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  1. No. This is the kid from BTB (been in the program since he was 8 years old). Trained with FC Edmonton Academy for 2-3 months before deciding to move on. He was training/trial with the FCE first team for 3 -4 weeks prior to the start of CPL. 4-5 other BTB boys were also helping FCE with their training prior to the bubble.
  2. Anyone else frustrated with all the talk this team is doing with the lack of walk that comes with it? In a match last night that a minimum 2-0 scoreline was required there was maybe 1 chance created up until the 66th minute. All the 'big time' attacking players on the pitch did nothing all game. Lack of passion and desire from the attacking 3-4 players. Soria and Marcelin had to cover ground for 3-4 players and were absolutely gassed by the end of the game. Randy, probably one of the highest paid players in the league was coasting from what I saw. It was funny as I heard the following comments in the stands by people in Edmonton who are respected in the soccer community: "spends more time arguing with teammates and refs then he does trying to be productive" "look he's fake defending" directed at the lack of effort and laziness shown while his team was pressing "should have been subbed off at the half" when he was subbed off "what a waste of a signing if this is what he's bringing to the table" I'll be the first to say that I really thought this guy had the potential to be a star in the league but is doing nothing to show it. Son was in front of my eyes told off by a supporter who was so frustrated at the consistent lack of a touch he's shown over the last few games that security had to step in to remove the fan. Tomi for a captain is practically invisible on the pitch. I've heard more out of Powley, Ramon, Kareem to try and get their guys going. I also think that the coaching staff really needs to start looking at themselves in terms of player selection. I watch training sessions and the players on the bench or not dressed dominate the players that have been playing. They are young, eager, and have a point to prove. For me they will at least show passion and from every game I have seen it is these young guys that consistently provide the spark when they are brought on. So much talk has come from the staff about local product and their chemistry together but we have yet to see it. If we are going to lose the league anyways, I'd rather do it watching guys that care, and are playing the style that is being preached as opposed to so called professionals that seem to be going through motions to collect a paycheck. Starting 11 next match should be 3-5-2 (James GK, Moses, Didic, Soria, Esua, Khabra, Marcelin, Allen Zebie, Bruno Zebie, Ongaro, Velado)
  3. Fair enough. At least it's nice to see that we have multiple players that can play in more than 1 position this season. I see a lot of variations of a 4-3-3 from Jeff and his staff. We will need at least one more CB.
  4. Mortotsi will be higher up the pitch than that. Look for Allen and Yongchan as the two work horses in the middle. They'll be non stop pressing and closing down the ball. Hopefully they bring in a LB...............also look for mortotsi to be one of the better players in that roster this coming season.
  5. Edem has physically gotten stronger and much faster since his last stint with FCE when he was a 19,20 year old. He also did not get along or fit into Colin's playing style and went on trials in Sweden, he ended up picking up a serious achilles injury prior to signing a contract in Sweden and has been rehabbing and training hard for a moment like this. Edem will shock the league with his play this upcoming season.
  6. Hanson is still a fantastic talent. His reputation and lack of maturity obviously hurt him. He was the guy that would save Canadian soccer before Davies came into the mix............funny thing is they both come from the same background, Liberian/Canadian, grew up in similar circumstances in Edmonton, very similar youth systems in terms of clubs, schools, provincial programs etc...................the biggest difference and what contributed to Hansons' lack of maturity was the people that surrounded him.............great people but they got his head too big, hyped him up way too much, celebrated and cheered on a nutmeg even though the rest of the game Hanson did nothing to contribute to his development...........I think leaving FC was the best thing for him, I think him struggling over the past year will help him both realize that he still has a lot to do and humble him a bit................imagine a national team with Hanson and Davies on the wings, with that creativity, flare, speed and skill.........as a fan that would be must watch soccer.
  7. If you are under the age of 18 in Canada your obtaining a citizenship is based on your parents success during their citizenship test. His parents were not successful (more than once), I believe most likely due to language barriers and now have to go through a very tedious process of why there is such a language barrier for someone that has lived and worked here for years. That being said there are special circumstances in which a minor can have his/her file removed from their parents and they can obtain citizenship alone. This is the case of Davies, however, this also has to go through the proper legal and federal government channels. I do know that it is close to being done and he was gutted that it couldn't be complete before the U20's.
