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  1. Italy should just hire Commonwealth Stadium security.......
  2. September 4, 1530 at Elephant and Castle on WhyteAve. Everyone bring their ideas, suggestions, recommendations for what we do next year. And GO CANADA GO!!!!
  3. For the Cucumber story, head over to the Voyageurs section of the Forum and check out Voyageurs History and Mythology Explained. I don't know how to link stuff, so..... Also for Saturday's Miami game, I'll be going late because of work, so Strobe Z (hoping he's going) and Manav will be leading the charge as Manav will be bringing the drums. Hoping to make it by halftime.
  4. I believe this is where the Cucumber tradition finally serves a purpose for some of the membership........
  5. And looking forward to meeting the new guys, jedinathan, ThrillaFC and anyone else who's posted that I've missed.
  6. With Carl_Valentine and his crew not being able to make it on Sunday, a few of us are planning on meeting up in the Parking lot at 1300 for a little tailgating. If you drive to Foote, follow the FCE parking signs to the easternmost lot. If you take the LRT, just walk on over to the lot north of the field. I'm guessing some people will be meeting up at Elephant & Castle and some other pubs, but I encourage everyone to come down and join us by 1330 so we can buy the tickets together (hopefully at a discount) and then go set up the section. The section itself is the North end of the East bleacher. Everyone in General Admission has to walk by us and the good thing is that we're right beside the beer sales. It's not designated as our section yet, as we didn't know if it would work out with the acoustics. But it's looking good. Look for me in the Red cowboy hat and big drum. I'll be sober as Little River City will be in his Black cowboy hat, little drum and Batman flag/cape. Strobe will be in blue, E-dizzle will be in his bike. Foreverthursday will be drunk and passed out before 1315.
  7. Stevie, I'll facebook message you on the pregame stuff. Unfortunately there are no watering holes near Foote (unless I'm mistaken) and the LRT isn't near any decent pre-match pubs.
  8. As someone who doesn't follow the EPL, there are a lot more leagues in the world whose fans would personally go and beat up whatever sorry excuse for a marketing gimmick is prancing around in the sidelines. And the EPL isn't the be all and end all of the soccer world. FC Edmonton needs to be taken seriously. Period. Having a mascot won't help the credibility with potential die hards out there. It'll only serve to attract more kids and soccer moms who will either yell 'Edmonton Sucks', throw quarters at us or give us dirty looks when a profanity is uttered. Just like the Pompey game. No thanks.
  9. No mascots, no teeny boppy music, no cheerleaders, no gimmicks. All the team has to do is sell itself and the players. As for us, all we need is less talk, and more rock. If stevieeatworld can make it from Saskatoon, all you lurkers and posters that haven't come down to join us, get off your butts and be counted.
  10. Based on 1) my experience at the pre-B course 2) the assessment format and 3) the fact he was a member of the 4person assessment team, i just did. And I did send a letter to Neil Turnbull in June (if I recall correctly) to outline the concerns I had. Both his (and any other coaches') links to specific soccer training programs as well as the ASA's push of the Mentorship program would have been appreciated bits of info to the coaches before we all decided to spend Mother's Day weekend in Red Deer, pay for the course, hotel, etc when all of us could've just paid our tribute to the ASAand it's employment justification program. It would've been cheaper and more convenient. And jpg75, I will try the provincial route again, but both the USSF programs as well as a South American or Mexican program are all viable options
  11. I took the Alberta pre-B Assessment this spring (pictures on the ASA's facebook site) and Peter Malakoane was one of the 4 assessors. On the Sunday when the assessment was done - they split the 21 coaches into 2 groups with me being put in Peter's group. Going into it we knew that on previous pre-B Assessments, only 2 of 19 coaches had gotten a sufficiently high grade to be able to enroll in the B course. Once the Assessments started, you could kind of tell why the passing average was that low with some coaches definitely not being up to par. But....most of the coaches had a good idea and within our subgroup there were at least 4 coaches (myself included) that ran their session on topic in an organized manner and with appropriate breaks to explain the progression of drills. We were definitely miles ahead of some of the other coaches. But at the