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    PR, Blizzard,NY Rockets,Robbie,St.Andrew SC,Producer of various TV soccer shows and Robbie Finals

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    Longest serving member on the Canadian Soccer Hall Of Fame
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  1. Some great bars and restaurants in Sauga.Anyway crazy world and who knows the guy may have gotten the message,this is Sauga,
  2. Soccer fans are the real sports fans all others are corporate fans and obviously losers in the near future since the writing is on the wall and corporate world have become to realize that.It is soccer all the way,since singing in the stands and all these supporters groups and an amazing world soccer history will ultimately dominate the hurting Toronto media. The writing is on the wall and we will finally see what it is like to be first page news.I really wonder how the media is going to fight our well deserved success and who will be the culprits who will still deny us and in fact watching McGowan last night after the Argo debacle nothing was mentioned about these terrible attendance,it was all about golf him and COX and Jerkins,oh ya Coxs on soccer,are you kidding.Enjoy guys and watch the dramatic changes in soccer coverage.
  3. Maybe a very good eason to get our name back,once the Argo's fail and take the CFL with them
  4. Another great Robbie/Scarborough champion.
  5. After all these years still very few if any that come from Canadian born parents.I realize that Canada is build around those that come from foreign countries but to accept after having been one of the pioneer soccer countries to field a team without that magic background makes no sense.We have a great selling job to do to ensure that we should not have to rely on imports.
  6. We still have many millions of Canadians who don't want soccer and their children in competitive soccer.Many of those that make it to the top in other sports and are children from foreign parents who have a competitive soccer background.The list is very long and very impressive.We don't have to bring players from other countries to represent Canada.Being Canadian is a gift of a very fighting spirit.We have some education and conversion to do.As I told you when I am talking to a Canadian parent they always and without exception bring up the diving.When I press them for a game the response is ,don't remember.Try it guys ,it is that story and response.I tried to get Simpson and Friends parents background but could not find it except Friend is a very Dutch name meaning just that friend as well.
  7. I don't know of any player who has a full set of Canadian born parents.
  8. I doubt that very much and if so why this great difference between our two countries.
  9. Just watching the US playing against El Salvador and wondered if there are any US players who have US born parents.
  10. Gentleguys I brought it up before that competitive soccer among the Canadian born parents is just about zilch.AA very large size of our population is therefore not involved.Over the years I suffered listening to my Canadian friends who looked at soccer as a violent game.Deaths in the stands and riots etc.The new one is that diving on the field has replaced that resentment.Thanks for all these foreign born parents to keep the game alive,but we need to address these other negative observations and convince everybody about the great and exciting values of our game.I also feel sorry for our MNT players who are required to replace those that were never given the opportunity to play our game because the resentment guided by that media who have been very effective sofar.Any discussion or are we to surrender and keep on scolding our guys who only represent a very small part of Canada.
  11. I hope the Dutch team will spent some time in Canada prior to the WC and get use to the time difference and of course play against Canada.a This will be magic seeing I hope the two boys and very close brothers from Scarborough play against each other.This will be another StClair moment in Canadian soccer.I am working on it.I consider myself to be a very good friend of both and Jonathan speaks fluent Dutch and is very highly regarded in Holland.His boyhood dream came through and as an immigrant he took on the Dutch nationality like many millions have done in Canada.
  12. In this forum I have made it extremely clear that those that play competitive soccer come from foreign parents ie millions and millions are not involved and missing that famous Canadian fighting spirit and who is to blame .....that racist media.What do we do is to challenge them email and call them stay after them and never ever give up.These pricks and editors are a major disaster and I assume this is not new to you but never has been put in black this strongly.So don't blame the CSA unless you blame them for not going after that media which could have made it worse for them but we can and we can make that difference.Soccer is a very Canadian game with a history far surpassing any sport in Canada.That Canadian spirit showed in 1888 and was way ahead of any country in the world.
  13. Thomas was elected as one of the top 11 players for the last half a century.I sent him that information by email as well as an invite to attend our banquet,but he never responded to my email.Him and I go back while he was playing for the North York Rockets.
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