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  1. Buzzing and so excited for tomorrow.If anyone goes to the game be sure to stop by and say hello.
  2. It hasnt been straight sailing but how many clubs have got started by a post on reddit.
  3. Cant actually wait for Sunday.There have been so many ups and downs to this project but this will still be unique in soccer culture in this country.This all started by a couple of fans looking for a team to cheer in their locality and on Sunday that will happen. If anyone is in the Vaughan area please come along and help support local soccer.
  4. Absolultely buzzing with excitement for our first game.Barrie's one and only high performance soccer team.
  5. Very excited for our first game.It shows you what can happen when you give something to try.Pretty sure one of my very first post on this forum was asking advice on how to start a supporters club that would push for a team.Now very shortly i will get to see that team play.
  6. Its a not for profit so nobody owns any of it but we as a supporters club have our say in the club.
  7. https://1812fc.com/1812-fc-announce-partnership-with-anb-futbol-academy/ Great news for the club
  8. https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1162597
  9. 1812 FC will be based out of Barrie and will represent all the youth soccer teams from across Huronia. 1812 has partnered with Innisfil soccer club(neighbouring area) as their youth club but will be based out of Barrie.Like Scrosoppi FC(Milton) youth team is Brampton.I should ask the mods/admins to remove it.
  10. @hamiltonfanare you going to change the name?
  11. This is a good place to start After the first reddit post we decided to try a petition,thanks to many on here that signed it. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-professional-soccer-to-barrie
  12. Probaly best off to have all further conversations on the new 1812FC Barrie topic.
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