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  1. Yes, I think it was. Along with the big Nike banner brought out to midfield with another slogan on it. I know, accepting advertising helps pay the bills, but having players stand in their positions, waiting to start the match, as a Nike attempt to start a new "go Canada" chant is on the big screen is awful. I didn't see many people start following the chant and nobody was paying attention near the end of it (section 221). In the CPL forum there are comments about starting the games on time, or in one (?) case even a minute early. But, starting seven minutes late isn't great either. I admit to not following the women's team as closely, but noticed Schmidt drop back to play center back after a substitution. Does she often play there as well as midfield?
  2. Two other thoughts: my wife says O Canada was played at too low a pitch (I never argue with her about anything to do with music); and, what a lame chant, clapping thing they tried to get people to do right before kickoff. I hope that is not tried again.
  3. Yes, Canada did dominate the game for most of the time, seemed quite in control. I do think they'll have to put in a better performance when up against another top ranked team, rather than #26 Mexico. Wonderful to see Sinclair with her little flick-ons and deft passes. She definitely got the loudest applause during introductions and when substituted out. Chapman did a great job down the left. We sat beside a family of Mexican-Canadians (I don't like hyphenating but do so to make my point!) who applauded good plays by both teams and were on their feet for the Canuck goals. Should we be disappointed with the size of the crowd? A few thousand less than last June's match in Hamilton (although that was a beautiful day). At least it was a very pro-Canada crowd.
  4. But this year it's Forge that will have the chance to upset Vancouver
  5. It was frustrating to sit through horrible weather just to see Forge lose at the very end. But, we are thoroughly enjoying the matches so far. Forge are entertaining and playing positive, attacking football. They do have their defensive difficulties which will need to be dealt with. I doubt many casual fans would have bought tickets to yesterday's game: moved from Saturday to Sunday, Mother's Day; horrible weather. The casual fan (and flex ticket holders too) are more likely to pick matches from June onwards or at least wait to see about the weather for game day. Given it was also available on CBC, that would have cut out some from buying tickets too.
  6. I see in the Attendance thread that there were 5,861 at THF. Mildly disappointing at first, but mostly due to increasing expectations. If you told me a couple of years ago that we'd have a mid-week early May match with 5,861 in attendance I would have fallen off my chair. Even if I wasn't seated in one. So, pleased about the number. A bit odd seeing so many empty seats (the upper deck) but after a while not off-putting. Thought the atmosphere was pretty good. Entertaining match from a Forge fan's perspective. I'm not sure who I would have picked as MOM but maybe Novak if only for his goal, spectacular. Being at the game gives a different perspective than watching on TV or an app: when the game was 2-0 we saw Borges taking off his warmup jacket and putting on his game shirt, then the third goal, then Borges putting back on his warmup jacket. Shows the intent to really go for the win with just a two goal lead. Nice to see Roberts pick up a shutout, now who to play in goal for Sunday? Given the stadium size, the supporter's group easily made themselves heard on the other side (we're in section 104). Did BSB really have the chant "you f****d up" whenever a PFC player shot wide or made errant passes? Despite a PC stadium ban on profanity, it made me laugh.
  7. I say good...thought it was a direct red card, or at least a yellow when seeing it live, and doubly so on TV. It does raise questions though, like what is the process, who is involved, and why did it take so long. Is there an appeals process? The linked notification states "Canada Soccer is responsible for all disciplinary matters in Canada" but does not mention MLS.
  8. For what it's worth a year later, here are a couple of restaurants to sample in Montpellier for a nice meal: Restaurant L'Angelus, we sat inside but the outside seating would be great, served our kids ice cream even though not on the menu (the French don't often go "off menu"); La Bistrote, we sat outside at this one, first time my kids were ever served an entire shrimp including head, antenae, etc. Not much English spoken at either, menus (cartes) in French only, but we really enjoyed the meals. Both are in pedestrian areas so no vehicle traffic to bother you if seated outside.
  9. Just for one match or the season? I agree there's not much to choose from if the latter.
  10. We stayed in Montpellier last April for a week. Not really a tourist destination (a friend moved there for a year, so we were visiting her) but seemed like a wonderful place to live. As mentioned above, a tram takes you from city centre (with a stop right by the Gare) to a short walk to the Stade de la Mosson. The stadium is, well let's just say that if this was the men's world cup, it wouldn't be held in Montpellier. It's in a somewhat typical French suburb with apartment blocks. We took a tram and then walked (one or two kms?) to Plage Carnon. It was sandy, clean and fairly large. Better than most Canadian beaches in early June! I tried to remember the names of a few restaurants we visited but couldn't. We did have some great French meals there but, if I were you, I'd at least try one that I'm not sure was even there last year. It is, and I kid you not, the Poutine House (yes, in English). Their logo is a moose wearing a lumberjack shirt, and they claim it's "Canadian Food." Bon appetit.
  11. But, my Toronto friends say Barrie is in Northern Ontario. We're north of hwy 7!
  12. And now TSN has a piece announcing the start of CPL play. Brief, and I mean BRIEF, recaps of yesterday's matches, and a photo of Tim Horton's Field! I suggest we all click on the link to drive CPL traffic on TSN: https://www.tsn.ca/cpl-roundup-fc-edmonton-beats-valour-fc-in-home-opener-1.1300976 I also note the above article is right under news that Cardiff is relegated, sending Junior down. Of course, no mention of Hoilett in that piece.
  13. It's been a long time since I was in Germany and went to a match, but the Bundesliga at least used to price their tickets a bit below market price. Not just to fill stadiums, but more like a kind of social contract with their fans. I feel Forge ticket prices are reasonable; not inexpensive but certainly not overpriced. They seem to be going all-out to build their fan base now to pay dividends later. THF has more seats to fill, but they could have charged more if they so wanted.
  14. Forge vs Wanderers on May 4th has Marie-Soleil Beaudoin as referee. I have not seen her referee before, but am happy to see a female ref a men's game. The only odd thing to me is her full-time job is as a prof at Dalhousie. Meaning the location, not the job!
  15. Received an email from Forge FC regarding the $49.99 full year rate and a code to input. I signed up, took @fannorth's advice above, and was able to watch some highlights on my TV. Looking forward to three matches tomorrow.
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