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  1. If he was in the English system, chances are he be starting/ coming off the bench for a Div2/ Conference Club somewhere
  2. What is not (might not have been noted) with regards to these dates is that they cut across the Christmas Period. Irrespective of the English Obsession to Play across the Festive season, I wonder how many fans will be able to Justify the not insignificant cost of this trip so close to what is considered in most regions a family holiday time to be spent at home.
  3. Also with regards to Rugby League usage, Kingston Communications Stadium in Hull; Hull City AFC and Hull (Rugby League) FC. Another thing that annoys the Current owner of the Tigers. Also, Old Trafford is used for the rugby League Playoff weekend (Semi Finals-and Full Final). Plus Elland Road gets a fair amount of usage when the Sothern Hemisphere Nations come to Town, due to its 40Kplus capacity.
  4. This is the RIB take on determining an artificial for Rugby Union. http://www.irbplayerwelfare.com/?documentid=67 similar from sports England encompasses Rugby league. http://www.sportengland.org/media/30651/Selecting-the-right-artificial-surface-Rev2-2010.pdf Thing to note on Rugby League there is no Maul, Ruck or Scrum manipulation for the Field to contend with, Just hard tackling.
  5. Which Just goes to Show that Its a sport best reserved for the Dohyƍ
  6. The only reason for a bumpy, uneven and downright poor grass surface in such a stadium is down to.... not putting in down right in the first place. By Putting it down right, I mean spending the Pre requisite dollars on soil assessment, procurement and methodology in execution.
  7. Wonder if this deal was mad....In a Drunken Stupor?
  8. Its been my experience that urban professional men Single men in 30-40's group with no kids tend to have no disposable income due to alimony payments.
  9. Which at this current rate of expansion (15 clubs in 5 years) could be in place by 2020. Ideally 32 clubs, mind. this would allow for an Unseeded 5 round Knockout cup Competition and give the NASL league 2 bottom dwellers a chance to play the Cosmos! (yeah yeah, we know. It is ALL about the Cosmos)
  10. Yes and I personally like a model which forces the clubs to be fiscally prudent whilst allowing them independent autonomy. A "truism" I heard recently went like this, "If the owners of Association Football clubs applied the logic they employ in running said club, to their daily business enterprises, they would never make enough money to own the damn club in the first place. I'm sure this also applies to other sports. Also: while I'm god I'd make sacking head coaches/managers only admissible during off season.
  11. I would say one word... Dominant! and probably a significant part of a UEFA based transatlantic competition.
  12. On that subject Consider that the Cosmos put (according to Tom Fath) break even numbers of 6K+ onto the bleachers in their Inaugural season. The buy in for NASL is 750K a $20million bank balance for the Principle (50%+) owner, and a clean field stadium with 5K capacity you don't need to be a billionaire owner in the NASL.
  13. Okay this isn't a p*ssy post like the last few, but rather a considered one. When it comes to National Stadiums, are Canadian soccer fans becoming transfix on the likes of Wembley when talking up National stadiums? It is understandable as This can be considered a true National Football stadium (NFS) for the following reasons. It is capable of Hosting four (4) codes of football : The Three indigenous ones Association Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union (although Twickenham is really home to this code), plus the visiting NFL code from across the Atlantic. Obviously any visit
  14. I didn't know that you could sign you kids up for Canadian football when the are 6. Actually I think there may be more registered for soccer than hockey.
  15. In essence yes, although they do attempt to coordinate their leagues into the UEFA winter time frame. (well they have to if they're going to make the champions league work for them. Honestly who wants to travel to Uzbekistan in October...really? I would note not that many major Off season touring Parties from the top four European leagues go there. North America plays its Leagues in the Summer so their is no real excuse to play on Plastic. It's falls into the "' We have to do something new and inventive (that we can make a $ from) because Traditional is crap" North American mindset
  16. I would also add, that Outside of North America, No-one truly takes teams that play on plastic pitches seriously. Semi-synthetic yes, but full field turf? You may get FIFA sanctioned Qualifiers played on it, but lucrative friendlies will become a thing of the past. By the way who knew that the Grey cup was actually offered into the Canadian Sporting life as an award for RUGBY? Or that the John A Macdonald actually declared CRICKET as Canada's national sport in 1867. Lets stick a drop in cricket pitch as well! (and yes, I am been somewhat trolly)
  17. Opps that should have said CAN'T. "ergo, You can't really co-ordinate the floating supporters or soccer mom brigade":o
  18. Well you could send something Iambic Pentameter, or Perhaps a regular Poetry style for all the good it would do. If however you want to do something really Radical that would make MLSE sit up and take notice, I suggest you do the following (TFC supporters groups that is- you can really co-ordinate the floating supporters or soccer mom brigade). Organise yourself into groups of about 1000 each. Each groups goes out and choose a team in the Ontario League. and then follow them for the season. At least you now they wont F you over. MLSE will soon start reassessing their b
  19. Well If you let cities control facilities why are you be surprised when the Mayor Sh#ts all over you? (He probably considers you euro commine soccer ball kicking pinko liberals kiddie fiddlers as an infestation of BMO, anyway) Unfortunately when it comes to soccer all that the average Canadian sees is that The men's team stinks, the girls look pretty in red shorts (If Canada truly women's game, the country would be awash with top flight PRO- women's Soccer clubs. One of which would be playing alternate weekends to TFC at BMO so the CFL would get a look in at BMO anyway.) Ho, and th
  20. You mean like the set of five alien clones who share a group consciousness named Nestor in Richard Thomas' Sci-Fi Magnificent 7 pastiche movie, Battle Beyond the stars? Ergo, the line, "We are Nestor" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_Beyond_the_Stars
  21. There's me thinking it was in honor of the little Welsh golfer!
  22. League appointed doctor at all games. Stationed WAY WAY up at the back of the stand. Ideally he'll be arthritic himself so quite slow to get to the touchline. Full Sobriety-Cognition examination ensues and player takes to the field...Oh! Its Halftime already! magic!
  23. MLS won't move for him if he is under contract. Not willing to pay compensation in that regard and will only take free agents out of NASL like Kyle Porter was.
  24. Apparently some bad behavior occurred this year in the NASL when one of Freds Mobs tifos was stolen by some strikers fans. (apologies if I got the wrong fan groups). also ... remember Vancouver? So absolutely nowhere is blameless. The questions arise as to weather the standard of Police/ marshaling is up to the Job. (again I raise Vancouver) The south African Police seemed to do a good Jo as did the Japanese/ Koreans. The latter with incredible courtesy according to one English fan I met upon his return in 2002.
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