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Where did the CSA go?


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quote:Originally posted by Vancouver Fan

Man,can you let us have our conspiracy theories. We need our conspiracy theories. We deserve a good conspiracy theory.

I am sure Richard is ok with the offside call because Archundia was obviously just fulfilling the stipulations of the contract he signed with whoever it was who dearly wanted to see a US-Mexico final.

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Is anyone surprised? I picture the CSA office as being a board room where English men play darts and an office where a college intern with no interest in soccer pretends to update the website. Oh and a dancing bear takes phone calls.

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Bitter setback spurs on Canada

Men's team vows to use Gold Cup loss as motivation in World Cup qualifying

(Jun 23, 2007)


Canada's men's soccer team has vowed that good will come out of its heartbreak at the Gold Cup tournament.

The Canadians were ousted in a controversial 2-1 loss to the United States in the semifinals Thursday night in Chicago, after a goal by Atiba Hutchinson was disallowed when a linesman ruled it offside even though Hutchinson clearly appeared to be onside.

Now, the Canadians will carry a considerable chip on their shoulders into future international action.

"I think it's done wonders for the team,'' Canadian Soccer Association president Colin Linford said from Chicago. "The team knew that they were the better team on the day, they had played well throughout the tournament and we basically agreed (Thursday) night that we're going to be a lot tougher of an opponent because of this as we go into World Cup qualifying next year.''

With Canada pressing for the tying goal in injury time at Soldier Field, Hutchinson got behind the American backline, and beat U.S. 'keeper Kasey Keller. But the linesman flagged Hutchinson offside and referee Benito Archundia waved the goal off.

The distraught Canadians complained bitterly to the referees after the match.

Hutchinson said the mood was sombre back at the hotel.

"Tough mood to be in after losing such a game,'' Hutchinson said before boarding his flight home. "I thought we played well, especially in the second half.

"Of course a lot of guys were not really happy what happened in the end, and the result. But now there's not much you can really do about it.''

The Brampton, Ont., native, a midfielder for F.C. Copenhagen in the Danish league, said he and his teammates watched replays of the goal on TV after the game. The replays appeared to show Hutchinson even with the last American defender before starting his dash to the ball, thus the goal should have stood.

"They showed it over and over,'' Hutchinson said. "It was tough to see how it happened.''

The Canadians went 2-1 through the preliminary round of the Gold Cup, their victories over Costa Rica and Haiti boosting their FIFA ranking from No. 94 up to No. 56. They dispatched Guatemala 3-0 in the quarter-finals.

The Americans, considered the Gold Cup favourites, are No. 16 in the FIFA rankings.

The Americans face Mexico in Sunday's Gold Cup final.


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Not sure when it appeared, but the following brief summary of the game now appears on the CSA site.

'In the first half, we were a little slow in moving the ball, yet we still created chances,' said Stephen Hart. 'In the second half, we made some adjustments with two up front. Iain Hume came up with a beautiful goal and I think that sparked our offence. In the end, unfortunately, we were very disappointed that the game was not decided by the players.'

Interestingly, there is a huge empty space under that, as though the rest of the story is still being written (likely by that college intern we theorize that the computer-illiterate drunken sods at the CSA hired to update the website occasionally. :-) )

Stay tuned, perhaps if they are stupid enough to post an unfinished story, something might be up there temporarily that they don't want us to know.

I love conspiracy theories! (nudge-wink!)

In all seriousness, in all of world history, has there ever been a national association held in lower regard than our good old CSA?

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