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USA to host 2005 Gold Cup

Massive Attack

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CONCACAF partners with Soccer United Marketing for 2005 Gold Cup

20.10.04 - The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Soccer United Marketing (SUM) for the organization, marketing and promotion of the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup™, one of the world’s premier soccer tournaments which crowns the region’s top national team. CONCACAF and SUM will join forces and work closely together to design and execute operations, marketing and promotional plans for the 2005 edition of the CONCACAF Gold Cup™.

Currently held on a biannual basis in July of odd-numbered years, the eighth edition of the Gold Cup in 2005 is scheduled to be played in the USA from 6-24 July with host venues to be announced soon. Since 1991 every Gold Cup has been held in cities in the USA with Ciudad de México also hosting games in 1993 and 2003. Mexico has been crowned CONCACAF Gold Cup™ champions four times, the United States has won on two occasions and Canada captured the 2000 edition.

“Since 1991 the CONCACAF Gold Cup has grown considerably in both the level of competition and prestige,” said CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer. “This partnership with Soccer United Marketing brings together the expertise of both organizations to further elevate the Gold Cup to even greater heights on a par with other top continental competitions around the globe.”

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New York City, Soccer United Marketing is the largest promoter of international soccer matches in the United States. The company has handled operations, marketing and promotions for several of the most important soccer properties in the world including: Major League Soccer, U.S. Soccer, InterLiga™, the Argentine National Team, the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol and its Mexican National Team tour in the U.S. In addition to the television production of U.S. National Team matches, SUM holds the English-language broadcasting rights for the 2006 Men’s FIFA World Cup™ in the USA after previously managing English-language broadcast rights for the 2002 FIFA World Cup™. SUM also served as host broadcaster for the 2003 Women’s World Cup, which was staged in the United States.

“It is fitting that the preeminent soccer company in the United States should be associated with the most important international soccer event in our region,” said Ivan Gazidis, President of SUM International. “We look forward to contributing our expertise and our resources to ensure that the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup continues to be one of the top soccer events around the world.”

The 12-team field of the 2005 Gold Cup will be comprised of 10 CONCACAF nations and two invitees. The 10 CONCACAF countries will include three teams to emerge from the Caribbean Qualifying, four from Central American Qualifying and three automatic qualifiers from the North Zone (Canada, Mexico and USA).



1991 - USA - Honduras - Los Angeles, Pasadena (USA)

1993 - Mexico - USA - Dallas (USA); Ciudad de México (México)

1996 - Mexico - Brazil - Anaheim, San Diego, Los Angeles (USA)

1998 - Mexico - USA - Oakland, Miami, Los Angeles (USA)

2000 - Canada - Colombia - San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles (USA)

2002 - USA - Costa Rica - Pasadena, Miami (USA)

2003 - Mexico - Brazil - Foxboro, Miami (USA); Ciudad de México (México)


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I think it's important that Canada wins this tournament. For one its all we have to look forward to in the next couple of years, and secondly it will be nice to restore some pride in the Canadian team after the previous three failures at WCQ and the horrible first-round exit at the last Gold Cup.

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Yeah L.T., that will happen quite regulary, I am sure! That was back luck, but I don't think taht it is very likely to have 3 times the same score! Just as well you can have coin tosses in a group of four, when you remember World Cup 1990, Group F:

Netherlands 0-3-0 2-2 3

Republic of Irland 0-3-0 2-2 3

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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

how come canada can't host the gold cup??? or why not trinidad and a partner like jamaica? why always usa? this tourny is bunk if it's always in the same place and we invite guests!


The August article which mentions Miami as the spot for the final also discusses that certain "financial interests" in the US were able to convince CONCACAF to return the Gold Cup tournament, to be run by a marketing Group called SUM, even though they did not participate in the final. There is no bidding process for the Gold Cup, it is magically "awarded" in the CONCACAF offices in New York (the same place where all the mysterious draws, which Yallop told me he thought was non-existent, take place).

From Antilles Sport.com

"le 20/08/2004 Football


La Gold Cup se prépare...

