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  1. I've always had this pipe dream that a CB playing at a decent level in Europe would discover that they've got a long lost Canadian grandparent and play for Canada. Looks like that dream may be coming true!
  2. Shockingly, Sportsnet made their post at 3:23 ET, before OneSoccer posted their own at 3:50. So because of that Sportsnet didn't have the Canadian broadcast footage available to them, so they had to resort to using the Spanish broadcast that was posted earlier.
  3. David getting attention from our mainstream sports media, which wasn't really the case before this international window: Hopefully more of our boys can become household names in the coming months!
  4. Haha it is pretty realistic and I did try alot of recruiting but there are some kinks in the game. For instance it somehow un-captied Liam Millar and he started holding out for an England call (although I did eventually get him back and he scored at a rate for me!). Ike wasn't listed as having Canadian citizenship so I couldn't get him, and Eustaquio had already committed IRL so I didn't need to recruit him in-game. As for Flores, Dias, Jebbison, etc. I don't believe they were in the game last year since they were too young. Arfield stayed on as my loyal captain and leader! In general the players were real sticklers when it came to playing for Canada. Guys like Simon Colyn and Jordan Perruzza filed one-time switches to the Netherlands and Italy respectively despite never getting call-ups from those teams. So the game is fun but far from perfectly realistic!
  5. For what it's worth, I played a Football Manager save last year where I managed Canada through the 2026 World Cup and I tried to recruit Ferdi for every international window. 2026 passed and by then he still hadn't made his decision. So I'll take it as a win that he's gonna decide by March 2022 in real life! 😅
  6. Turkey manager Stefan Kuntz says that Kadioglu will make his final decision by March.
  7. We played Iceland in the January 2020 camp, so we have played European opposition somewhat recently (although we didn't score against them). Last time we scored against European or SA competition was in the 2017 friendly away to Scotland, Fraser Aird got our goal in a 1-1 draw. Hopefully next year some of our guys will be able to get their first goal against a team from outside of CONCACAF!
  8. I've never had a problem watching their streams, but apparently for one of the matches yesterday the stream was taken down for copyright infringement. It was very odd because the DFB shouldn't have rights issues with their own competition! That being said it's the only time I've heard of that issue happening so hopefully they've sorted it out and today will be ok.
  9. The DFB is livestreaming it on YouTube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=S2TnP506PUs
  10. That home WCQ match against Cuba in 2012 where Occean was sent off and the Cubans played with no subs because a bunch of their players defected was my first time watching a CANMNT match. It's fair to say that was a good introduction to CONCACAF football! 😅
  11. Yes, Cristian is Matteo's older brother. As for Araujo, he has officially switched to Mexico, but is not in their squad for this window.
  12. I think that's Cristian Campagna, a 19 year old CB currently with the Whitecaps U23 team. He has been invited to the last few senior national team camps as a training player, I remember seeing him sitting on the sidelines during the US game last window.
  13. Squad has been released: https://www.canadasoccer.com/news/canada-soccer-announces-fifa-world-cup-qualifiers-squad-for-october-matches/ Borjan, Larin and Atiba are all there despite injury/Covid concerns. Brault-Guillard recalled. Millar, Shaffelburg, Brym and Cornelius get their first WCQ call-ups.
  14. Ah good point, I forgot about that. From what I can see there was only one League 1 player called to England U19 and his club fixture this week was postponed, so that probably explains it.
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