee Elf;

"These teams any good?"


"Canada's ranked 10th, about right I'm told. And the Yanks are right up there, top of the pyramid."

Wee Elf;

"Womens soccer has a long way to go.."

That little dialoge pretty much sums things up for me. I know the ladies are a bit past the season and all but if the passing the other night is better than it's been....Oh boy.

By the way, that Gayle character. Quite like her. And the American keep, Solo. Swear to God she makes the Wee Elf look a giant. But she's pretty good all the same.

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Haven't been able to log on to this website. What was up? oh well I'll make up for lost time.

Good effort from all players. I thought that the midfield was not very sharp with their passes so even if we played a ball control game I don't think we could out pass the US. The officials were the worst I have seen. Several of the offside calls against the US were bogus and Canada probably deserved a couple of cards for rough play. (The US one for an obvious dive.) The PK call at the end took the chance of winning from the penalty spot away from Canada. The referee should go back to officiating 9 - 10 year old 7 on 7 games.The US totally dominated the last 10 minutes. Our women looked like they were playing on sand. They were very tird. Still they didn't give up and a 1 - 0 loss to the second best team will inspire the team going into the WC.

Does anyone know how many "starters" weren't able to play because of injury and college committments? I am not talking about Hooper et al. just the ones like Kara Lang.

Do we have anymore international games prior to September?

Good to be back. I've missed it.

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Regarding passing: I spent most of the first half counting the number of passes each team was able to string together. The USA, at one point, completed seven-straight passes. That was as good as it got. Canada's best series was five-straight. Neither side was very good really. Even the Americans very rarely completed more than one or two passes before losing the ball.

I have to say, this US team is only a shadow of the team they had 8-12 years ago. I wouldn't bet on them reclaiming the World Cup any time soon.

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It is a shame that the girls coaches still have this hang up about winning a game hell come or hw,but fail to realize that this is also entertainment. Bullying I guess probably works but this is not what the crowd really wants.It is also recommended that they review these tactics and also realize that you can win a game with less energie spent and more skill applied.

We are entering a new area and we must be first to realize this. Concentrate on the skill passing and control level.We can be easily in the top five teams in the world.

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