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  1. Today he played in a friendly for Fredericia against Randers who are currently fifth in the Superligaen (first tier). He scored in the 14th minute, 2-2 final score.
  2. Usually the CSA hosts their livestreams on YouTube. Assuming that they'll be doing the same this time around, an archive of the livestream will be available on YouTube afterwards.
  3. No stream today, but we'll get to see Friday's game and the Iceland game live on canadasoccer.com!
  4. To be clear, I'm not suggesting that we replace regulars with youth players. I don't see any reason why calling youth players is considered harmful or controversial. For instance, during the Gold Cup pre-camp (also in LA) we called in Noah Verhoeven from Pacific as a training player. He wasn't officially on the roster and he didn't take anybody's spot on the team. He got some great experience by training with the senior team ahead of an important tournament. It would be the same circumstances for Facchineri or any other youth player that we could call. Calling a player like him would have no downside to the team and would provide a tremendous experience for a top prospect. It doesn't harm our chances to win and doesn't downplay the significance of the camp. Just because this is "Camp win" doesn't mean that we shouldn't be integrating youth into the team.
  5. This is great to hear! I'd also consider calling Gianfranco Facchineri, a standout CB from the U17 World Cup and Concacaf Qualifiers. From what I've seen, his play is incredibly mature. He plays in Vancouver as well, so travel wouldn't be to bad either. We need to develop our young CBs, so this would be a perfect opportunity.
  6. There will be a camp from January 4 to 16 in California and the friendly vs Iceland will be on the 15th (Wednesday).
  7. 1. David 2. Davies 3. Arfield It amazes me that I've got a 19 year old who is starting regularly for Bayern in second place! Just goes to show how incredible David has been for club and country this year.
  8. It was announced yesterday that Kouzine will be leaving SC Dnipro as of January 1. He scored 6 goals in 15 matches for the reserve team. He was also on the bench for the first team for 2 games. https://www.footboom.com/ukrainian/high/1576503474-kobakhidze-zagalskiy-kuzin-i-romanjuk-pokidayut-dnepr-1.html According to TransferMarkt, he recently signed with TJ Player advice, an agency whose primary clients are American and African players in Denmark. I'd be watching out for a potential move to Denmark in the near future.
  9. He's been on trial with a couple German clubs recently. I believe that Eintracht Frankfurt was the other club. With the Fury folding he's probably looking for a team, so it's likely that they're trials rather than just training stints. He probably has a European passport considering that he has had European trials in the past.
  10. Rumour in the Costa Rican press about a potential Canada vs Costa Rica friendly in the US in January(!!!). https://teletica.com/243240_en-la-sele-analizan-la-posibilidad-de-un-fogueo-ante-canada-en-enero-proximo However, the discussions are still "informal" at this point. We wanted the camp to be in Costa Rica, but this was not possible due to municipal elections. Whether this match goes ahead or not, it's good to see that the CSA is pursuing all possible avenues to gain ranking points.
  11. Here's a short and simple tactical analysis of the Angola match: There were some frustratingly simple solutions to the issues that we faced on Tuesday. The above image is the screengrab that @El Hombre posted on Wednesday. We are just one run and three passes away from bypassing the tightly wound Angola midfield four. If Priso comes back towards Pecile, and Pecile makes the pass to Priso, Priso has Habibullah completely unmarked on the left side. Habibullah then plays it through to Kerr, and we've completely gone past their midfield and we're running at their back four. Instead, Priso is going in the opposite direction, eliminating a passing option. Unfortunately, our front three and midfielders such as Priso and Kerr didn't make the runs that provided Pecile or the CBs with simple outlet passes. Rather, this meant that the deeper lying playmakers were forced to pass it around the back or play a low percentage lob forward. We need to emphasize the importance of movement which will make it much easier to play through the opposition lines. However, there were some very good moments. In this screengrab of the moment before the goal, Priso puts himself in an open space that makes him an easy target for Pecile, while also being in the perfect position to play the through ball for Russell-Rowe. Throughout both games so far, there hasn't been enough movement from players in forward positions, making it difficult to progress the ball. Against Angola in particular, there were many instances where useful open spaces were not being utilized. Today against New Zealand, we must find and exploit these spaces if we are going to score the goals that we need. To summarize, make it easier on the 6's and 8's by giving them simpler options and find the open spaces.
  12. It was always going to be difficult to use the Brazil match to diagnose this team's problems. But yesterday really showed where the flaws lie. Individually, our front three is very good. Simply put, Habibullah is a genius on the ball. For a player who just turned 16 last week, his vision and creativity is world class. Nelson is also extremely talented, albeit he tried to do too much at times. Russell-Rowe is prolific, he takes his chances (21 goals in 16 games for TFC U19 this season). At the back, Facchineri is dominant. He is good positionally and can make a solid challenge when he needs to. The problem with this team is the lack of cohesion. The defense, midfield and offense play as three separate units. The midfield was completely incapable of playing a decent final ball because they were so disconnected. The front three were completely isolated, making the individual talent of a player like Habibullah useless. The screengrabs that @El Hombre posted illustrate this perfectly. I'm never one to call for heads to roll, but we need coaching staff that can implement a simple tactical system. We had the same problem with the U20's last year. This team has players that will play professionally, potentially at very high levels. At the senior level, we have seen Herdman preach "tactical periodization". The periodization philosophy emphasizes attacking organization, defensive organization, transition from defense to offense and vice versa. At the senior level, this has worked quite well. Why are we not seeing this philosophy trickle down to the youth levels? We need coaching that is capable of teaching and implementing tactical philosophies. By just putting our best players on the field without a visible plan we are doing them a serious disservice.
  13. As @Shway mentioned, an inter-league loan actually is a possibility for Fraser. The first example of an MLS inter-league loan that comes to mind is Lalas Abubakar. He couldn't break through with the Crew so he was loaned out to the Rapids this season. He was a regular starter and won their defender of the year award. Liam is in a similar situation. He is certainly good enough start in MLS, he is just finding it difficult to break through with TFC. I think that a loan to another MLS team would be a great option until there is more space at TFC.
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