end of the day when everyone gathered together, David McCarthy and the rest of the Assessors gave us all a dressing down. It was as if all of us had no clue or concept of the game. This is when my red flags finally went up (as I thought all weekend that I had a legit chance at passing the Assessment). - The ASA has been strongly encouraging the Mentorship program where aspiring coaches work with an assigned ASA staff coach in preparation for the Assessment. This was a running theme throughout the weekend. - I was particularly frustrated in that the topic I received (receiving the ball with the chest as a technical session) was fairly simple to put together given that the ASA's own website features the same topic and gives line drills. So for my coaching plan, I incorporated a warm-up, a few drills progressing in difficulty leading to the final which I could make a competition of between the players. Except that in having Peter take a look at my plan in our 'Assessor/coach' meeting time - he was adamant I have no line drills whatsoever. Regardless of progression. I was pissed off as I now had to redo the entire plan the night before the Assessment rather than relax and have a few bevvies. - During the Assessment itself, there were no breaks given for the coaches during the Assessment other than sitting out the previous session - a coach that went 5th in the group, sat out the 4th session so they could prepare theirs, would coach their session and would then play the remainder of the sessions. I went middle of the pack which was good, but the first coach, coached his session and then played in the remainder of the sessions. No coach worth his salt would put his/her team through something like this. Grabbing a quick drink while moving from one 20 minute session to another might be fine if you only have a handful of sessions but not for 11 sessions. I was still shocked though when I received my Assessment in the mail with the only progression available to me being enrolling in the Mentorship program. I'm not even good enough to apply to the pre-B Assessment. So I touched base with what I thought was the strongest coach in our group and he received the same assessment. And speaking later with one more coach who was in the other group - again the same assessment. I am planning on enrolling in the Mentorship program during the Indoor season as I do want to work towards the B license, but of the competent coaches I spoke with, that I wouldn't hesitate to bring on my team, the whole experience left a bitter taste in our mouths. I've been reluctant to criticize the program as I obviously have a very subjective opinion, but finding the info on one of my Assessors....
  12. Yeah, I remembered my password! First, as the young kids say these days - mad props to Strobe-Z and Carl Valentine for taking the lead on this. They've both put in a lot of time attending press conferences, communicating with team management and advocating for not only us crazy hoolies, but for regular fans as well. Can't predict what'll happen on the field this year or next, but our job is to do what we can in the stands to make this thing fly for more than a few seasons. I don't want any more souvenir match stubs for non-existent Edmonton teams. Second, alberta white, I'm one of the folks with the issues with military references. Don't think of myself as a tree-hugger, but I'm sure once we all get together, we can all come to some agreement. Love the enthusiasm though. Hope you can play the drums, 'cause they're coming out on the 16th. I know I've pestered both strobe and CV with enough name suggestions to make them go with just the Southside Sector Ultras Patch United. Hint, hint.....and the only bad anagram out of it is PUSSU....so not all that bad when we go on road trips next year to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Miami and I believe a little tourney in the US......with the MNT! Third and the reason for the post, I'm calling on all V's coast to coast to coast to spread the word on this Edmonton team. MSN Messenger or Facebook, or Twitter or whatever other means of communication you have, anyone you know in Edmonton, get them to come out on the 16th and on the 20th! We're hoping to make it fun to the point that regardless of what happens on the pitch, people want to come to games. And that includes tailgate parties. A stable team in Edmonton means so much more for Canadian soccer development than ever before. Western Canada is looking and we can't afford to fall down. On a personal note, looking forward to seeing the Saskatchewan contigent again....methinks, Sherlock Holmes beckons. And jloome - I still remember the article you wrote calling out the Eskimos. Good to see you posting. Back to Juan Santos coffee flavoured Rum.
