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  1. The 1998 born striker from Toronto signed with SC Dnipro in the Ukranian Premier League. He was on trial with them and impressed in pre-season, scoring a goal or two I believe. He also used to play in the NCAA for the University of Pennsylvania. Last year he was with Obolon-Brovar in the Ukranian second tier, scoring three times in 19 games. He is an interesting prospect to watch, especially with Olympic qualifiers coming up. Also, credit to @Toje for tracking Kouzine while he was playing in the lower tiers in recent years.
  2. Singh is 2000 born and White is 2001, so they're both ineligible. But yes, our attack could be legitimately world class for the U17 level if we got those commitments.
  3. Unfortunately both Singh and White are too old for this tournament. The two big potential commitments would be Lucas Dias (Sporting CP) and Marcelo Flores (Arsenal).
  4. I was just about to bring up the same point. Kaye and Piette are the two players on yellows and there are like for like replacements available for both. Maybe play Johnson in the Piette role and Morgan/Teibert at LB instead of Kaye.
  5. Pretty awesome quote from Doneil Henry at a press conference:
  6. Not sure how Tomori played, but the game was crazy. England went up through Foden in the 54th, and they had a man sent off ten minutes later. France missed two penalties, and the game looked over, only for France to level it in the 89th minute. As if that wasn't ridiculous enough, France got a winner in the fifth minute of stoppage time from an own goal by Wan-Bissaka!
  7. Actually that wasn't the case. Apparently the T&T coach was kinda peeved because he thought that there were unlimited subs and that he could give his whole squad playing time. However, it turns out that there were only six allowed subs. http://ttfootball.org/2019/06/11/tt-men-downed-in-final-gold-cup-warm-up/ “I was just a bit disappointed with the way the rules were used. We were only allowed to use six substitutions and we were planning to give everybody a game today. We wanted to play some people for 45 minutes but we were not able to do that today but all in all it was a pretty good exercise for the boys."
  8. I'm mildly concerned about Henry's fitness. I hope that they are just giving him extra rest and that he will be ready for the Gold Cup.
  9. Well, I think that Brazil will be more traumatized by that scoreline than Honduras...
  10. Will Johnson is in a couple of photos posted by the CSA. Good to see that he has joined.
  11. https://www.record.com.mx/columnistas-david-medrano/puebla-espera-que-valor-de-cavallini-aumente-en-copa-oro https://www.diariocambio.com.mx/2019/marcador-final/item/18666-quien-quiera-hacerse-con-los-servicios-de-cavallini-debera-pagar-10-millones-de-dolares A couple articles on the Cavallini transfer situation. The first one states that Puebla are trying to wait until after the Gold Cup to sell him, hoping that he will put in a few good performances to raise his value. A few posters had predicted that this would be the case. The second article says that Puebla are asking $10 million for Cavallini, a number that his suitors are calling "exaggerated". Atlas, Monterrey, Leon and Cruz Azul are some of the teams still in the running, with the latter being the only ones to make a formal offer.
  12. https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/880700/ajax-in-gesprek-met-gent-over-canadese-tienersensatie.html According to that Dutch article, Borussia Monchengladbach and Freiburg are also vying for David, but Ajax are front runners at the moment.
  13. On second though my theory is actually pretty unlikely given that his Orlando teammate Kamal Miller has already joined the squad. Hopefully it isn't an injury.
  14. The CSA said that Adam Straith would be training with the team as a 24th man. Orlando played on the weekend, so maybe he just hasn't arrived yet. Edit: I just realized that his teammate Miller is already there. Odd.
  15. Pretty cool way to start camp:
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