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  • NSXI - Interview with Vancouver Island FC Inaugural Signing Alexis McKinty

    New WPSL expansion club, Vancouver Island FC announced their first three signings in club history on April 19th. Three players were named to the roster: Liz Gregg, Mariel Solsberg, and Alexis McKinty. Coached by Neil Sedgwick and Wes Barrett, the first tryouts were held on April 1st and the club has two more tryouts scheduled for late April. 

    Liz Gregg joins VIFC with a wealth of professional football experience including multiple seasons abroad with Doncaster Rovers Belles.


    Continue reading on the NSXI Network.

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    • A few snippets of info in recent days: possibly point to the League One people making some changes to head the potential D2 off at the pass, but we'll see what unfolds over the next few months. Not sure what it says about the Forge if that info about there being a TFC affiliate in Hamilton as the local D3 entry is accurate, but I guess they effectively have Sigma as their affiliate at that level and tapping into the core of the GTA would be a rational strategy even without the Smyrniotis family angle.
    • you buy a very big t-shirt and put it over your jacket lol
    • Thing is, he's a great guy, weight or not. He's the owner of Valladolid who relegated last year, and I'd say he does a decent job with the club. 
    • To be honest that is a staggering. Those numbers are pretty damning to the CPL, I guess that in the scheme of things, being a new league interest will be low. In the UK, being the most supported sport it is just new to me that interest would be so low. In the UK, the 4th tier of English football would average around 5000 fans per game.   Certainly of interest. Academies are such an essential part of youth opportunity and aspiration. The levels of academies vs club level are night and day in the UK. The path is clearly set out as a youngster in the UK. Club level > Academy Level > Youth Pro > Full Pro. I wonder how visual a path is set out for young Canadian players?   Alphonso Davies, for me, is one of the best attacking full backs in the world. Phenomenal talent at such a tender age playing for one of the biggest clubs. My assumption would be that there is interest in Bayern Munich as he is arguably Canada's biggest name player?     Thank you for such a comprehensive overview. I have been working to understand more about the CPL. Watching the Cavalry vs Pacific game the other day, I was surprised to see unfilled seats in the stadium. The game today between HFX and Forge I am really looking forward to as it could change the scope of the league. The standard of the league would be comparable to our League Football in the UK. I can imagine that the CPL could attract many young players from the UK looking for opportunities abroad as I was.    The community on this forum have been insightful and knowledgable about football, with understanding of football and the league the standard will only improve. I would love to see the clubs competing for TV coverage and replicating numbers of the MLS. What a day that would be.
    • Big question: How do I wear red when my winter coat is blue?
    • https://dailyhive.com/toronto/brampton-cricket-soccer-stadium ... Although the City Council documents focus almost entirely on cricket, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown spoke to the other planned uses during his weekly press conference on Wednesday. “The proposal from staff is for a multi-purpose facility,” Brown said. “I know some of the headlines said ‘cricket stadium’ but the instruction from Council is a multi-purposed facility, so it would be cricket, field hockey, and soccer.” ... Sheffield United's ground in England was also a cricket stadium up to the 1970s so sharing between the sports isn't unheard of. Think Northampton Town was another example.
    • Do any Canadian cities really need inspections? Maybe Toronto since it wasn't a venue for the 2015 WWC. Vancouver and Edmonton are well known to FIFA at this stage. My opinion is that between the IOC and FIFA city inspections are a straight up grift. No need to inspect Canada and Mexico as there are no competitors to out bribe. Not much new in this article out of Vancouver today: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/2026-fifa-world-cup-vancouver-consideration Some speculation about Vancouver fitting well for reasons that make sense and a small nugget at the end. "In a statement to Daily Hive Offside earlier this month, the BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport said, “The Province continues to discuss the opportunity to host the FIFA 2026 World Cup at BC Place with event organizers; however, no decisions have been made.”  
    • Rumors were floating around two years ago that CEO Mohamad Fakih of Paramount Fine Foods was expressing interest in bringing a CPL team to Mississauga by 2020? You need to know that Covid-19 disrupted the process in Mississauga, which also included the stadium's funding. I don't know if he's still in the running, but a soccer podcaster reported that Fakih was speaking directly to the CPL. This is all I know, from what I remembered. ^^^This guy has what could politely be described as a mixed track record on inside info but think he did leak the info about Spruce Meadows being the location for the Calgary team on here much to the chagrin of certain other people.
    • At a game I actually attended on Friday afternoon, Shaan Hundal had a brace in CF Ft. Lauderdale's 2-1 victory at TFC II in their final match of the season. 
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