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  1. That picture shows both teams encroaching. Not sure what the result is if both teams do it.
  2. Mavinga's tackle that created the penalty was stupid, idiotic, amateurish, and totally unnecessary.
  3. I saw a lot of players going through the motions and that was it. I think the commentators were spot on when they said that these games are now a measuring stick for who should be kept for next year and most of the players were failing the test.
  4. Maybe Arfield prefers playing for Canada when we head to "tropical" countries. Have a little vacation while playing some soccer. Nashville and Toronto? No thanks. Mexico and Jamaica? Get me on that plane.
  5. I imagine they all read this board religiously and when they saw that a poster named ILuvCanFootball99! was concerned about a tweet, they immediately took it down.
  6. This is the first I've heard of this, so I don't really know all the facts and Google isn't helping me. But if they were out mingling with the general public, all got COVID, and then missed the USA and El Salvador game, this board would be up in arms. And rightfully so.
  7. Let's not make McKennie some kind of warrior against oppression. He was asked to play for the national team for around a week, and as part of that he was asked to stay in some kind of COVID bubble for 7ish days. Yes, the bubble may be overly cautious but its a risk/reward scenario. The risk here is that a good chunk of your roster gets infected and you can't field a team. And then you look like a bunch of dopes because all you had to do was avoid crowds for 7 days and wear some masks. How would we react if 6 of our guys couldn't play vs. El Salvador because they went out for dinner downtown and caught COVID from their waiter? This is all voluntary. You can't follow these rules, then don't come. It's that simple. **edit** I can't type.
  8. Is there any possibility that this was an agreement they had with Bayern all along? He plays verses Honduras and USA, sits for El Salvador, and we don't get any complaints when we call him up in October?
  9. My guess is that if the major European and South American countries started devoting time, effort, and money into the women's game that they would soon surpass the US and Canada. You are already starting to see it with some of the European countries.
  10. Shocking that the US strategy for the last part of the game was to consistently loft hopeful long balls down the field. My industrial men's team can do that as well.
  11. I don't disagree that it stinks that we didn't walk away from this with 3 points. All I'm saying that I'd rather do this in Game 1 then in Game 14 because there are no more games to make those points up at that point. 4 points is the bare minimum that we need from these first 3 games, but I was hoping for 5 or 6 (which is still possible).
  12. I look at it this way: If we are going to drop points in a game, I'd rather it be in game 1 then game 14. At least we have 13 games to make this up. Just ask the US about dropping points in the last game of 2018 qualifying.
  13. It's got to be a money or location thing. Maybe he doesn't want to leave the English leagues and views offers below x amount as insulting.
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