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  1. Kyle Larin had two great chances in the 1st to score. One, a cross along the ground from Davies right to Larin's foot 5 yards out from the goal and he missed it high and wide. Two, a great cross to Larin's head at the top of the 6 yard box and instead of putting it on goal, he decided to knock it down to his foot and lost his chance. There was also his inability to head the ball on goal in the second half...hitting it well over the bar. Adugkebe (sp?) was around the defence, one on one with the keeper from the corner of the 6 yard box and passed it off. They need to make much better decisions in front of goal, and they will need to learn how to take the chances they do have. This game should not have been close.
  2. This game was being played at the same time as US-Thailand. Not a major tournament mind you, but it is qualification for a major tournament where goal differential matters. This is how you run up the score and still win with class.
  3. I'm glad we got the Americans. Now is a great time to start a rivalry on the Men's side. When's the last time we played them? 2011?
  4. The Barclays Women's Super League https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/womens-soccer-england-secures-record-sponsorship-deal/ Maybe this will lead to international broadcast deals?
  5. I do want to say that the coverage and respect that Sportsnet gives to the Bundesliga is non existant. I love the coverage that SN is giving to the CPL, but they went and bought the Canadian rights to the Bundesliga from Fox and they treat it like a red-headed step child (no offence meant to red-headed step children...I love all of you!). I initially bought SportsnetWorld to watch FC Koeln games. I could log on and watch Bundesliga games and Premier league games (PL games that WEREN'T on their regular channels) live or on replay. Three (four?) years later, SNWorld shows simulcasts of PL games that are on their regular cable channels, FA cup, replays of simulcasts of PL games that are on their regular cable channels and if you are lucky they will show Bayern and Dortmund live and/or on replay. Unless you have cable (or streaming) through Roger's directly, you cannot watch Bundesliga games even though they have the National rights. It's absolutely ridiculous. (how many times do I want to watch Liverpool vs Fulham?) /end of rant.
  6. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canadian-teenager-alphonso-davies-scores-bayern-munich-win/
  7. Sounds great. Let me know. Link works when I click on it.!!??
  8. Thanks Rob.Notenboom for the following: https://www.northernstartingeleven.com/reginas-queen-city-united-embarks-on-uws-adventure/ This is a great start for high performance women's soccer in Saskatchewan!
  9. I've been trying to find some positives out of this tournament for the last few days, but what it comes down to is that one goal in three games is unacceptable regardless of who the opponents are. They can maintain the majority of the possession, but they have no ability to cut through the opponents defense. The work in the final third is a major problem. For the last 10+ years, the strategy of the CanWNT has been to get the ball onto the foot of Sinclair (and rightfully so), but she is no longer the player that she was. She can no longer be the focus of the offense. Beckie and Huitema should be playing up top, Lawrence should be playing outside wing, drop Sinclair into a AM position so that she can recieve and distribute the ball playing alongside Fleming. Grosso needs more playing time at DM (her control and passing is better than Scott), and Leon should be playing way more than she is...probably opposite field from Lawrence. It is so hard to watch. Moeller needs to try something different. I want these ladies to succeed, but right now there is no progress being made. If it sounds like I hold the Women's team to a higher standard than the Men's program, it's because I do! If things don't change, they will fall further and further behind countries that are starting to seriously develop their women's programs. I am sorry if this sounds like a rant (and it is/does), but right now there is so much wrong with this program and I hope that it can be fixed before we are buried in mediocrity.
  10. Kevin McKenna was doing co-commentary for the Bayern-'Gladbach game for FS2 yesterday. The feed was picked up by Sportsnet World.
  11. I agree, but I also think that the US are in the same boat as Canada. Other nations - specifically in Europe - are developing soccer players at a much higher rate than Canada or the US. The US does have the population to draw from, but I don't think either National Team are going to improve (relative to other countries) until they have a proper development system in place. The same can be said for both Men's teams as well. BTW, is there any word on streaming for Wednesday? Canadasoccer.com?
  12. Putting aside the optics, feasibilty and politics of it all - how peculiar would it be for one ownership group to own two completely independant teams in two completely independant leagues both playing out of the same stadium? (I'm not actually suggesting that they will both play out of BMO!). Throw the Argos in the mix and you have a real conundrum...Argos might be looking for a new home again?!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought that is where you were going and I agree. I think the women's game in Canada is worse off than the men's right now. Until very recently there have been very few opportunities for our girls to play beyond US college. The euro leagues are starting to provide opportunities for some of the best young players, but the NWSL is an absolute mess. As a result, in my opinion ("opinion" being the operative word) the CWNT has slogged on with familiar faces and a familiar style of play as the rest of the world is catching up fast and surpassing us with much more skill and technical abilities as we rely on "athleticism" and the hope that one or two world class players can have a moment of brilliance to get us through. I hope that changes as more opportunities open up over seas, and hopefully in our own back yard as the CPL grows.
  14. I'm not sure what you are saying? Out of 24 players, 8 are over 26, Leon and Zadorsky are 26, Beckie is 24 and the rest of the roster is 23 or younger (that's 13 players 23 or younger!) In the last year or two we've seen Grosso, Huitema, Rose, Carle, etc introduced into the first team. There are lots of new names introduced lately. Are you talking about there being little room for young players over the last few years to break into the team? I'm just wondering where you're coming from. (By the way, I do agree with the notion that young players are going to have to work to get onto this team). Just looking for clarity on your post!
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