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  1. I do want to respond to one of UT's previous comments about a waiter placing the knife on the wrong side of the spoon. I don't think Forge's seating plan for next year is quite that bad. That would make me question dining at the restaurant whereas I will continue to support Forge. Seriously though, having been on the east side for a nation's league match, the one downside not yet mentioned of not being on the west is I felt somewhat cut off from the BSB supporters group. On the west, we had a great view of them and could hear them clearly. On the east side, not only couldn't we see them but we couldn't hear them as clearly either ( we were approximately at mid-field). For the TiCats labour day game we were on the east but any hot, sunny summer days we always choose the west for CFL. As for sightlines, they are the same. But, I like being close to the players bench to see more closely the interactions amongst players and to see the coach's antics. Sure, all first world problems. My last point: I do think Forge is handling this very well. Email to season seat holders. Allowing us to "test drive" alternate seats in the remaining matches this year. Upgrades to seats at no extra cost. They are doing a professional job of this.
  2. I've received the email regarding Forge's change of seating next year, so it's true. Part of the rationale is that fans who were surveyed after the Antigua and CD Olympia matches indicated they thought there was a better atmosphere when we were all on the east side (other than club seats on the west). I selected our seasons seats on the west for several reasons so although I understand this decision am not happy about it. But I don't like change. Does this also mean Forge doesn't think they'll get more than 7,000 or so to games next year? This is a bit disheartening.
  3. We called our Forge rep to get two tickets to a game for which TicketMaster had almost no seats available, and we got two seats right beside ours. Were they seasons seats held by a corporate holder who couldn't move the tickets so made them available through the club? I don't know, but I do know what it's like to give away tickets held corporately, and it's far more difficult than you may think. It's not just about demand, it's also about did you reach out to the right person at the right time. If I was not a seasons ticket holder and wanted to go to the game I'd head to TM to purchase. Seeing none available, I wouldn't think of contacting the club, so I'd end up not going to the match. Is this suppressing actual paid attendance? Probably not much, but for the recent visit by Calgary it may have.
  4. For those in Winnipeg, you may find it interesting that THF has more seats between the goal lines (in CFL terms) than does IGF. I think this also means for CFL that Hamilton has higher average ticket prices. The capacity for Forge matches is about 10,600 including club seats, where one can go inside to get out of the elements. I think the announced attendance for the Cavalry match was reasonable for how many people were actually there. Now as for Ticketmaster, it showed almost no tickets for sale for the match, meaning tickets "distributed" were over 10,000 unless someone else knows better how the whole ticket racket really works. Hence, the announced attendance of 6,800 is not tickets distributed. As for the above screenshot, I'm pretty sure I was in the concourse on the west side at that time, waiting for the rain to stop. Maybe I should buy tickets on the east side next year so attendance will look closer to announced.
  5. I don't want to be too picky, but this is not confirmation. It is the Forbes writer's opinion. Yes, based likely on the interview with Friend, but it's not a quote of Friend. I do think expansion is not likely until 2021 as we've not heard any announcements of teams yet for 2020 and it's getting closer to that having to happen. Ottawa? Who knows what's happening out of the public's view.
  6. Note to Premier Ford, anyone in Ontario needing a heart stress test should have been given a ticket to that game. While Forge certainly had their chances, I don't know how many times a ball went sailing through our goal area and we expected an Olimpia player to be there and just tap it in. Funny to see the highlights and not see the Olimpia shot that dribbled just outside the post. It was NOT a relaxing game to be at. I thought Frano was an early player of the match for Forge, until he gave up the penalty. He was breaking up so many plays through midfield. And about that penalty, so happy the ref didn't have it replayed for Henry's movement from the line. Nowak (I've decided to spell it with a "w" even though I pronounce it as"v") did look gassed as the game went on but you can't expect a centre forward to be the only one pressing and not run out of steam. I recorded the game on TSN but only watched a little bit when we got home. Not impressed with having a US feed. Nice temperature of 78 at kickoff, but I thought being at the game a while back when it was 37 was oppressive. And, did you know, Forge's gk Henry is from Ontario. And the half-time show is about rivalry between Toronto FC and Montreal Impact with no Forge-Olimpia match discussion. Maybe I should just be happy that the match was televised.
  7. ^^Paul, is that you? (Stanley)
  8. According to Ticketmaster this morning, the east side stand (lower part) and club seats on the west (the only two areas opened for this match) are sold out? That would make it about 5,000 tickets sold, sorry that should be distributed;) We have our seats in 115 instead of our usual 104. Bob Young, TiCats/Forge owner, sent out a video about the match, how historic it is. Can't help but feel excited and really looking forward to this match.
  9. I'm more relieved than happy right now, that second half was almost entirely about defending. I kept thinking Antigua were going to score. I wanted to walk away from the TV and leave the room, but couldn't take my eyes off of it. I think by the end of the game Forge may only have had about 30% possession. But, bring on Olimpia!
  10. I do like Nowak's hold up play, but fear another yellow is coming soon as Forge are committing (getting called for) so many fouls.
  11. Not so much in favour of free tix, but prefer to see discounted tix to specific groups. Either way, get more people out to see the games and hopefully come back to pay full pop. I will say that after we had a chance to think more about the game, we feel it was the most entertaining one we've seen Forge play. We were moved from our regular seats to Club seats, which were nice. Instead of $7 sausage I got a $15 panini, so that didn't work out so well. We still went for the $5 beers prior to kick off. Now, if Forge decided to give freebies to anyone travelling more than 150kms to a game, I'd think that's a good idea!
  12. Not good to lose Welshman, but rumours had been flying so I've been able to adjust to the news in advance. At least Nowak is back. The addition of Edgar would seem good, although I agree that it's a striker we were missing already.
  13. What a game last night! Really enjoyed it. Wasn't sure what to expect from Antigua, but they were fast and very dangerous. Their first goal was well-taken and would have been very difficult to stop. Was surprised (pleasantly) at the size of the crowd. It was fun to have a fair number of away fans there too. The BSB were doing themselves proud: singing and waving flags throughout the game. Unfortunately, their one cheer of "the referee's a wanker" got way too much practice. There's no way I could do a decent job of refereeing, but then again I don't put on the official's uniform. Although it would mean the end of the CPL season, I'm starting to look forward to winter. Hopefully, less road construction. Ridiculous traffic jams on the Skyway and then again on the 400.
  14. Anthony Nowak is warming up! Haven't seen lineups yet so don't know if starting or bench. Edit: just saw Narduch's post. Must be on the bench, but good to see him.
  15. You should dial back your expectations regarding crowd size for this match. I hope there's over 3k but wouldn't be surprised if there is less. We got a call to see if we would move seats as I think they're shutting down some sections that are open for CPL play.
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