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  1. Some great bars and restaurants in Sauga.Anyway crazy world and who knows the guy may have gotten the message,this is Sauga,
  2. Soccer fans are the real sports fans all others are corporate fans and obviously losers in the near future since the writing is on the wall and corporate world have become to realize that.It is soccer all the way,since singing in the stands and all these supporters groups and an amazing world soccer history will ultimately dominate the hurting Toronto media. The writing is on the wall and we will finally see what it is like to be first page news.I really wonder how the media is going to fight our well deserved success and who will be the culprits who will still deny us and in fact watching McGowan last night after the Argo debacle nothing was mentioned about these terrible attendance,it was all about golf him and COX and Jerkins,oh ya Coxs on soccer,are you kidding.Enjoy guys and watch the dramatic changes in soccer coverage.
  3. Maybe a very good eason to get our name back,once the Argo's fail and take the CFL with them
  4. Another great Robbie/Scarborough champion.
  5. After all these years still very few if any that come from Canadian born parents.I realize that Canada is build around those that come from foreign countries but to accept after having been one of the pioneer soccer countries to field a team without that magic background makes no sense.We have a great selling job to do to ensure that we should not have to rely on imports.
  6. We still have many millions of Canadians who don't want soccer and their children in competitive soccer.Many of those that make it to the top in other sports and are children from foreign parents who have a competitive soccer background.The list is very long and very impressive.We don't have to bring players from other countries to represent Canada.Being Canadian is a gift of a very fighting spirit.We have some education and conversion to do.As I told you when I am talking to a Canadian parent they always and without exception bring up the diving.When I press them for a game the response is ,don't remember.Try it guys ,it is that story and response.I tried to get Simpson and Friends parents background but could not find it except Friend is a very Dutch name meaning just that friend as well.
  7. I don't know of any player who has a full set of Canadian born parents.
  8. I doubt that very much and if so why this great difference between our two countries.
  9. Just watching the US playing against El Salvador and wondered if there are any US players who have US born parents.
  10. Gentleguys I brought it up before that competitive soccer among the Canadian born parents is just about zilch.AA very large size of our population is therefore not involved.Over the years I suffered listening to my Canadian friends who looked at soccer as a violent game.Deaths in the stands and riots etc.The new one is that diving on the field has replaced that resentment.Thanks for all these foreign born parents to keep the game alive,but we need to address these other negative observations and convince everybody about the great and exciting values of our game.I also feel sorry for our MNT players who are required to replace those that were never given the opportunity to play our game because the resentment guided by that media who have been very effective sofar.Any discussion or are we to surrender and keep on scolding our guys who only represent a very small part of Canada.
  11. I hope the Dutch team will spent some time in Canada prior to the WC and get use to the time difference and of course play against Canada.a This will be magic seeing I hope the two boys and very close brothers from Scarborough play against each other.This will be another StClair moment in Canadian soccer.I am working on it.I consider myself to be a very good friend of both and Jonathan speaks fluent Dutch and is very highly regarded in Holland.His boyhood dream came through and as an immigrant he took on the Dutch nationality like many millions have done in Canada.
  12. In this forum I have made it extremely clear that those that play competitive soccer come from foreign parents ie millions and millions are not involved and missing that famous Canadian fighting spirit and who is to blame .....that racist media.What do we do is to challenge them email and call them stay after them and never ever give up.These pricks and editors are a major disaster and I assume this is not new to you but never has been put in black this strongly.So don't blame the CSA unless you blame them for not going after that media which could have made it worse for them but we can and we can make that difference.Soccer is a very Canadian game with a history far surpassing any sport in Canada.That Canadian spirit showed in 1888 and was way ahead of any country in the world.
  13. Thomas was elected as one of the top 11 players for the last half a century.I sent him that information by email as well as an invite to attend our banquet,but he never responded to my email.Him and I go back while he was playing for the North York Rockets.
  14. How about Paul Peshcisolido.I don't have his stats but should be mentioned.
  15. Just a thought,how about putting this Cup into the Soccer Hall Of Fame,with the replica going to the winning team. I feel very guilty never having read this thread.Sorry. I would be very happy to contribute,very strange I never saw this,weird at least...
