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  1. Great idea but before I got to the description of what the boot was I assumed it was something to do with the highest goal scorer (individual). That's the immediate connotation I had with boot.
  2. Received the email from Forge FC re Feb 27th kit unveiling from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  3. I don't know much about loans from MLS, but in Europe, loans are a negotiation between two teams. Sometimes very little of the player's wages are picked up by the team bringing him in on loan. Whatever the two parties agree to would be the loan terms: wages, length of loan, expectations of playing time, etc. So, it may be that loans wouldn't hit the salary cap much at all, meaning young Canadians in MLS could indeed be loaned to CPL clubs.
  4. Regarding FIFA and precedents, FIFA is based in Switzerland where they have civil law not common law. Our (Canadian ex-Quebec) understanding of legal matters may not hold for Swiss law. Please note, I have taken one course in business law so, to say the least, am no legal expert.
  5. One thing to keep in mind about TFC is a sale of the team, even if it were to be for $250mm, wouldn't be the windfall it appears. I don't recall specific numbers but am sure TFC has lost money every year on an operating basis. Let's just say it's a loss of $5mm a year (I'm sure it's far more) that would reduce the gain from $240mm down to $140mm. Then you need to consider the $$ sunk into BMO Field, their training centre, etc. I expect it would still end up being a sizable profit but not quite the amount it would seem on the surface.
  6. Reminds me of wanting to learn some Italian for an upcoming trip. TLN showed Serie A in Italian and one phrase I picked up was "calcio d'angolo" which means corner kick. So, there's an Italian angle. Just words triggering a memory.
  7. Roma does have a bit of history of playing friendlies in Toronto. We went to the Roma vs Celtic match in 2004 and although we sat with the Celtic supporter's side there was definitely more support for Roma. But, that was with Totti at or near his prime. They also played at least once vs TFC after Bradley joined TFC. I love that Atletico is in Ottawa. Agree with Ansem that if Lyon arrived it would work well to have a team named Olympique... A team named Roma-something would not work for me but having a team in giallo rossi (yellow red) without "Roma" in their name would be good.
  8. As for Roma, and for those who like alliteration, I propose the Regina Romulans. No, not a nod to Star Trek, but rather to note one of the little boys cared for by the she-wolf in Roma's emblem, Romulus.
  9. To make it an even number of teams and a balanced schedule, they would announce 14th and 15th at the same time, si? Unless of course Sunderland decides to operate a CPL club, in which case maybe the Black Cats would be happy to be the 13th and take the stairs.
  10. It would have seemed reasonable, but according to Wikipedia, he's now with the Arab-Israeli team Bnei Sakhnin. They're not even in the Israeli Premier League. There may be more to the story (if true) but he seemed like such a hot commodity when he left Forge last year.
  11. I listened to the CBC podcast "Under the Influence" this week which was about sports teams marketing efforts, and spent some time on team names. The point was that it doesn't matter what people outside of a market think of the name, it really only matters what people in-market think. So, Forge means something to people in Hamilton, Valour to those in Winnipeg. Doesn't matter what any of us think outside of those markets. For Ottawa, which name will resonate with locals is what's important. A reference that maybe only locals will get. The complicating factor is the Spanish connection, which may very well go with an "import" name.
  12. I think I remember Frano wearing the armband last season. Maybe when Bekker was "on vacation?"
  13. So happy to see almost the entire team return for this season.
  14. Complete list of those returning as of this morning or these are the only players returning? A good core certainly, but some big holes in the roster. Edgar is the main player missing. The calming experience at central defence will be greatly missed, especially during continental play. Grant at right back is another experienced player that they will miss. Frano played well in Grant's absence but also was good in def mid when needed there. Novak's physical presence up front and then there's the fan favourite Thomas. We'll see if some of these players had other opportunities, if there are better replacements or if this is more about a very low spending cap. Don't want to dwell on the negatives here as I'm very happy with most of the players on the returning list.
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