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  1. Of course not! Delgado runs and runs and runs. Have you ever seen a successful player not be a competent runner? I certainly haven't. Running is important.
  2. Should we be shocked by this? Would a hockey fan in England more likely watch an NHL game or an Elite Ice Hockey league game? And I say this as someone who watches TFC regularly.
  3. I think the big issue with Hamilton is that when ever he gets a chance to start, he seems to disappear. And I don't just mean on the score sheet, as he also seems to have very little impact on the game in general. But then a couple games later he comes in as a sub and scores a goal. Don't get me wrong, I want him to succeed, but he needs to become more of an impact player when he gets a start.
  4. Ciman has been dreadful in the games that I have watched. A competent CB should not be costing you a goal a game due to poor decision making.
  5. It is not very often that a goal causes me to stand up, put my hands on my head, and yell "What was that?!?" but that chip shot over the keeper from a dead stand still inside the 18 yard box by Pozuelo made me do that. I'll be honest and say I had no idea who this guy was and questioned TFC's judgement in signing him as the new DP but this performance pretty much shut me up. Guess that is why I watch the games at home and am not in TFC management. His passes were sublime too. Hopefully he can keep this type of level of play for the rest of the season (if that is humanly possible).
  6. Do we even know what caused this whole situation to start?
  7. Since they were playing New England, perhaps Akinola could have had a brief discussion with Teal Bunbury and asked Teal how things worked out for him.
  8. I was thinking more politically.
  9. I would imagine Larin has dreams of playing for one of the big clubs of Europe. He likely saw moving from the MLS to Turkey as a step in that direction, so I don't blame him for taking the opportunity. Besiktas is not Barcelona, so I would imagine he viewed himself as having a good chance to crack the starting lineup consistently. Also, I'm assuming he got a pay raise, so he likely viewed this as win-win, with the exception of living in Florida vs. living in Turkey. Hutch seems to be doing fine though.
  10. This. Minor soccer is a series of fiefdoms with busy bodies overseeing their territory who spend their days rule lawyering. One of the greatest days in my soccer administrative life was when my league got rid of the player card requirement and just used drivers licenses to prove your ID. Nothing says fun like having some cranky old lady denying your players card as valid because one guy's face in his photo is slightly off centre from the front. These aren't passports lady!
  11. Will those national team games make up for the ones they missed in the summer of 2018? ?
  12. So when TFC they were bringing in a player with a recognizable name in his prime, did they really mean Pozuelo? Or is he not a DP and is more a Vazquez replacement?
  13. I don't see how Alejandro Pozuelo has the name recognition that TFC was talking about earlier.
  14. Peter Crouch? He's got the dance moves.
  15. He could also end up taking a pay cut to play in the CPL with the understanding that he will be a coach afterwards. Then he gets fired as a coach when ownership decides to clean house and "move in a different direction" with their coaching staff. Neither is without its risk.
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