  8. I think a lot of this is based on his performances at the combine. I watched 2 of the games Shamit played in and I agree there were moments were he did not look like a top 10 prospect at all, but there were moments where his vision, and movement off the ball are exactly what teams need from a cm player. Can we really judge his MLS future on a few combine games playing with guys he's never even seen before? I think a real sense of what Shamit brings comes from watching him play for FC Edmonton and the National teams. He is a piece to a teams puzzle, put him in a USL squad, let him develop and if it goes well in a few years he's a stud, if not then has that team really lost anything. The potential is there and its scary good.
  9. The way it works if you are 18 years or younger is that the mother/father must apply, complete the test and obtain citizenship, the child will then automatically receive theirs. His parents have had complications so therefor Alphonso now has 2 options; 1. Wait until he is 18, apply on his own, complete a test and receive his citizenship. or 2. CSA/Whitecaps can intervene/hire a lawyer that will prove it is not his fault that his parents have had complications and that him receiving citizenship before 18 is helpful for him, and that he can be a valuable member and contributor to Canada. The latter should be a very easy plea considering at 15 he is already a professional athlete and playing for Canada in international competition is a dream of his. Hopefully the Whitecaps and CSA are on top of things. To my understanding this has been done for other athletes in Canada, only difference is that they were already 18+ years of age, they just had their process expedited. On a side note, is there any rules to having players like him, and Tabla for instance invited to these 1st team camps but not to participate or be on the match roster? I think this would be a great way to integrate them into the men's team and a chance for coaching staff to see how they measure up.
  10. He is eligible for citizenship, however under immigration law, because he is under 18 years of age, his parents need to pass the immigration test in order for the entire family to obtain citizenship. Not entirely sure what the wait is but I'm sure Alphonso will get his citizenship before any youth qualifiers or world cup matches. There are "special" circumstances in which they will allow a person younger than 18 years of age to go out and write the test on their own or just obtain citizenship if deemed being able to benefit Canada. I think this might be one of those cases. ......................This is only based on things I've read about immigration system and athletes in Canada, I'm by no means an expert on this so I could be way off.
  11. I've been saying for a while that this kid is the real deal and I think yesterday was another step in the right direction. I think we have to give major props to Carl Robinson for taking a chance on a 15 year old in that game and allowing him to play through mistakes and improve throughout the game. I don't know if he will get an MLS contract this year but I wouldnt' be surprised if he gets one in the off season................................I think it is safe to say he is the best player in the Country for his age group, and i'm not too aware of other countries but for a 15 year old can we put him in discussions as one of the top in North America? Is that something Canada has ever had, i feel even with the hype of others before him, alphonso seems to be more of a complete package type palyer than petrasso, bustos, boakai etc during their come up (just opinion not fact so don't crucify me).
  12. on his way to ottawa.....................
  13. Huge bummer. As far as Jalali i can say with 100% confidence that his time at the club is over. Mallan is hard to tell, there is still time to mend things i'm sure, but a few rumours have him potentially getting loaned out/traded (thats a rumor right now though).
  14. Got about 15 minutes of play in his first team debut and did not at all look out of place. If anything brought a different dynamic to the whitecaps style of play. Robinson should take the risk and put in in the starting 11 for the 2nd leg, even though they need the result he should roll the dice.
  15. Jalali is not injured. To the extent of my knowledge he asked for a release from the club and this is being negotiated between his agent and Miller. I don't blame the kid because it seems no matter how well he plays Miller wont' give him the chance unless they've got tons of injuries. No sense in him rotting on the bench and I think he knows that his window is closing so he is looking elsewhere. The other notable not on the bench is Mallan Roberts. With him it is as simple as Miller being stubborn and not playing a guy that wants to wait until after the season to negotiate terms of his contract. Seems the logical thing to do for an athlete to try and have a breakout year and earn some more money (i.e. Lance Laing), thus Mallan has been frozen out. Really goes a long way to show how Miller treats the local academy products, lots of hype and treated like gold when they first step in and then left to rot...................hopefully shome can change the trend.
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