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  1. What rhetoric was that? (actual quotes preferred)
  2. Two Canadians sign with W-Connection in T&T: http://torontoskillz.com/signed-to-the-most-successful-club-in-the-history-of-trinidad-tobago/
  3. One more for the 1st page list: Davis Hocking - St. Peter's http://www.saintpeterspeacocks.com/sports/msoc/2014-15/roster
  4. Here's another: Northeast Conference 7 Brett Larocque Forward Bryant Product of Bryst FA - like Larin (Sigma FC), Awuah (Sigma FC) and Ononye (ANB Futbol) - came up through the SAAC system.
  5. Latest embarrassment? Yes, because we all know US-based semi-pro leagues NEVER need to drop under-performing organizations...
  6. Nice Reports Robin. BTW, yes all three ANB Mills' players are brothers that came up through the Academy.
  7. Ted, stick to reliving the glory of your CUSL blueprint days. Your boorish comments are tiresome and irrelevant the Ontario soccer scene. The fact that you give any credence to the CSL, an organization I have been involved with, tells me all I need to know about the value of your comments. (Not to mentioned the childish way you choose to make them)
  8. Guys, As someone involved on the periphery of this launch, let me say this, if anyone is expecting a slick, polished marketing vehicle out of the launch of League1 you are going to be disappointed. Leagues/teams have started with a big splash before, yet once the initial excitement wears off, the realization that there was little substance behind the splash sets in and the long term viability becomes a concern. The purpose of League1 was not to produce a ready-made pro league with ready made teams ready to spend like pro clubs. The planning for this league centred around providing
  9. Not true for the RFD regarding access to League 1. Recognized academies now have permanent access to OSL, OWSL and League 1 (previously it was year-to-year for OSL and OWSL). No less than 3 academies were involved in the League 1 application process...
  10. According to Kurt Larson & Jason de Vos, once they sign Bradley, TFC will not be able to keep Laba (4th DP)
  11. You haven't heard?... NEW ERA FOR CANADIAN SOCCER LEAGUE: URSINI... Vincent Ursini, chairman of the board and president of the CSL told an enthusiastic meeting of team owners November 18 following agreement to become a founding member of the newly-formed Soccer Federation of Canada with the prospect of a new league structure to more easily accommodate prospective teams and eventually women's pro soccer: “This begins a new era for the Canadian Soccer League and for semi-professional soccer in Canada and we are excited at the prospect of working within the framework of the SFC, to do our
  12. Vindication, one thing to keep in mind is to take any comments re: rules made by non-expert staff with a huge grain of salt. The policies of the OSA/CSA are so convoluted that it is easy to misinterpret them, or to overly simplify them when talking to 'outsiders'. Best to always get your information from the horse's mouth: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/Rules/PublishedRules/GovernanceRules/OSAPolicies/tabid/4517/language/en-US/Default.aspx Section 5.0 - Leagues Policy 8.0 - POLICIES GOVERNING CATEGORIES ... 8.2 Senior Leagues 8.2.1 Only one Senior Level 1 League shall b
  13. This is not entirely correct. The OSA can sanction ONE semi-professional league. That slot is currently held by League 1 Ontario. I'm not even sure they could sanction them as an amateur league. Again, only one Provincial Level Senior amateur league can be sanctioned, and that slot is currently held by the Ontario Soccer League. There are less restrictions at lower levels, but I'm not sure if those can operate province-wide.
  14. Good point. Another thing to note is that extended playoffs are a money loser in virtually all leagues below MLS (could be there too, I don't know). Games aren't part of the season ticket plan, and are usually scheduled for mid week with very little time to sell tickets. As well, the further you go, the more un(der) budgeted travel expenses you have. This format allows for the high drama mid-season, right around where fan interest begins to peak. For teams that have a poor 1st half, rather than giving away tickets for games down the stretch, you can start with a clean slate and use so
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