C’est finalement à Miami que la phase finale de la Gold Cup se déroulera en juillet 2005. Les Américains qui n’avaient pas disputé la dernière finale ont trouvé les arguments financiers pour convaincre la direction de la CONCACAF. Trois places sont réservées à la Caraïbe. Les deux finalistes et le vainqueur du match de classement du tournoi de l’UFC. Le perdant du match de classement disputera les barrages contre une équipe de l’Amérique Centrale. Le tournoi de l’UFC qui regroupera huit équipes se déroulera à la Barbade à Pâques 2005. Et le vainqueur sera sacré champion de la Caraïbe. La sélection de Martinique entamera la phase de qualification à partir du 10 novembre à Dillon. Un tournoi y regroupera la Dominique, la Guadeloupe, la Guyane et la Martinique. L’équipe classée première poursuivra la route vers Miami qui passe par une confrontation avec élimination directe avant le tournoi de la Barbade."

There continues to be very hot interest and attention in the Gold Cup in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guyana, as those French depepndencies are all eligible to qualify for the tournament, whereas they are not eligble for the World Cup due to France's political position.

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This viewpoint may not be shared by many. I don't think that the summer of 2005 will be the best time to hold this event. Half of the participants will be involved in the final phase of WCQ and where is the focus of the players, fans and media going to be? Not a good way to increase the prestige of the event. How motivated will the canadian squad be barely a year after the sting of being eliminated from WCQ and having to face sides that have gone through to the hex.

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Gian-luca, you make a good point about us going all out to win this tourney and restore some pride, but to tell you the truth, I would much rather see us working in some younger players that will play more crucial roles in 2010 qualifying. As we saw in this last round of qualifying, preparation time is huge, Frank didn't have a whole lot of time after he was hired to get us prepared through exhibition games and such, the more these boys play for Frank , the better off we'll be down the line. In a perfect world, we could win the Gold Cup with a young developing team.

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Yeah, a coin toss is a good way of knowing that you're through.

quote:Originally posted by Tim St.Pauli

Hey Daniel, whats wrong with 4 groups of 3, when you have 12 teams? Better than 3 of 4 when you need 8 teams advancing, because then you would depend on the other groups. Like this you know when you're through.

Good that Canada has a free ticket as we're not good in qualifying!

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It's actually happened twice that it ended up on coin toss or the drawing of lots. Had that 1990 Group F only been three team (ie they had only played three matches instead of six) all of the teams would have been level. For those that don't recall the first four results were: England1, Ireland 1; Netherlands 1 Egypt 1; Eng 0 Ned 0; Egypt 0 Ire 0. So all four teams were dead level after two matches. Had the each only played two matches (at the group of three would do) they would have drawn lots to decide who goes through, who goes second and who goes home (which is what happened in the Haiti, Canada, Ecuador group).

When you hvae six games, it's just far, far more unlikely to have all four teams level or even two teams tied with the exact same WLD and F/A.

Hopefully this will be start of the Gold Cup getting better with a new marketing group coming in.



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quote:There is no bidding process for the Gold Cup, it is magically "awarded" in the CONCACAF offices in New York (the same place where all the mysterious draws, which Yallop told me he thought was non-existent, take place).

Do we and the other major CONCACAF countries not send representatives to the draws like in UEFA and the WC? Even in these tournaments there are some pretty suspicious draws but at least with representatives present the officials have to make a lot more effort to fix the draw then if noone is present.

CONCACAF should mandate that the tournament be held in different countries because otherwise it will not grow and have stature throughout the region. I am sure that England and Germany could host just about every EURO if UEFA's only criterium in awarding the tournament was money. You have to wonder how the US can financially outbid other countries when the majority of the games are played before nearly empty stadiums. Why couldn't soccer crazy countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala share the tournament? Ticket prices might have to be lower but the stadiums would be full. I would certainly be more inclined to attend in a country that I have never visited and whose culture interests me. I can only imagine attending in the US if we were playing an important game near the border.

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