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MLS matches that exclusively involve American teams


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Was just watching DC vs New England on repeat and it was way better than any of the three matches involving the Canadians teams this weekend. I noticed this before with other matches on DAZN that exclusively involve American MLS clubs. The action is smooth, the decision making is sound, players are composed and astute. Am I wrong in this assessment?

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Part of the problem is that basically all 3 Canadian clubs are in a rebuilding phase.

Also Vancouver is the worst team in the league.

TFC weren't even ready for the start of season. They don't even have a full roster of players yet. They have been getting results because of good coaching and the kids taking turns stepping up. Plus they signed a striker that can score.

Not sure if this is relevant. But one thing I noticed about the better US based MLS clubs is that they don't play a lot of domestic players. NYCFC started with 2 Americans yesterday. Philly had the same amount v Montreal. This might also be a reason why the USMNT seems to have slipped as well.

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