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  1. There are no real pubs in Vancouver. There are restaurants that act as pubs but very few actual pubs. A few pubs downtown that cater to the tourist market such as Doolins and lessor extent Irish Heather but no pubs outside the downtown core that are true pubs where locals from young to older gather. You find restaurants that allow drinking and may have a bar area within their restaurant.
  2. Its hard to believe the stadium cost 15 million. I would definitely like to come and see the stadium. I would think if one had a basic terrace with no seats you could get that for about 1 million for 4,000 people. I would think they should remove all the seating otherwise the people above may have difficulty seeing.
  3. the terrace does not look very steep, are you able to see the pitch very well
  4. Its fantastic that they have invested so much in soccer. I cannot get that excited though, no waterfront stadium until 2016, playing on fieldturf in a stad with upper tier filled in. Seems like the standard old compromise and not doing it right from the beginning.
  5. To deal with the CSA. They need to look into what is best for Canadian elite soccer and if there demands are not meant not to play. They need to do their own research on what is best structure that will help them in the long run.
  6. Maybe its time that we as Voyageurs get more active in protesting against the CSA and mediocrity in Canadian Soccer. Are we to wait another 20 years until action is taken or will Voyageurs remain a forum based form of protest movement and is this enough to effect change. We need to get out there, protest in front of the CSA House in Ottawa, find out how much that house is worth, you tube posting, letters to Fifa, Members of Parliament, video you tube interviews of the Sports Minister etc. etc. Peaceful protests and more active journalism.
  7. Saputo, Kerfoot and Melynk should all work together for a Canadian League. Imagine owning a whole league rather than 1 team in Mls. What if Vancouver doesn't get in to Mls and has to wait several years to get into MLS then they are stuck in the USL and they could be in a Canadian League. If Montreal goes into MLS it further reduces the chances of a Canadian League and the same if Vancouver gets in and Montreal doesn't. There are new sports channels opening up in Canada and perfect time to get this new league on the television on a regular basis. I think they should all work together in expanding. Melynk should start a team in USL in Ottawa, Kerfoot in Victoria and or Alberta. Saputo in Halifax then once the teams are operating then merge the teams into a Canadian league. Mls may survive but will the new entrants be able to recoup the money. Is soccer ever going to catch on in America? It maybe more successful in Canada then USA. Maybe the only thing that will make money is the pyramid scheme whereby as long as new teams enter and pay more money then every one is happy but are clubs making money on their own? Are tv viewership increasing? I wouldn't rule out a Canadian League we just need the confidence to get it done.
  8. and Montreal? Mls fees will be considerably higher, another 8 million. What about the transportation costs. What happens if Vancouver gets Mls but Montreal doesn't. Does it make sense for Montreal and Vancouver to collaborate on a Canadian league? To promote this concept perhaps Vancouver and Montreal owners should set up new USL clubs in other Canadian cities.
  9. He must be new to Canadian soccer. The CSA doesn't have the money to hire anything like, name a well known Euro Manager, as it would take up 80% of their budget. Who is going to invest/donate/sponsor the CsA with their record of bureaucratic mediocrity. Where is the vision for sponsors to come on board.
  10. to VpJr Why not schedule a meeting in Toronto and invite some leading clubs from BC, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec and also invite Kerfoot and Saputo and a Canadian National Team Rep. Discuss your idea of forming a new Federation with a more manageable and democratic structure. State that your proposal will have a smaller board with full time paid CEO. All clubs would have a vote provided that they had a high performance mandate. Ask them whether they would be interested in funding the new venture. State the reasons why such a new organization is required. 20 years of unfilled promises from the CSA, the fact that the organization has no credibility with clubs throughout Canada and no one can trust the organization. It is damaging to soccer in Canada and this damage also impacts on the general support and credibility of soccer in general which ultimately reflects back on the pro clubs. This organization then would support high end competitions abroad and training camps for the elite clubs. I would think in the meantime it would be advisable for the national team players to concentrate on their club soccer until the issue of which organization should represent the national teams. Perhaps the Voyageurs could help out with your initial expenses of hiring a boardroom and catering etc. and any help you may need with administration etc. to present your proposal.
  11. I just read the CSA's strategic plan and I have never read such an awful document in my life. No plan and full of bureaucratic fluff. Must have been thrown together to stop calls for change after 20 years of failing to have the Senior Men reach the world cup. A elementary student could have produced something better. A lot of pictures of kids and registration no.'s increasing. A lot of bullets in strategic plan of fostering relations with Fifa and Sport Canada. How is increasing relations with Fifa and Sport Canada going to make us more competitive at soccer. How about hiring more international coaches, a league etc. that would be a good strategic plan. Here is the vision statement at the end and I cannot even make it out as the wording is so bad: Our vision is one whereby the Association envisions each priority with the same spirit, whether at the recreational level or the performance-based level, and for our national teams at the developmental level and at senior level. It is so sad that we have to put up with such an organization. Also no offence to the Yukon and NWT but do they need reps from these regions? Should a Sports organization model the country and if so maybe we should have a senate and supreme court built into the organization. A Sports Organization should be run like a company and not a country. It should be about shareholders (Clubs) and Directors and Officer appointed by the shareholders.
