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  1. Jeffrey is on trial at Pacific FC. I wish him well, and wonder how he keeps so fit. Will he be the next big signing? https://canpl.ca/article/pacific-fcs-pa-modou-kah-targets-domestic-signings-unnamed-trialist-couple-of-players-in-mind
  2. OK, Mikmacdo, let's make a change or two. Morgan is listed on the RSL supplemental list, so he may not play much in MLS, so he stays. James will be dropped if he is too far above CPL level. Add: Nyal Higgins (TFC, MLS), and Alistair Johnston (Nashville, MLS) From the TransferMarket list: Goalkeeper - Tyson Farago Defenders - Mallan Roberts, Daniel Gogarty, Andres Ferenga, Maxin Tissot Midfielders - Thomas Gardner, Massih Wassey, Dario Zanatta, Ben McKendry, Forwards - Mark Gonzales, Simeon Jackson Players obtained through loans: Brian Wright (NE, MLS
  3. OK, I will try myself. But as I am not very familiar import players, I will "cheat" and use loans from other teams. From the TransferMarket list: Goalkeeper - Tyson Farago Defenders - Mallan Roberts, Daniel Gogarty, Andres Ferenga, Maxin Tissot Midfielders - Thomas Gardner, Massih Wassey, Dario Zanatta, Ben McKendry, Forwards - Mark Gonzales, Simeon Jackson Players obtained through loans: Brian Wright (NE, MLS), Tajor Buchanan (NE, MLS), Ashtone Morgan (TFC, MLS), Manjrekar James (FC Midtjylland), Jordan Peruzza (TFC, MLS), Thomas Hasel (GK, VWFC, MLS), Simon C
  4. My guesses are: Dario Zanatta who is from Victoria, is a striker, is young, and recently left his club, OR Thomas Gardner, midfielder, from North Vancouver.
  5. Here is a challenge based on the Transfermarket list of Canadians which was published on July 1 as a gift to Voyageurs from Transfermarket. The challenge is to create a new CPL team for any market. Your roster must be based on the list of Canadian players who are unattached (shown by a red "ghostbusters" symbol), or whose club status is uncertain (shown by a question mark symbol). Being completely arbitrary, build a starting 11 and an optional bench of seven. You can add five import players to the team if you wish, and/or other college/university/L1O/etc. whom you discover. No player
  6. If given a choice, I would opt for younger "fringe" players than older ones. We know what Edgar, Johnson, and Ricketts can do at the international level. We do not know about Borges and Zator, for example. Would Terran Campbell be a better Poutine choice than Ricketts? Thoughts?
  7. Any sense in Nicolas Benezet and/or Junior Hoillet for VWFC or is those two players too similar? What do you folks think of Benezet as a winger for Cavallini? Cheers!
  8. How many CPL clubs can Canada handle? Is the player pool of talented Canadians large enough to support (insert number here) teams? Ideally, I would like to see some east-west balance to reduce travel costs and to create rivalries. Quebec City, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Fraser Valley, and ????? would make for a 12 team league. Should that be the target and by when? How high should an expansion fee be? It needs to be enough to reward the original seven teams, but not so high that it discourages or handicaps new clubs. Cheers!
  9. Add Brian Wright from New England; Dayne St. Clair from Minnesota to the list. Any others?
  10. If we assume that CPL clubs want to: a) sign better players; b) create a higher standard of play; c) challenge for the Voyageurs Cup; d) create satisfaction among club fans; e) develop better Canadian players, f) win a championship, g) increase attendance, h) make money, then, does it make sense to assertively seek to sign certain Canadians on expiring MLS contracts? According to Transfermarket, the following Canadians are on expiring MLS contracts? What should CPL clubs do about this? What might be best for the players? Note: certain players are non-st
  11. I forgot to ask: What about Canadians in Europe? Dario Zanatta comes to mind, for example, as does Daniel Stanese who left his stint in Germany recently. Do you folks have any ideas about other Canadians in Europe who might do well in CPL and who might actually have interest in playing there?
  12. As the CPL is over save for the last championship game next weekend, fans have had a chance to evaluate their club's roster and players in the league generally. Given this list of players (USL Canadians) and the needs of each club, what would you change if your were the gaffer? In addition, there are some players in MLS who are on or approaching the fringe of the roster. Jordan Hamilton, Brett Levis (released by VWFC), and Jay Chapman, for eaxmple, come to mind. Both would be really good in CPL. Are there other "MLS level" players who might thrive in CPL while upping the standard of play
  13. I was wondering about the Canadians playing in the USL and which of them would or should or could be good candidates to play in the CPL next season. Your comments or hopes? (source: USL website) Karl Ouimette, Indy 11 Tyler Pasher, Indy 11 Mathieu Laurent, Birmingham Brian Wright, Birmingham Jordan Schweitzer, Colorado Springs Drew Beckie, El Paso Zachary Ellis-Hayden, Fresno Luca Ucello, Memphis Darrin MacLeod, North Carolina Alex Comsia, North Carolina Alessandro Riggi, Ph
  14. I had the opportunity to send some questions to Carlos Rivas Jr. who currently plays in Chile's Primera League. I hope that this is informative and useful. Carlos was most supportive and helpful. Thanks, Carlos! Hello Ian, It is my pleasure to inform you about my Professional Soccer Career outside of Canada. 1) Please tell us about your current club in Chile, and how you became involved in the Chilean league. The last team I signed with was with Universidad de Concepcion. This team was and currently is in the first division league in Chile. I became involved in the Ch
  15. Let's assume that Canada had qualified as the third CONCACAF nation (in place of Honduras), and had been drawn into group H. Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Chile. 1) Who would have made up our 23 man squad (including the turncoats possibly)? 2) How would we have done at the WC? Sorry, lads, but my imagination got the better of me! Cheers!
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