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Barrie's Grassroots Soccer Movement

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Awesome! Hopefully they can not only be competitive on the field, but also draw fans out to games. I would love it if our D3 leagues could act like a proving ground for teams like USL is in the USA, so they can drive further expansion to the CPL.

In the nearer term, it’s just great to expand the geographical footprint of L1O to give opportunities to more kids. Best of luck Barrie!

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Received the above press release via email as one of my boys is with a Barrie Soccer club rep team. So, lots of locals will know about this launch. I don't think it's stated anywhere on the club's website, but 1812 refers to when Barrie was settled during the War of 1812. Looking forward to next summer!

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Article says the club will play at J Massie Field at Georgian College.  I looked it over from Google Earth.  It does have a lot of seats for L1O.  Artificial turf with gridiron lines is also not unusual for L1O.  


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First hint of a player.

"the club reportedly has a few players committed to the side already, and one of them has clocked in over fifty appearances for Toronto FC. Over the next few months, Raco says the club will engage the community by unveiling some of 1812 FC’s inaugural signings."

If wikipedia can be believed, there are about 45 players that have played over 50 times for TFC. 9 of them are current players, so they are likely out. Of the other 36 players, the following are Canadian (which I assume makes them more likely, but you never know, maybe some others made a home in the area if their pro playing days were over).

Terry Dunfield, Adrian Cann, Tosaint Ricketts, Jordan Hamilton, Nana Attakora, Jay Chapman, Doneil Henry, Julian De Guzman, Jim Brennan, Dwayne De Rosario, Ashtone Morgan.

From that list I would say the most likely are Adrian Cann, Terry Dunfield, Nana Attakora, in that order. Last I heard of Adrian Cann he was playing in that indoor soccer team in Toronto. Terry Dunfield I think was playing in the match fixing CSL which would probably be a similar level to L1O. Nana Attakora is playing in NISA in the USA, which I think also would probably be no better than L1O.

Source for players with 50 or more appearances: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Toronto_FC_players

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