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Monumental FC Edmonton news?


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So... FC Edmonton tweeted "Major announcements coming next week, stay tuned for some monumental FC Edmonton news"

Anyone care to take a guess?

Monumental is a big word. First thing that came to mind was "stadium!?" I can't imagine what else would count as "monumental" but more realistically it's probably a new website or kit sponsor or something.

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The only realistic things I can think of is a kit sponsorship deal or the signing of a "name" player. And when I mean a "name" player, I mean somebody who can be recognized in the community. FCE has a few interesting players with good stories, but nobody stands out yet at least. The only realistic name that I see is Eddy Sidra. Here's a local Edmonton kid who has played in Europe, has played for the MNT, will be a key player for the Olympic qualifying team. Besides, his career options have dimmed a bit lately so I suspect if they made him a good offer he might take it. Sidra has to play somewhere and I don't see MLS options for him right now. With FCE he would get a lot of playing time and take on a leadership role which would make up for the perceived step down to a lower level league. If things go really well, he could be back in Europe by winter.


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Monumental: "exceptionally great, as in quantity, quality, extent, or degree"

Based on this definition, surely hope it is not only the new strip or website. Hopefully:

1) Fantastic stellar signing (ex or current international...)

2) Stadium plans - but probably would have heard about these elsewhere

3) New figurehead GM....

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My spies tell me they're going to announce they're developing a stadium on the site of the current Victoria Soccer Club, off 142 St. Pretty Decent location. Easily accessible from yellowhead, near downtown.

I should note, however, that this particular source though close to the team has been wrong before.

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UGH! but there's gonna be a mascot...

But the team seems to be sponsored by Sears Financial.

They also seem to have a link to some of the blogs from here.

I'm hoping (and guessing) that this isn't the monumental news though!

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