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All-time Canadian players in MLS


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When I saw that the start of the article said "All-Time" I thought they were going to be ranking the Canadians who played in MLS. Turns out I had a different interpretation of that term.

Hell, I'll just rank my top 3 and posters can argument with it or expand upon it:

3. Yallop (player but more significantly as acoach

2. Onstad

1. DeRosario (has his critics, but a big occasion player in this league)

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^ Actually, IIRC, he played against Chivas in a game where half the team was gone to NT duty and the other half were hurt. It was a regular season game.


On the wikipedia entry I found it says Gaudet came in for Diaz Kambere who is also Canadian. So that's another one I guess.

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