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The Great Hindsight Prediction WC 2010

Ian Kennett

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Let's assume that Canada had qualified as the third CONCACAF nation (in place of Honduras), and had been drawn into group H.

Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Chile.

1) Who would have made up our 23 man squad (including the turncoats possibly)?

2) How would we have done at the WC?

Sorry, lads, but my imagination got the better of me!


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I have noted a few mentions or inferences over the past few days in this forum regarding Honduras at the WC and what might have been ( in regards to canada).

But, we were much closer to eliminating Mexico than we were Honduras. Mexico's qualifying effort did not impress me and that includes their play in the hex. Teams are getting close to beating them at home. Once they've lost their home dominance?

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Let's give it a shot

GK: Hirschfeld, Wagenaar, Begovic (because he would have played for Canada instead)

Lateral: Stalteri, Klukowski, de Jong, Lensky (See Begovic)

Central: McKenna, Hastings, Jackovic, Hainault,

Midfield: JDG, Hutch, Bernier, Peters, Simpson, Issey, DDR, Johnson

Forwards: Friend, Gerba, Radz & Jackson

We pull out a draw against the Swiss.

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GK: Fernandes, Onstad (the jamaica corner never happens), Hirschfeld.

FB: Stalteri, Klukowski, de Jong.

CB: McKenna, Serioux, Hastings, Jakovic, Hainault.

CM: DeGuzman, Hutch, Bernier, Imhof.

Wing/AM: Radz, DeRo, Simpson, Hoilett, Johnson.

Forward: Friend, Gerba, Jackson.

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quote:Originally posted by Danny Boy

Canada becomes the first nation to fail to score at a WC. Twice. :D

Not if Ali Gerba is at front. I don't know why, but his strike rate is quite good. ;)

We may draw Switzerland, and do well against Spain (remember Iain Hume and the U20 World Cup Quarterfinals), but I'm not too sure about Chile.

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