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Game in Canada fall 2021

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It all depends on what the government wants to do. Is there any limit on how many variants can crop up? At what point do they just get on with it and treat it like any other coronavirus? Do they have any incentive to just get on with it? Hard to tell where or when it all ends, but I don’t see a policy change from the government any time soon.

That means no games for Canada on home soil. We’re at the mercy of Health Canada. 

It may hinge on when and if they are satisfied with the quantity of vaccine injections. 

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I personally believe taking my personal views out of the equation. We will not have a game in Canada until the OCT. We need to get there first. The cross over game "could" happen but once our government commits to these payouts which i think now goes to September, to me that just signals their plans. Im not sure when the election takes place, likely before that but I think the cross over is June so Concacaf will need to plan so.... OCT in Canada, nothing before, that's my final answer 

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