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  1. Based on the skill of whoever made this list, I imagine the CPL could be ranked #1 or it could be ranked #12.
  2. I think one of the most interesting things is that I have yet to see a predictable dribble from Laryea. Whenever he's in a one on one situation, you don't know how he's going to get by the defender but he seems to do it every time. And he makes the defenders look foolish by doing so.
  3. At first I thought the headline was announcing that Chicago had signed a forward named Madison.
  4. Well, that Atlanta playoff game was won in spite of Bradley.
  5. DeLeon's shot was a scorcher, but I have no idea what Atlanta was doing on that play. If you watch the replay, there is one player that just stands there and watches him move away with the ball. After it goes in, the standing player, finding some new found energy, then runs to the ref and complains about something that happened earlier up the field.
  6. If the current Canadian MLS clubs ever join the CPL, it will mean the American economy has crashed and burned.
  7. If I'm Boyd, I don't walk without a good sized cheque. Who is going to sign up after this display for any where near what he was making with TFC?
  8. Should we be paying U21 players as much as senior team players? The U21 players are the top players in their respective group and they work just as hard as the senior team players. Not paying them just as much as the senior team simply because they are younger is age discrimination. Or do we pay the senior team players more because they are the ones that put butts in the seats and eyes on the TV screen? Should Sergio Busquets be paid just as much Messi? Both are arguably one of the best at their respective positions. Both have worked hard to get where they are. Both play for the same
  9. I've said this in other threads but Hamilton as a sub and Hamilton as a starter seemed to be two different players. Sub Hamilton would get himself in the right position to get those late goals. Starter Hamilton would disappear for large portions of the game. I want the guy to succeed, but a starting striker needs to at least have a presence on the field.
  10. Would you like to start in a process where you have a shot at 3.5 spots for the World Cup or would you like to start in a process where you have a shot at .5 spots? The countries that benefit from this are the big ones (Mexico, US), as they no longer have to worry about upsets in the earlier rounds. Maybe this allows them to play more money making friendlies against major countries as opposed to having to play a qualifier against Caribbean minnow #4.
  11. This would never fly in UEFA or CONMEBOL.
  12. I sometimes think that the coaching staff got too hung up getting all of their best players on the field instead of ensuring we had people playing the correct positions. They wanted David, Cavalini, Hoilett, and Davies all playing, which means some one is going to be playing out of position. If you want to play with a true LB and play with wingers/1 striker, then 1 of those guys has to get dropped to the bench.
  13. Just to point this out: Herdman didn't cause that idiotic first goal for Haiti. That's on the players. Herdman didn't cause the pk. I'm guessing Godinho didn't even know the 2nd player was there. That's the only logical explanation I have for that attempted clearance. Cavalini sub was still a bonehead decision. That's on him. Flashbacks of Hainault being brought on by Floro.
  14. 100% of those coaches have the letter "i" in their first names. I think we found the secret ingredient when it comes to coaching.
  15. I can find a number of national team coaches that have made poor decisions that are female or Canadian. Don't know if I've seen one that is both female and Canadian, but I'm sure there are some out there. Don't sell yourself short!
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