  13. PAST WINNERS 2009 - Dwayne DeRosario - Toronto FC with 11 goals 2008 – 2 Winners - Daniel Nascimento - Brampton Lions (CSL) with 18 goals and Eduardo Sebrango - Vancouver Whitecaps with 12 goals 2007 - 2 Winners at 18 goals each Nicolas Lesage (Trois Riviere Attak - CSL) and Gabriel Pop (Serbian White Eagles - CSL) 2006 - Gabriel Pop (Serbian White Eagles - CSL) - 23 goals 2005 - Jason Jordan (Vancouver Whitecaps - USL)- 17 goals SCORING SYSTEM: 2pts MLS, 1.5 pts NASL 1 pt CSL/PCSL/PDL, .5pt CIS/CIAU/AMSL MLS, USL, PCSL, PDL, CSL complete after May 26 games. TOP 5: 1. 12.0 - 6 - Dwayne De Rosario - Toronto FC 2. 6.0 - 3 - Chad Barrett - Toronto FC 3. 4.0 - 4 - Admir Salihovic - Athletic Club BC (PCSL) 4. 4.0 - 2 - O'Brian White - Toronto FC 5. 3.0 - 2 - Rocco Placentino - L'Impact de Montreal (NASL) 5. 3.0 - 3 - Jordie Hughes - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) 5. 3.0 - 3 - Azad Palani - Khalsa Sporting Club (PCSL) 5. 3.0 - 3 - Marco Visintin - Vancouver Thunderbirds (PCSL) THE REST: 2.0 - 2 - Mohamed Aborig - North York Astros (CSL) 2.0 - 2 - Miodrag Andelkovic - Brantford Galaxy (CSL) 2.0 - 2 - Matthew Cain - St. Catherines Wolves (CSL) 2.0 - 2 - Pelle Campbell - Victoria Highlanders (PCSL) 2.0 - 2 - Jamesey Chana - Victoria Highlanders (PCSL) 2.0 - 2 - Jonah Fell - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) (1 goal with PCSL Victoria Highlanders) 2.0 - 1 - Nick LaBrocca - Toronto FC 2.0 - 2 - Andrea Lombardo - Portugal FC (CSL) 2.0 - 2 - Patrick Gawrys - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) 2.0 - 2 - Ranko Golijanin - Brantford Galaxy (CSL) 2.0 - 2 - Nicholas Lindsay - TFC Academy (CSL) 2.0 - 2 - Tihomir Maletic - Portugal FC (CSL) 2.0 -2 - Doudou Toure - Vancouver Whitecaps Residency (PDL) 2.0 - 2 - Nils Webber - Victoria United (PCSL) 2.0 - 2 - Justin Wallace - Kamloops Excel SC (PCSL) 1.5 - 1 - Mouloud Akloul - Vancouver Whitecaps (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - Nelson Akwari - Vancouver Whitecaps (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - Luca Bellisomo - Vancouver Whitecaps (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - Tony Donatelli - L'Impact de Montreal (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - Greg Janicki - Vancouver Whitecaps (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - James Marlon - Vancouver Whitecaps (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - Nevio Pizzolitto - L'Impact de Montreal (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - Filipe Soares - L'Impact de Montreal (NASL) 1.5 - 1 - Cornelius Stewart - Vancouver Whitecaps (NASL) 1.0 - 1 - Gary Anderson - Khalsa Sporting Club (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Ramon Bailey - Portugal FC (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Roman Bontkevich - Okanagan Challenge (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Dan Cecchine - Kamloops Excel SC (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Kevin Cobby - Vancouver Whitecaps Residency (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Sebastian Crema - Vancouver Thunderbirds (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Simon Crocker - Abbottsford Mariners (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Michael Crroll - Athletic Club BC (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Jamar Dixon - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Geron Duport - York Region Shooters (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - James Farenhorst - Abbottsford Mariners (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Jordan French - Victoria United (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Brayden Gant - Vancouver Whitecaps Residency (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Erik Grigore - North York Astros (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Doneil Henry - TFC Academy (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - David Hill - Okanagan Challenge (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Tyler Hughes - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Joshua Janniere - TFC Academy (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Steve Johnson - Vancouver Thunderbirds (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Doug Joyce - Victoria United (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Armbnor Jusufi - Victoria United (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Braeden Krampert - Portugal FC (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Nahyar Kohbad - North York Astros (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Kadian Lecky - York Region Shooters (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Michael Luh - Portugal FC (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Spencer Mackinnon - Abbottsford Mariners (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Jordan Mannix - Victoria Highlanders (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Nico Marcina - Khalsa Sporting Club (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Allando Matheson - TFC Academy (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Brin McMillan - Victoria United (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Milad Mehrabi - Khalsa Sporting Club (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Simon Murphy - St. Catherines Wolves (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Aidan O'Keefe - FC Hamilton Croatia (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Matt Pele - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Adrian Pena - Portugal FC (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Alex Putrenko - Athletic Club BC (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Mike Riehl - Abbottsford Mariners (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Craig Robertson - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Aundrae Rollins - York Region Shooters (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Alex Semenets - Vancouver Whitecaps Residency (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Jason Shannon - FC Hamilton Croatia (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Blazej Skoczylas - Brampton Lions (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Jamaal Smith - Portugal FC (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Meysam Soltani - Khalsa Sporting Club (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Jared Stephens - Victoria Highlanders (PDL) 1.0 - 1 - Jason Di Thomasis - York Region Shooters (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Drazen Vukovic - Brantford Galaxy (CSL) 1.0 - 1 - Graeme Webber - Vancouver Thunderbirds (PCSL) 1.0 - 1 - Jarek Whiteman - Portugal FC (CSL)
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