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USA to host 2005 Gold Cup

Massive Attack

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Of course i know that it happened to Canada! Now that so many opposed to my opinion, I accept it! I never saw a match of the gold cup, so I can't judge if the modus is good or not, I just think its better to have a strict modus in each group: when you start it should be clear that you qualify if you're second and you go home when you're third. I don't like it if you depend on the other groups. That is like the European WC qulifier - I hate that modus there!

And you're right: of course its better to play 3 matches than 2!

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quote:Originally posted by DJT

Bad spelling/grammar there, beachesl. The correct pluralization is "modi".

(No offence, Tim. :D)

Grammar Nazi!;)

"Modus" is in fact not an English word. It is a Latin word that is used in general English with other words to form latin expressions like "modus operandi". However, it is used sometimes in limited legal English. "Modi" is certainly not an English word.

from freedictionary.com:


n. 1. (Old Law) The arrangement of, or mode of expressing, the terms of a contract or conveyance.

2. (Law) A qualification involving the idea of variation or departure from some general rule or form, in the way of either restriction or enlargement, according to the circumstances of the case, as in the will of a donor, an agreement between parties, and the like.

3. (Law) A fixed compensation or equivalent given instead of payment of tithes in kind, expressed in full by the phrase modus decimandi.

They, from time immemorial, had paid a modus, or composition.

- Landor. "

Concerning pluralization of foreign based words like this generally, I could do no better than refer you to the AskOxford site:

"Like octopi, the plural hippopotami is now generally taken to be either funny or absurdly pedantic, and the usual plural is hippopotamuses. "

I suspect that Tim was using a German equivalent of the English word "format", which is the word that is usually used, at least in North American English, to describe how sports teams will advance from group or league play to further elimination matches.

Again Tim, no offence, buddy.:)

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I was just joking, which is what I thought you were doing ("flopping moduses" sounded funny, anyway). But now I know better than to joke about language with an English teacher! :D

Hmm, I'd like to say something to bring this back on topic, but I don't really have anything to say because it's all been said before. The Gold Cup is badly handled in more than one way (which have all been mentioned in this thread), and that's about it:

- shouldn't be every two years, and certainly not during the Hex

- shouldn't be in the same country every time

- shouldn't use 4 groups of 3

- groups shouldn't be hand-chosen

- shouldn't invite guest teams

- should be on regular TV, not restricted to pay-per-view or commercial establishments as if this was a prestige event (at least this is the 2003 deal I remember existing in the US)

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quote:Originally posted by way2goeh

If you remember, Canada has only done well in the Gold Cup with the coin toss. So the only way we will get to the next round is the coin toss :)

Well, not really. The coin toss in the GC2000 was true, yet we still

had to beat Mexico, T&T, and Colombia. As for 1993 Gold Cup

(or was it 1996?), we beat Honduras 5-2, but was caught in a pool

with Brazil. And as for 2002 Gold Cup, we won third place,

losing only to Ecuador and the USA, and beating South Korea 2-1

for third place. Sure the last Gold Cup (2003) ended bitterly

(loss to Cuba), but don't forget we beat Costa Rica fair and square.

We may suck during WCQ, but in the GOld Cup our history has been

pretty good despite not having respect from our competitors,

some of our citizens, and even on this board.


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quote:Originally posted by Tim St.Pauli

Sorry for confusing you with Latin or bad English! My mum is Canadian but we only spoke German at home thats why I can't call myself a native speaker so have patience with me! Of course I meant `format`! ;)

You didn't confuse us, we knew clearly what you said. We just like having a little fun here. Great to have your input here, we really appreciate it.

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Heres a thought, make the Gold Cup 4 groups of 4, no invitees. So the top 16 CONCACAF teams will be playing, which makes the most sense as it will truely determine the regions champion. If the problem with that is money and attendance there should be one host nation for each group then the quarters, semis and finals could be in the US.

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So you could have:

Mexico-------USA-------Costa Rica-------Jamaica


Cuba---------Haiti-----El Salvador------Panama

Nicaragua----St Kitts--St Vincent-------Barbados

Then put games in Mexico, USA, Costa Rica and at COMMONWEALTH... would this not be possible??? 6 games at each place?

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16 might be too much. Try 12 and no invites; it would leave SOME competition to get in.

NA (3): Canada, USA, Mexico

CA (5 of 7): Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize

Carribean (4 of whatever): Jamaica, T&T, Cuba, Haiti, Barbados, Martinique, St Vincent, etc.

Although pretty much the only competition might come in the Carribean where we always see an upset or two in qualifying.

2 groups of 4 might be interesting too, more than the hex, less than the SF round of WCQ. Although Canada would probably have to go through qualifying there...

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There's talk of a bit to have Denver host some Gold Cup matches (presumably a group) on the Colorado Rapids forum at bigsoccer.com. Here's the link to the brief article in the Denver Post:


Obviously it's far from a done deal, but if Canada's group ended up there, it would be a lot closer than Miami, especially for you Plains dwellers.

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