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  1. That is an awesome resource. Thanks very much
  2. Hello guys, I am trying to do some research and fact finding on the league. I was wondering about attendances. What would you guys say the average attendance at games are? Who has the highest and lowest attendances? What is the highest attendance you have seen at a L1O game. Thanks in advance.
  3. Actually now that I think of it you dont. A lot of my friends/family back home in Ireland were able to listen to it
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-112-ontario-morning-from-cbc-radio?fbclid=IwAR0w9qPmMBD0IjpUm5aFWq1cVQ_V7UuMPxGyUfo4LEmkKi1b-2yCbQG6VQw Weds dec 18th part 1 at 41.40
  5. https://www.barrietoday.com/local-sports/kempenfelt-crew-kicking-up-support-to-bring-professional-soccer-to-the-city-1964587
  6. BarrieCityFC


    I love my Dazn. I was tired of getting ripped off by shaw/bell and rogers and decided to cut the cord a few years back with missing my soccer fix being the hardest and relying on dodgy streams until i got Dazn. I dont really watch sports other than soccer and I find DAZN brilliant.It has all the Premier League,Champions League,Europa League and the MLS with lots of Italian,Spanish,Japanese and load of other soccer.Its basically the netflix of sports.I really like the way games stay on there for about a week giving me plenty of time to watch as much soccer as i can. Personally i cant stand most tv programs.movies other than factual documentaries and when my wife starts watch her dreadful tv shows/movies i can slip off to the spare tv and immerse myself in a game or two.
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