  12. I think Ken Read former President of Alpine would die laughing at the CSA's mediocre mission statement: Note the conflict in the CSA mission for excellence to recreational. Note, how the CSA is afraid to say WIN, its not a dirty word. CSA Statement: "Leading Canada to victory and to Canadian to a life-long passion for soccer" Values ...A Positive Soccer Environment Alpine Canada OUR VISION Established in November 2003 through a unanimous acceptance of the organization’s “Vision for the day after the 2010 Games”, Alpine Canada Alpin has established our principles to guide the “national mission” for the leadership of Canadian ski racing: Deliver the human, technical and financial resources for the athletes of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team and the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team, required for athletic leadership in World Cup, World Championship and Olympic/Paralympic competition. Build our success on the relentless pursuit of excellence, transforming the Canadian ski racing system, to incorporate this philosophy through coaching education, leadership, and enriched environment for athletes from the entry level to the Olympic and Paralympic Teams. Aim to win at least 4 medals at the 2010 Olympics and 17 at the Paralympics, with 75% of Canadian results at the 2010 Games being in the top 12. Develop a sustainable athlete development system that ensures we will continue to deliver podium results in alpine ski racing. OUR MISSION Win. Build Canadian pride in our athletes, our coaches, our programs and our system through international success in World Cup, Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship competition. Create for Canada, the best alpine ski racing athletes in the world; male and female athletes who will consistently achieve internationally recognized podium results. Build a sustainable, world-class athlete development system, through relentless effort to offer “best in the world” standards and delivery “at every level” for training and competition. As the National Governing Body for ski racing in Canada, to fulfill the mandate of leadership for excellence and sport participation through organizing, governing and regulating all levels of participation, from the entry level to the Olympic and Paralympic Team. Give athletes at all levels of competition the opportunity to experience our sport and to develop as good skiers, good citizens and advocates of amateur sports. OUR OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLES Alpine Canada Alpin is a performance-centered, athlete-focused organization, demonstrating leadership through: The development of superior programs which ensure athletes at every level are provided with the training environment to succeed and strong leadership within our High Performance Programs which strive to meet and exceed international standards at all levels. The planning, development, and execution of outstanding events. External relations with agencies who value Alpine Canada Alpin as a reliable and valued partner. Management of the business of ski racing on sound financial principles, transparent processes, and exceeding the expectations of our commercial partners and within acceptable risk. Continuous investment in human resources, to ensure we attract the best possible people to work within Canadian ski racing. A priority to public relations and media, to ensure the story of Canadian ski racing is told. Leading Canadian ski racing through the principles of openness, transparency, accountability and respect.
  13. hat needs to be done here is. Have the players revolt and not play for the current CSA. They would play for a new organization that would have a specific mission of elite soccer development and sending Canada to the World Cup and no other goals. No wish washy goal of participation or mass registration. The new organization would not be about Provinces or Provincial Reps etc, but about clubs that were in the business of producing top athletes. Elite soccer clubs that wanted to join the new organization could. Have a small board of directors that would be directly elected by the members of the different clubs. If you have a grievance then the board would know that they in the future would be accountable to that member unlike the current CSA set up. Perhaps some clubs such as pro clubs or national team members would have more votes. The old CSA could still be involved in recreational soccer. The new CSA would represent the National Teams and the elite clubs. The old Csa can keep their dysfunctional system. We need to have the players on board such that they will not play for the old CSA and would welcome to play for a restructured organization that had as its core a mission of development of elite soccer and the success of the national teams. Also they would play for an organization that had a simple and democratic structure and a smaller more focused board of directors. There would be a CEO and a small board.
  14. It seems that the guys at Sporstnet are defending the CSA, I wonder whether they have been instructed so by the CSA brass. Both soccer blogs are stating that cannot change CSA. We have to be satisfied with what we have got. Bull****. I much prefer Ben Knight's blogs cause he doesn't have contract with the CSA.
  15. What happened then with the Crawford report in Australia? They did a review of their association amongst allegation of corruption and incompetency and then a report recommended a new federation be created. I don't believe Fifa ever intervened against the Crawford report and Australia. What Fifa is against is day to day meddling of a government in an association for political reasons not a fundamental reviews and recommendations by an independent panel appointed by the government. You will never be able to change the CSA from within. I agree with Ben Knight that the organization's structure of governance which is the problem. No matter how much good will within the organization is to change it will be impossible to change or change in the future as a result of its archaic and political structure.
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