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  1. What rhetoric was that? (actual quotes preferred)
  2. Two Canadians sign with W-Connection in T&T: http://torontoskillz.com/signed-to-the-most-successful-club-in-the-history-of-trinidad-tobago/
  3. Watching the Gold Cup 2000 videos makes me sad... oh to be relevant again...
  4. ANC2, your post shows only that you are as clueless as you believe them to be... Academy people are NOT behind the CSF, sure we have offered input, but this is the brainchild of the 5 publicly identified members - none of which are associated with academies... As for making big bucks - ha! - the director of one of the larger academies will offer to open his books to anyone that is interested - provided that they agree to pay the all debts that will be evident once the books are opened . These teams have significant budgets which pay for facilities, coaches, therapists etc... Profit margins are virtually non-existent (but again, I digress and apologize)
  5. MA - National teams were discussed, reduced fees were not (at least while I was there)
  6. Let me apologize in advance for diverting this discussion - but Bill the OSA has to become better informed at what kind of soccer landscape they are creating with their 'hands-off' policy regarding the Districts. Currently I know of three fairly large District Associations (Peel-Halton, Scarborough and York Region) which official or not, have moratoriums on new youth clubs. So the only way pro club in these areas can start youth programs is by begging one of the existing youth clubs to affiliate - and we all now how well that goes (Richmond Hill/Aurora/Glen Shields with the Shooters, London City, Oakville have all had short-lived or controversial pro/youth affiliations). The existing ones (like Supra, Croatia) are tiny little clubs that the big youth clubs don't worry about... We operate in a system where mediocrity is rewarded and the only condition to running a youth club is that you ran one last year. The fact that it may be a mess and stuck in the dark ages is irrelevent. They were there first, so they get their 'territory'. In Scarborough, an enterprising and frustrated soccer administrator tried to get new ideas into some existing clubs. He was rebuffed and started his own club. The district told him that the wouldn't sanction him because "there weren't enough kids to support a new club". Well after 3-4 years they are the largest youth club in Scarborough with over 2,000 players. Many were new registrants that were brought in by his fresh approach (they are still unsanctioned, and I doubt it interests them anymore)... end rant...
  7. Eric - the current SAAC academies cannot do anything 'legally'...
  8. Prove me wrong Bill - Other than the exceptions I gave, give me an example of a non-community based organization that is able to field youth teams without having to set up a dummy not-for-profit with the owner's wife and dog as directors...
  9. Richard you are making assumptions - the issue is not youth programs participating in local leagues, it is youth programs at all... The OSA has not permitted any type of professional/private club to run any type of youth program, except for the USL teams that are allowed to field Super Y and Travel teams (after a lot of fighting). Now of course, they will likely bend over backwards to accomodate TFC... But the CSL teams that are privately run can only get senior club status (and private youth academies that want to run an alternative to the volunteer-based community system get no status at all)
  10. Mainstream (sort of..) coverage for CSF... http://torontosun.com/Sports/OtherSports/2008/02/18/4856088-sun.html
  11. It also won't get the traffic this one does - at least at first...
  12. Maybe we should have a General Canadian Soccer forum... There is no better place to talk to soccer people across Canada than the Voyageurs website, and judging by the number of replies, people are interested in talking about broader Canadian soccer topics. So if the MNT fans don't want these types of topics cluttering up this section, maybe we can put them somewhere where the so-called 'real' Voyageurs can just ignore them if they wish...
  13. touche - that was a bit a rhetoric and not my intention...
  14. "You are the guy who said we don't have any competitive footballers in Canada." Don't recall ever saying that... It is my opinion that the quality we do have is more a function of the skill and dedication of those individual players rather than them being products of a strong development system.
  15. several hundred thousands of dollars for a database? I'd love to get in on that business! As for the soccer demographic - you are talking out of your you-know-what... There have been a number of demographic studies done that show the Canadian soccer family is fairly well off compared to the general public and represents a highly desirable consumer target... You want people you respect your opinions? Show that they are not based solely on your personal experiences but that they actually include some critical thinking...
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