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Tickets - Canada v Brazil


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WARNING: I NEED to get in touch with everybody who still owes me money ASAP. Please either e-mail or contact me at the phone number I have e-mailed you. If I don't hear from people prior to Monday evening, I might have to start giving tickets away.



UPDATE 2: For those that I am meeting in Seattle, please e-mail me a cell number where I can contact you if necessary.

UPDATE: Please check your e-mails. I need to distribute all of the tickets prior to Monday (unless we are meeting in Seattle). The people I need to hear from are Paddy, jason, tarnado, soro17. Please contact me ASAP.

People who owe me money (tickets $50 each):


Jason + 1

Tarnado + 2

Irish Canuck + 3

Footballfreak + 1

Meeting in Seattle:

Toronto MB






Soro17 + 7

Bertuzzi44 + 1

Canucks fan + 5

Johnnie Monster

Footy + 1

YNWA + 1

Vancouver Fan + 7

Tractor Boy + 2

Masster + 5

Nolando + 4


Mgg + 2

Gwallace76 + 1

People who want more:

Irish Canuck + 7

Smiddy + 2

canuckred + 3

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I now have 66 tickets in my possession for the Voyageur's supporter section. I will be distributing them to the people that were on my running count from the previous thread. The cost per ticket was $50US. Give me $50 Canadian and buy me a beer and we will be fine. For those that were unsure exactly how many tickets they needed (Carl Valentine, Johnnie Monster) I need to know ASAP. I have had some late requests come in for tickets so if you want out now, let me know and I have willing takers. But I need to know now!!!

Pickup/payment options:

1. Meet me in either North Van, Vancouver or Burnaby

2. Meet at the Whitecaps game on May 23rd

3. Meet at FX McRory's in Seattle (Pub across the street from Qwest field. I will be there early on game day.)

4. Mail

I will be contacting those people I have phone numbers and e-mail addresses for. Everybody else, please get in touch with me by sending me an e-mail through this forum.

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quote:Originally posted by River City

What do you guys think about us taking down some teddy bears for a charity?

A lot of conferences do something charitable when they swarm into a host city, and us being Canadians and all....

It's a nice idea... But that sounds like a whole lot of extra scrutiny at the border crossing. lol :D

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quote:Originally posted by irish_canuck

Hey Mas, Did you get my last Email, When and where do you wanna meet up to organise payment for the tickets? Were you able to arrange 12 Tickets in Total? Cheers,mate...

Hey irish_canuck,

I have tried e-mail you a few times but it keeps bouncing back. I will know by Monday.

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quote:Originally posted by canuckred

Hi there. I'm going down with 3 friends 4 in total and I'm wondering if you have need for any spares and if not can you tell me which section you are all in so I can buy seats in it?

I've sent you an e-mail. We are in section 124. I'll let you know by Monday if I can add on tickets.

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quote:Originally posted by footballfreak

I will be at the Caps game on the 23rd to pay for my 2.

If someone needs an extra one of my tickets may be available but I don't have a definitive answer yet.


Great thanks.

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