  16. Here we go again. Soccer is not a prime sport in the eyes of all of the Canadian media.It is a huge shame but there it is. I believe that Kevan's demise may very well be tied in to this racoon attitude.Canadian soccer is a stepchild at the most and it makes sense to see this performance of our Nat.Team, knowing that people that should write about our team all our players etc refuse to or even boycot or find some other excuse not to write about them at all. It is a bitch to get their attention. Case in point last week,no Toronto Star at the FIFA media conference at all. Not a word in the paper. Hey maybe that is why he was canned,one for the Star.I truly believe that the Voyageurs have the power and one day the organization to change all that. I have spoken to all our MNT players and they all have expressed their great concerns about the lack of media coverage.They are extremely critical of the Canadian media and yes these guys are use to big media,they know the power. In the old days we had some good writers that tried,Jim Kernaghan,Tronto Star, Don Lovegroove,Hamilton Spectator,even Norm Dacosta and Ed Waring Globe.There is no soccer news at all in London since Jim retired,Norm got shafted,Don was never replaced and the other papers in town have no soccer writers except the Globe with peter Mallett who is fighting a battle to get some space for us. It sucks to high heaven. To come back to that Star debacle,yes Canadian Press was there as I said before with two writers and the Star could have picked it up. They simply did not. Criminal that is. That Star soccer writer has never been to any of the media conferences and that alone will tell you tons. Our girls got some very small write ups yet the papers were full with the Hooper thing. Hey would it not be great if Jonathan is choosen as the Golden Boy and Christine Sinclair is female player of the year.We really have something going here,yet nothing at all. I sent some notes to the media about Jonathan,guess what,forget it.I truly believe that we as the Voyageurs can make a tremendous difference if we ever get organized properly.This is a BIG must,I know! LAST WEEK I HAD TO SEE THE DOCTOR AND ALTHOUG I REFUSE TO BUY SPORTS ILLUSTRATED THERE IT WAS. COULD NOT RESIST TO READ THAT THING. KIND OF EXPECTED WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, BUT MY LITTEL BOY FEELINGS BECAME THE BETTER. OK THIS WAS THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE AND LOTS OF SOCCER IN THE STATES,PLAYOFFS ETC. KEPT BLATTERING THAT THING AND YOU GUESSED IT NOT ONE WORD ABOUT THE MLS,JUST A VERY SMALL ARTICLE ABOUR GIRLS SOCCER. THA RAG WAS FULL OF FOOTBALL,ETC PISTURES. BOY DO THEY HAVE PROBLEMS AS WELL.SURGICAL SOCCER DESTRUCTION BY THAT RAG! So: "WEAK DEMAND IS THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR"!!!!!
  17. The rumour has it that Brian Avey is applying for the job.Brian was the provincial counterpart of Kevan, in Ontario. Brian moved to BC a couple of years ago after having been with the OSA for some 25 years or more.
  18. Grizzy I can't believe this" we agree on something"sais frais! Yes Benny is an imposter alright and I really don't know what his credentials are to be on that level. I saw him play soccer once. Anyway imposters or opportunist you call it what you like,he knows nothing about our game. grammar well he is a bass player what do you expect anyway.I have not seen Benny at any of the Toronto FC or CSA media conferences. This Pipe stuff, well i know very well that Kevan accomplished a lot. I have dealt with him and he really is a very enthousiastic guy alright. He is easily to approach,always returns my phone calls and to me it seems he certainly accomplished a lot in the image of soccer in Canada. Yes it is extremely difficult because we all know very well how the media feels about Canadian soccer.It is a huge bitch. Whatever Benny baby has to say and I will not read it,he writes what he thinks people want to hear.Opporunism I call it. It is funny that I have run into many people in Canada who really dispised Kevan.Maybe I was not close enough to te guy or maybe he understood what I was trying to accomplish, I really don't know. But this little guy accomplished a lot, the girls championships in Alberta were a huge succes,getting the u-20 here in Canada a huge accomplishement,that stadiuma and the boys from the Leafs and their huge cloud,Bank of Montreal,the various governments throwing in their money, Toronto F.C, the MLS soccer franchise and never mind this effen canadian media finally waking up,except the Star that is. I don't know what happened with the Holger or Yallup thing,but we still have Pellerud.Although he maybe the one that is responsible for Kevan's demise.Kevan's heart was in the right place and I am very interested to find what straw made the difference. Remember WC 94. Well the FIFA appointed Kevan to be in charge of the entire event in the JFK stadium in Washington.Remember this is the place were all these diplomats hang out,good and bad. Kevan did a superb job and this helped Canadian soccer as far as the Fifa is concerned.This litle Canadian boy did us proud with the Fifa. At one time there were even rumours that Kevan would take Blatters job. That is how far that went.I have never ever felt that he was wrong in any way for soccer. I am more than anyone else committed to Canadian soccer. I never ever felt even a twinge or doubt about him. Maybe I was not close enough,but there it is.He accomplished a lot. That is why I am so curious to find out what that straw was. So Kevan thanks for what you accomplished and good luck in whatever you will be doing.I am sure thst this is a huge shock and when we met last week I thank you for the very kind remarks you made. I had no idea at all.
  19. I just question the timing of this thing.By the time a new one is found,the tournament may be right on our footsteps. I do know that Kevan had the highsest respect of the FIFA.Finding corporate sponsors, i believe that we have some good ones already. Anyway I hope that this thing will not backfire because of the timing involved. I do believe that the reason for letting him go must be very serious,just for that reason alone.
  20. I have known Kevan sine 1981 and had some very good dealings with him. He was the one that asked me to look after the Dutch team in 1994 when they played against canada at Varsity.He gave me total control and ended even running media conferences,security,receptions. The lot.When the Dutch team returned in the report by the Association they said that they had the best time in Toronto. I think that kevan did a greatjob with the Fifa,MLSE and the various governments. I have spoken to several individuals who were very much against him,but never got the reasons. There is something here that will come out that may have been his downfall and maybe this girls thing may have been the ultimate reason. I really don't know. I personally believe that he accomplished a lot.
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