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How about spending all the money from the FIFA goal program on the Toronto stadium project for the architectural design. Now they are saying that the home base for the mens national team will be in Vancouver. Plus they cannot guarantee that the surface will be grass. Instead its looking likely that it will be field turf. With grass stadiums in Edm and van, and yallop's decision to play home games away from TO and have a home base in Van, there won't be any games at the new facility in TO. So essentially they have spent 650K to help build a stadium for the Argos. Or, they have just given 650K to the Argos. [:o)]

If they are going to set shop in Van, would'nt it have made sence to contribute the 650K to the Vancouver stadium project instead? In the end they just flushed the 650K down the toilet.

There would have been a greater benefit to soccer in canada by giving the 650$K to the Voyageurs [8D] instaed of giving it to the Argos

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1. No home games for 4 years. Significantly, few games with other Concacaf teams. It's nice to play Finland but how does that help us beat Guatemala?

2. Little pissy stadiums for home qualifyers. (Winnipeg (twice!!), Swanguard (only 7,000?!?!?!), Kingston (cute town but there were trees growing in the stadium))

3. Very childish attitude toward fans (no re-entry, no beer, no flags)

4. No promotion. You almost never hear Canadian MNT players touted in the media.

5. Worst gameday program ever (or maybe it was just that it was the same program I bought 2 years earlier.)

6. I believe we are the only civilized country on the planet that does not have our own pro league (I've read coverage of the Fijian league in World Soccer magazine for christ's sake.)

7. Not realizing that the U-19 women's popularity is based soley on band wagon jumping and peer pressure (you aren't cool if you are a teenage girl and you don't like soccer... but for how long?) They assumed that success would automatically translate into a MNT sellout in Kingston (which they didn't come close to).

Don't worry I'm just getting started.

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quote:Originally posted by Current Champ

7. Not realizing that the U-19 women's popularity is based soley on band wagon jumping and peer pressure (you aren't cool if you are a teenage girl and you don't like soccer... but for how long?) They assumed that success would automatically translate into a MNT sellout in Kingston (which they didn't come close to).

You mean it's not based on their creative movement of the ball up the field? God, now I am at a loss. I will give you credit though for criticizing women's soccer on this overly politically correct board. May the drum circle brigade have mercy on your soul. If you need sanctuary I have connections working underground that can whisk you to safety and a new life free from persecution.

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Hey! Don't get me in any more trouble than I'm already in. I didn't say anything bad about Women's soccer. I retract the word 'soley' as that was unfair, but womem's soccer popularity truly smacks of a fad and I know all about bandwagon jumping, as I live only a couple blocks from 17th Ave (the red mile).

I don't wish to offend with my opinions, and I have already been corrected a couple times, but someone has to stir the pot. If I can instigate debate on a cool, knowledgable board like this then maybe we can all learn something, including the CSA.

Anyway... I ain't afraid of no PC thugs. Besides, hasn't our civilization taken the left turn down the road to hell since political correctness became all the rage?

quote:Originally posted by Massive Attack

I'm no CSA booster, but complaining about no re-entry is assinine.

But what about when you brought a bunch of fireworks and you wanted to shoot them off at halftime? ;)

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CSA could always do better in terms of promotions and venues, as well as getting more exposure

to our team. When the games were in Winnipeg, very little promotions were done; the only one I saw was a small billboard on Isabel Street (hardly noticeable, nor in an area that should be target-marketed). And this issue of no friendlies in Canada for the past 4 years.

In Foxboro, the souvenir shops did not have any Canadian stuff but every other CONCACAF country

there (Costa Rica, USA, El Salvador, etc) had jerseys, scarves, etc. available.

We can always complain about the CSA as there is room for improvement, but I can also list a

few good things as well. The way I figure it, we as Voyageurs do our part and the CSA can do theirs. (The media is CSA's concern.)

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1. lack of facilities,

2. Failure to establish or convince others to establish a full

national pro league;

3. lack of promotion of A-league clubs;

4. No National Championships involving pro/semi pro teams;

5. No attempt at sending team to concacaf club championship;

6. Failure of women to qualify for Olympics and inadequate

preparation for the qualifying tournament;

7. Inadequate promotion and fundraising;

8. In the past treatment of certain players such as Hooper, Budalic

& Hargreaves etc.

9. Announcing shoe in for part of women's world cup (in Edmonton)

and then have to retract thus losing credibility;

10. Poor planning of games which result in games being played in

poor facilities. I can think of women playing on fieldturf with

football lines still visible and in Kingston men playing on turf

that was criticized.

11. Events that have ticketing problems and lack of promotional

material (posters etc) and gear at the events.

12. Varsity stadium unsure have negotiated a good deal for

soccer or whether soccer will have an optimal use of the

facility. Soccer doesn't seem to obtain any naming rights or

revenue despite government providing bulk of funding as it will

be used for soccer;

13. Generally average in all respects and in particular with the


On positive notes:

U23 World Cup fantastic performance;

U19 WWC in Edmonton and recent qualifying;

SWWC 4th place finish;

Yallop; establishment of Canada B National Team.

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Re: Alcohol at FIFA Games

Section 7.1 ® at page 13 of the Match Official Regulations:


"® The sale of alcohol and distribution of any drinks to the public in bottles and tins are strictly prohibited."

On the face of it, it appears alcohol is banned, however, with FIFA nothing is cut and dried, and it will be up to whomever FIFA appoints for each match, "the match Commisssioner", to work with the organizing committee to enforce the provisions to do what he/she thinks is okay. Ordinarily, though, the match Commissioner usually is more interested in receptions, shows up in the city just a few days before the event, and leaves everything in the hands of the organizing committee. It doesn't help that the wording is typically vague (and especially since the FIFA statutes say that if there is conflict between regulations in different languages, the English version prevails). There is a lot of "looking the other way" done in FIFA, especially in low security issue areas like Canada.

The organizing committe for the Commonwealth match is still currently planning to go ahead with the "VIP Package" for the beer tents, as well as the sale of alcohol to all sppectators in the concessions area in plastic cups. They are taking the view that the rule above only says that alcohol has to be sold in other than tins and bottles. This is not the interpretation in the most of the rest of the world, but, hey, vive la difference.

I have asked the organisers if they could alert us to any restrictions as to what can be brought into the stadium AND as to times of entry, and if I receive a response, I will pass it on.

The regulations can be interpreted (and have been enforced in some countries, to my own personal experience) to include banning the bringing in of any flags, and in some cases, anything that can't be worn and tossed.

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Well. It's cultural. Even crazy zonkers like you, K, don't get homicidal with alcohol ( I hope). But in most of the world, alcohol and football, or any public event, have proven to be a lethal combination. The policy of separating the two is usually very wise.

For example, In Colombia, they sell no alcohol at any public events, even if alcohol generally can be liberally sold anywhere and at anytime. Before any World Cup match in which Colombia is involved (even though it may be on the other side of the world) alcohol sales are banned three days before match day and on match day. The same thing applies to election days. It's called the "ley seca". The alcohol sections of the groceries are cordoned off with

yellow police tape.

I don't know if Swangard will follow the rules (they may take Commonwealth's interpretation). Theoretically, however, the rules are supposed to be applied universally.

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