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  1. He does have a CSA profile, but his last name is misspelled, making it difficult to find. https://www.canadasoccer.com/profile/?id=4444 The profile also confirms that he was born in a London, but unfortunately it's the one on the other side of the pond, not our one. It's very unfortunate that he's not eligible to play for us competitively, but it's a good sign to see a Canadian academy produce a highly touted centre-back. Hopefully there are similar prospects in the pipeline that are actually eligible for us!
  2. Owolabi is reportedly close to signing with S.P.A.L. in Italy's Serie B after impressing on trial.
  3. Marcelo Flores trained with the Arsenal first team for the first time today. He's also expected to be a regular with Arsenal U18 in the U18 Premier League this season. Flores is currently committed to Mexico, but has not yet played in any competitive youth international matches for them, so he could theoretically still play for Canada without having to file a one time switch. He's very highly rated by Arsenal, so it could be a huge get for us if we can convince him to switch.
  4. Free and official live stream if anyone is interested in watching: https://www.laola1.at/de/ott/de-at/playerpage/175904
  5. I looked at Vitoria's penalty stats and they're incredible. https://www.transfermarkt.com/steven-vitoria/elfmetertore/spieler/54716 He's taken 12 pens in his pro career and scored every one. He also scored penalties against both Rui Patricio and Jan Oblak just over a week apart in 2013!
  6. Charles-Andreas Brym came on as a sub for Royal Excel Mouscron in the 55th minute in a friendly against Lille earlier today. The match finished as a 2-1 loss for Mouscron, but Brym had the assist on the Mouscron goal. As far as I am aware, his loan to Mouscron from Lille has not yet been officially confirmed, but it seems that it is only a matter of time.
  7. MLS designates an exclusive scouting zone within Canada to each of the three Canadian franchises. The zones vary in terms of geographical size in order to ensure that each club has a proportional amount of the population to scout from. Vancouver's zone includes BC and the Prairie Provinces. I believe that TFC gets all of the Golden Horseshoe area (The exact zone could be a bit smaller or larger, I'm not 100% sure). The Impact get all of Quebec. All of Canada that was not included in any of the aforementioned regions is fair game for any of the Canadian clubs to scout from. That means the Territories, non-Golden Horseshoe Ontario and the Atlantic provinces can be scouted by any of the three clubs. The Whitecaps take advantage of this rule in every way possible. They have "Academy Centres" in every province and territory that they have access to, except for Nunavut and New Brunswick. TFC has a similar program, but it's not as widespread. Their affiliate clubs are Ottawa TFC, London TFC and Windsor TFC. As far as I'm aware, the Impact do not have any affiliate clubs outside of their exclusive zone. So in a nutshell, London or Windsor aren't necessarily "Whitecaps territory" or "TFC territory". Rather, any of the three clubs have access to that area. In fact, both TFC and the Whitecaps have centres in London. As for Facchineri, he was already playing on the other side of the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit with Vardar SC before Windsor TFC came into existence, which is why he was never TFC property.
  8. Ricardo Ferreira gets his first start for Belenenses today against league leaders Porto. Update: He was substituted in the 64th minute when Porto had a 2-0 lead. Belenenses ended up losing 5-0. He appeared to be playing the in middle of a back three.
  9. Ricardo Ferreira appears to have recovered from his injury as he is on the Belenenses bench today in their match against Sporting. They are currently leading 1-0 in the 20th minute. Update: Remains on the bench in a 3-1 loss for Belenenses. Nevertheless, good to see him back in the matchday squad. Hopefully he has a future with Canada.
  10. Alphonso has been nominated for the Bundesliga Rookie of the Season award. Fan voting carries 40% of the overall weight in determining who wins the award. https://www.rookie-award.com/en Let's get voting for our guy! 🇨🇦
  11. There was an article in the Serbian sports newspaper Sportski žurnal today that featured an interview with Mitrovic. There was a section where he spoke of his national team future: - Something happened that I secretly expected and hoped for, but I was still very surprised - I received an invitation from Canada to play in the youth national team, whose passport I normally have. It is a selection up to 20 years. Here, in Serbia, the procedure is underway to get a passport from the country of my parents and in which I was born. The invitation came as a crown for my previous games in the younger club selections and lately for seniors. I am thrilled, and it will be an incentive for me to work even harder and play even better, said a smiling Stefan Mitrović. (http://zurnal.rs/fudbal/super-liga/98350/i-kanadjani-culi-za-nis, Google Translate) So it would appear that he was called up to our U20 national team for the CONCACAF U20 Championships that were supposed to be this month. Hopefully he keeps up this good form and will be a part of our U20 team when the tournament is eventually played!
  12. Iliadis did make the bench once for the Panathinaikos first team in a Greek Cup match in December 2018. He didn't feature and hasn't been in a first team matchday squad since, but that does indicate that he is involved in the first team setup. He will age out of the U19 team soon, so hopefully he will be able to make the step up to senior team football.
  13. I haven't seen the game sheet, but Liam was playing in the CSA FIFA 20 tournament against Jonathan Osorio at the same time as the Liverpool game, so I highly doubt it! 😂
  14. He played with ANB academy from the age of 6 until he signed with Sheffield United last year. And if I recall correctly, his brother Micah was once called up to the under-15 national team. http://www.anbfutbol.com/2019 Daniel Jebbison.pdf
  15. Despite the pandemic, Leeds remain interested in Larin. The original plan was for Zulte to activate their €2.5 million purchase option and then sell him to Leeds, but apparently Zulte can no longer afford that fee due to the pandemic. Besiktas will let Larin's loan expire and then sell to Leeds. Leeds are reportedly offering €6 million. https://onefootball.com/en/news/leeds-preparing-52m-bid-for-besiktas-striker-cyle-larin-29702505 However, it remains unclear which league Leeds will be playing in next season. Currently second in the Championship, they are in line for automatic promotion to the Prem. We'll have to wait and see what how the EFL and Premier League choose to deal with the pro/rel situation.
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