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  1. Any name should be in both French and English. FR: Club Athletique d'Ottawa, EN: Ottawa Athletic Club, Nickname: Atletic-O Would Peter Schaad do another launch vid to say how the team name has local roots and ties in with the local history? I'd like to see they would spin that.
  2. Here's my thoughts... USA game: I think competitiveness and local support should be a bigger consideration than revenue potential. Strong pro-Canadian support in a packed stadium anywhere in Canada would be a good marketing look no matter where it's hosted, much better than a stadium half-full of Americans. - Edmonton (more difficult for Americans to get to en masse, potential for large pro-Canadian crowd, relatively long standing NASL/CPL market, hasn't hosted a game in awhile; Cons: turf and flights to Europe) - Montreal (grass, likely pro-Canadian crowd, direct flights and less travel time to/from Europe, good training facility; Cons: smaller stadium, historically variable support for CMNT, close to USA and travelling fans) Cuba game: Play the climate advantage, depending on when it's scheduled. - Toronto (BMO is the 'home' of CMNT, grass, climate advantage in fall, easy travel to/from Europe; Cons: how many casuals will come out to see Cuba?) - Hamilton (similar climate and close to Toronto, CPL foundation club, pro-Canadian crowd) - Winnipeg (cold in the fall, CPL foundation club, pro-Canadian crowd; Cons: travel and flights to Europe) Out: Vancouver (distance for European teams, turf, and hosted lots of games recently)
  3. Quick wiki search found some other possibilities... Edem Mortotsi Evans Frimpong
  4. The league should be pushing the French-language aspect of the league to make it more representative nationally. All league content should be bilingual if they are planning on being recognized as the legitimate D1 national league. It also makes sense from a broadcasting and business perspective as well as they'd be tapping into a 7+ million market. Teams in primary francophone cities (Montreal/Laval and Quebec) and in bilingual ones (Ottawa and Moncton) would create a nice footprint with the possibility of future D2 sides in smaller markets. No sport or single league other than hockey (QMJHL) would have such a presence in the key francophone markets.
  5. https://globalnews.ca/news/4255932/edmontons-airport-fifa-world-cup/
  6. More info on the Surrey stadium. City of Surrey: Prequalification - Design, Construct, Finance and Operate an Outdoor Spectator Stadium http://www.surrey.ca/business-economic-development/25065.aspx
  7. Some more background on Tanguay: http://www.newsweek.com/2014/11/14/canadas-laval-university-shows-how-do-football-right-279774.html
  8. Plenty of space at Woodbine Racetrack. A stadium there would be a nice community amenity to include in their redevelopment plans. Who knows maybe they are one of the interested groups?
  9. Going back to the Halifax rumours, I think a 8k modular stadium would work nicely if it was done like Bonney Field in Sacramento. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonney_Field https://goo.gl/Mdz1mf
  10. Would Stefan Frei be eligible to play for Canada? I've heard his wife is Canadian. If so, where would he fall on the depth chart?
  11. The way I see it, affiliating with the IMFC is a convenient way for OFFC to get around the moratorium on any new independent NASL, USL, PDL franchises in Canada and for IMFC to offload Montreal FC as its days were numbered. Whether it's temporary or not is another question... It could be a way to keep OFFC playing in 2017 and join the CPL in 2018/19. IMFC could then find an American USL team to partner with after 2018/19 to meet MLS requirements to either affiliate with or own a USL team; or As it was mentioned above it could be that USL is where OFFC want to be and another group would come in with a new CPL team.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadians_by_net_worth The Irving, McCain and Sobey families have billions. Ron Joyce also seems to have strong connections to the Maritimes. This older article from 2011 also lists a few other wealthy individuals and families. http://thechronicleherald.ca/business/19630-sobeys-risley-bragg-and-jodreys-on-canada’s-100-wealthiest-list
  13. Here's my fantasy.... The Founding Eight Victoria - Aquilini/Canucks owner has previously expressed interest in a MLS franchise/pro soccer team pre-MLS Whitecaps. Looking to diversify sports portfolio and has enquired about a NBA franchise. Was willing to expand and upgrade Swangard Stadium as part of his MLS bid, would he be willing to do the same for Centennial Stadium (as tax deductible donation to UVic)? Calgary - Flames Group rumoured to be interested. Possible partnership with Foothills, similar to how the Ottawa Fury partnered with OSEG? Would play out of McMahon until new stadium is built in the long term. Edmonton - Fath moves FCE from NASL to CPL, or Katz/Oilers bid for CPL team to play out of Telus Field with upgrades to playing surface (to all artificial or all natural). Stadium is vacant and is in need of a pro sports tenant. Katz also owns defunct minor league baseball franchise based out of stadium. Hamilton - Bob Young is the main driver of the league. Team would play out of Tim Horton's Field. Greater Toronto Area - Target 905/suburban 416 areas. Ownership? Possible stadiums - Ontario Soccer Centre, York University, Lamport Stadium? Ottawa - OSEG rumoured to be leaving NASL and potentially considering a move to CPL. Team would play out of TD Place. Quebec City - Large metro area with no major pro sports teams. Would be biggest game in town. Ownership? Saputo? He retained NASL franchise for Quebec market and CPL team would allow him to maintain monopoly of pro soccer in the province. Has shown he is willing to invest personal finances into the game. Would play out of PEPS at Laval University, which has a brand new indoor training facility/field adjoining the stadium. Moncton/Atlantic – Atlantic team would be based in Moncton initially and moved to Halifax if a new stadium is built there. Downside is that it is a smaller market than Halifax. Ownership? Moncton Stadium is the largest in Atlantic Canada and the most suitable for a professional league/team. Future Candidates for Expansion: Winnipeg – Plenty of competition for pro sports and sponsorship dollars with Jets/Moose/Blue Bombers/Goldeyes in town. Would need strong ownership – Blue Bombers or True North? WSA to be involved in some way? Team would play out of Investors Group Field. Saskatoon - No other summer pro sports team in a larger city than Regina. Regina is very much Roughriders’ town. CPL team would have the potential to be Saskatoon’s (summer) team. Would the Roughriders be willing to invest in creating a new sports market and extend their brand to a new sport? Stands from temporary Mosaic Stadium Legacy in Regina project could be moved and used to create a new stadium. London - Long history of soccer teams and a relatively large urban area in Canada. Could possibly use TD Waterhouse Stadium at Western? Kitchener-Waterloo – Growing urban area with strong tech economy. No suitable stadium. Outside Chance for Expansion Vancouver/Fraser Valley, Kelowna, Windsor, St. Catherines/Niagara, Montreal, Regina, St. John’s
  14. So, when's Camara due to get his citizenship? Could provide some depth at RB, I believe he's played there on occasion?
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