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2018 FIFA U17 Women's World Cup Uruguay ( Nov13-Dec 1 )


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Group A  :  Uruguay, Ghana, New Zealand , Finland

Group B:    Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Japan

Group C:   USA, Cameroon, North Korea, Germany

Group D:   South Korea, Spain, Canada, Colombia


Canada's schedule:

Canada vs Colombia          Wednesday  November 14,  2018

South Korea vs Canada    Sunday         November 17,   2018

Spain vs Canada                 Wednesday   November 21,  2018 



match schedule: https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/uruguay-2018-official-match-schedule-2929206.pdf?cloudid=mu81kwi3a9ixztegbbm5

fifa.com :https://www.fifa.com/u17womensworldcup/groups/index.html

wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_FIFA_U-17_Women's_World_Cup


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A brief look ahead at Canada's groupmates. Lots of quality in this group.

UEFA #1 - Spain
Defending champions Germany completely annihilated England 8-0 in their semi to reach the final. They met Spain in the final and lost to them 0-2.  Highlights are here:

Captain Lorena (Eva) Navarro scored both goals and made the tournament best XI. She also had the golden boot in the U17 World Cup in 2016 in Jordan with 8 goals. Absolute monster.


Also on best Xi is Spanish midfielder Paola Hernández, and goalkeeper Catalina Coll was an honourable mention (interesting note - most UEFA U17 best XI players play for pro teams).

Claudia Pina scored 20 to tie Vivianne Miedema's record.

Spain hold both U17 and U19 UEFA titles. They conceded only 2 goals in qualifying and were in the UEFA final in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018.  They have been in three U17 World Cup's and podiumed every time. They will likely be the tournament favourites.

CONMEBOL #2 - Colombia
This is Colombia's fourth U17 World Cup but they have never made it out of group.

South American qualifying is two rounds of tournament format and not single-game elimination in the second round.

In their first qualifying phase they went undefeated: Argentina 4-0, Peru 4-0, Brazil 1-0, Ecuador 3-1.  In their second phase they were: Venezuela 2-0, Brazil 0-1, Uruguay 1-1.

They had the most goals for (15) and similar to Spain conceded only 2 goals in all qualifying.

Striker Maerieth Perez scored seven goals and won the golden boot.


AFC #2 - South Korea
South Korea were U17 World Cup champions in 2010 but have missed the past three U17 World Cups.

They lost to Japan in qualifying but hugely upset them 4-2 in penalties in the semi-finals to qualify for the World Cup.

They lost the final to North Korea 0-2 and so are in the AFC 2 spot, Japan (who like North Korea have been in every U17 World Cup) beat China to get AFC 3

Captain Cho Mijin scored five goals in five games to win the silver boot


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[  1  ]  Here's a highlight clip of  the  Argentina vs  Colombia  First Stage group match,  Maireth  Perez  ( the  number 10 in yellow )  assisted on the first goal with a through ball ; and scored the second goal for Colombia  on a breakaway from a goal kick. (  though Perez  wasn't involved in goals three and four of the match ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhIdQvU22w0

        Also read that  Maireth Perez was thrilled when she got  a pro contract  ( as a 15-year old ) to play for Evigado FC/ Formas Intimas  during the inaugural season of Liga Aguila femenina (  the professional domestic women's league in Colombia which formed in 2017 )  http://bitacora.eafit.edu.co/maireth-perez-la-vallenata-que-es-figura-de-la-tricolor/

[  2  ]   Cho Mijin was non-factor for  South Korea  in the Final of the 2017 AFC  U16  Womens Chammpionship against North Korea  and in the second half  she was subbed out  on a stretcher after being fouled.  But Cho Mijin  did score in the  penalty shootout  of  the AFC semi-finals  against  Japan .   Wikipedia's  got the  South Korean penalty shooters in the wrong  order - -  this is the correct order:    1.  Ko Minjung   ✓   

                                                        2. Lee Eunyoung   x

                                                        3. Lee Suin  

                                                        4.  Jang  Youbeen   

                                                         5. Cho Mijin  ✓

The shootout can be seen in a   periscope  archive: https://www.pscp.tv/w/bJEfEjFlZFFuTFhya3Jyam98MUJSSmp5WWxXb2dHd-uqacGog1W_Thj22x8GpvHDMmB4-ht-iKZur3yffPur

    Additionally, in a  recent  interview, Hur Jung-jae  ( the South Korean  U17  womens  coach )  revealed  that  the U17s will  be doing some things differently from what the U16s did last year.  Currently ,  South Korea is experimenting  with a 4-4-2 midfield diamond and trying to force  turnovers  in the middle  ( page 14 of the pdf ):   http://www.kfa.or.kr/_Data/BOARD_MAGAZINE/201864113036.pdf


[ 3 ]   I think   Lorena Navarro ( dob  2000)  and Eva Marie Navarro are two different players. Lorena Navarro  did win  the golden boot  in the 2016 FIFA WWC Jordan ,whereas Eva Marie Navarro scored 3 goals in that tournament tying her with players like Ashley Sanchez (UCLA) , Civana   Kuhlmann (Stanford) , Guilia Gwinn ( SC Freiburg) , Georgia Stanway ( Man City)  et al.   That said, Eva Navarro got a great  looking brace against Germany in the recent 2018 UEFA  Women's U17 Championship and was recently named to Spain U20  ( along with Catalina Coll ) who are  going to the 2018 FIFA U20 WWC France.  Noticed that Eva Navarro  seems to favour the right side which would match her up against players on Canada's left  like : Novak, Vallerand, Riviere and Antoine: 



         Also, Claudia Pina missed the  2018  UEFA U17   Championship because of an injury she picked up in April/May 2018 : https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/fc-barcelona/20180508/443408337734/seleccion-espanola-sub-17-lituania-tona-is-eurocopa-barca-claudia-pina-aida-esteve.html    

I don't know what is her current health status, but if Spain gets her healthy for the U17 WWC it's going to be bad for Canada.

