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  1. Some great bars and restaurants in Sauga.Anyway crazy world and who knows the guy may have gotten the message,this is Sauga,
  2. Soccer fans are the real sports fans all others are corporate fans and obviously losers in the near future since the writing is on the wall and corporate world have become to realize that.It is soccer all the way,since singing in the stands and all these supporters groups and an amazing world soccer history will ultimately dominate the hurting Toronto media. The writing is on the wall and we will finally see what it is like to be first page news.I really wonder how the media is going to fight our well deserved success and who will be the culprits who will still deny us and in fact watching Mc
  3. Maybe a very good eason to get our name back,once the Argo's fail and take the CFL with them
  4. Limiatis was inducted several years ago,while Radzinsky made the all star team of the last 50 years.
  5. OK put in a profile to support your application according to the rules,which are available on the OSA web.A duplicate copy of the Voyageurs Cup is already on display ,which I am very proud of.The history of the Voyageurs is an enormous important part of our national team support and is recognized by the CSA of its vital importance.The Voyageurs could qualify as the Organization of Distinction.It will be up to the Ballot and Selection Committee to decide.
  6. Oh you want to be soccer fans,these girls are beyond amazing,so committed and foremost so Canadian and for those that get a thrill out of criticizing soccer,these girls are outdoing the boys.We are watching history the girls way and having been a very big girls soccer promoter ,this for the sake of Canadian soccer ,this is beyond fantastic.Thanks girls or ladies ,your commitment is so surreal and so befitting Canada.The next game will again bring out that very precious being Canadian feeling.And for those that may have missed my postings for a while,or those that remember me you may also recal
  7. It is all about the acceptance of Canadian soccer in Canada.The rest of the world is ok in the media,since the media knows the intense interest,but to put this and promoting this is against the nature of Canada,since soccer has that immense potential of taking over the show and hockey may loose it's pedestal.I have said this so many times,there are very few Canadian born boys competitive soccer players who have Canadian born parents,in other words our arsenal is minimized.The girls are a different story and they will steal the show and the future of soccer in Canada,this the media cannot fight
  8. She was designated as The Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge and the member of the House Of Lords.Paul Peschisolido who is married to Karen ,received a phone call from Karen who told him to get a new suit,Paul replied I have one and why he asked,Karen said we are going to Downing Street to have dinner with the Prime Minister. Apparently the Prime Minister and Paul became good friends and Paul was asked to travel with him to the far east. Paul another famous soccer player from Scarborough was inducted into THE CANADIAN SOCCER HALL OF FAME IN 2013.I consider Paul to be a very good friend of mine
  9. Another great Robbie/Scarborough champion.
  10. This was one of the finest soccer games I have seen,these girls have a lot to show and even skill wise it was an eye opener.The level of determination and commitment was also unbelievable and I wish TFC would play the same style,these girls are that good and coached superbly.Goodies ladies you are the best.I was also very impressed by the pro Canada crowd who never seemed to stop supporting our girls,some show and some amazing and well deserved support.
  11. Still the basic,ball skills to include ball control and ball distribution,which sometimes fell apart.
  12. Les Jones will be there to autograph each book starting at 12noon till 1pm Dec 14th .John DeBenedictis will be there to sell his no 1 rated soccer skill book by the Soccer Journal. I highly recommend both great books.
  13. This Saturday Dec 7th,at the Red Patch Boys meeting at Shoeless Joe,on King Street east of Dufferin,the book can be purchased.It will be available after 3pm.
  14. Thanks Jambo sent me your email address to dutchmann30@hotmail.com.Appreciate your comments,Les put so much into this Canadian Historical soccer book.I hope everyone will buy a copy and for reference purpose alone it is great.Having travelled with all our Canadian teams the inside photographs never seen before are so interesting and see them all in these none expected moments gives it that real face.
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