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T I D B I T S: 

[  1  ]   As of the date of this post, the Korean Wikipedia still has Canada in Group C with Germany, North Korea and Cameroon:


[  2  ]   A few days ago,  the tournament got it's mascot  :  Capi the capybara:


So it turns out that a capybara is a mammal native to South America  that is also known as  the world's largest rodent . 

eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCwcJsBYL3o

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Yup different Navarro's.

Only Christinao Ronaldo and a futsal player scored more goals than Claudia Pina in a UEFA competition in 2017.

Cho Mijin was the MVP of the semi against Japan and the last sub in the final.

The styles of the four teams are so disparate and the U17 game in general is so random because of the young ages. Should be wild and exciting.

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Squad announced:

#1 Goalkeeper Anna Karpenko, 2002, Richmond Hill, ON/Ontario REX
#2 Forward Jayde Riviere, 2001, Markham, ON/Ontario REX
#3 Defender Julianne Vallerand, 2001, Terrebonne, QC /Quebec REX & AS Varennes
#4 Defender Sonia Walk, 2002, Toronto, ON/Ontario REX
#5 Defender Maya Antoine, 2001, Vaughan, ON/Ontario REX
#6 Defender Ariel Young, 2001, Ottawa, ON/Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX
#7 Forward Serita Thurton, 2002, Ajax, ON/Ontario REX
#8 Midfielder Caitlin Shaw, 2001, Vancouver, BC/Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX
#9 Forward Jordyn Huitema, 2001, Chilliwack, BC/Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX
#10 Forward Oluwateniola (Teni) Akindoju, 2001, Halifax, NS/Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX
#11 Forward Kaila Novak, 2002, St. Thomas, ON/Ontario REX
#12 Midfielder Lara Kazandjian, 2002, Kirkland, QC/Quebec REX & Lakeshore SC
#13 Defender Léonie Portelance, 2001, Brossard, QC/ Quebec REX & AS Varennes
#14 Midfielder Wayny-Natasha Balata Nguenign, 2001, Montreal, QC/ Quebec REX & Lakeshore SC
#15 Midfielder Jazmine Wilkinson, 2002, Nanaimo, BC /Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX
#16 Defender Jade Rose, 2003, Markham, ON/Ontario REX
#17 Forward Andersen Williams, 2002, Calgary, AB/Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite REX
#18 Goalkeeper Sophie Guilmette 2001, Montréal, QC /Quebec REX & Lakeshore SC
#19 Defender Isabella Hanisch, 2002, Ottawa, ON/ Ontario REX
#20 Forward Jessica De Filippo, 2001, Montréal, QC /Quebec REX & Lakeshore SC
#21 Goalkeeper Kayza Massey, 2001, Ottawa, ON/Ontario REX


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Uruguay 2018 squads revealed

Canadian quartet of Sophie Guilmette, Jordyn Huitema, Jayde Riviere and Caitlin Shaw all return.

Ghana midfielder Fuseina Mumuni, meanwhile, will be making her third consecutive appearance at a U-17 Women’s World Cup. She was just 12 years old when she featured at Costa Rica 2014.

South Africa coach Dludlu born to be a leader

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To get through this group this squad will have to show superior fitness—skill—determination and have a dose of luck to go along with it.

Reading the revues of each team does not bode well unless the coaches can motivate the squad to the highest of levels.

At this competition no mistakes or you go home.

Best of luck to them all!

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Good news is they got the result and a 3 goal cushion. This would have been a match that Canada would have lost under Priestman. It was a must win to get out the group as on paper, they'll likely lose to Spain and the toss up match is vs SK.

Wilkinson was more flexible compared to Priestman and finally put Huitema in the middle in the 2nd half. Not sure why Priestman and in the 1st half, the star player is played out of position for Akindoju. If Akindoju was a classy striker, a case can be made but at this point, she isn't. Good to see Huitema finally step up and lead a youth team.

Back line players show good potential and was the only good part of the 1st half. But they try to play to perfection when there are times, hoofing it out of danger is best. And when things go astray, they lose their composure too easily. 

1st half was same old same old. Lots of possession but not much in the final third. Very few shots taken, no penetrating passes and no penetrating runs off the ball. Instead a lot of back passes and poor first touches. Minimall connection between the mids and the front three. Huitema didn't really see the ball for the first 20 and then when she did receive it eventually, she quickly lost it trying to deke a player or passed it back. 

In watching the other matches, the quality of play seems to have regressed. Japan was really sloppy passing the ball and slow. Uruguay was awful, a few players looked out of shape and all looked slow. Even Ghana looked slow. US also looked bad compared to previous versions. South Korea was hapless in their own box. And of course, the only country to wear a lower cut jersey is Colombia. Uruguay must have little to no youth girls teams as only one girl comes out with the players ex one match and no one cares as attendance is below 500 for all matches ex one.

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