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  1. I think the the first line says it all.."I see greatness in that organization....etc." Does anyone on this board see greatness in the CSA? While it is getting better does anyone here see a great opportunity? While I would like to kick anyone of these guys in the nuts for not playing for Canada...as an organization the CSA does not do their part to give hope to anyone in this situation. Any one of the traitors can help our team but until there is a little inspiration show by CSA to take Canada to the MNT to greater heights, i say dig in and ride it out. THAT BEING SAID! With the atmosphe
  2. Choke!! Typical Canadian response to an even more important game. Lame Lame Lame
  3. No one has balls on this team. We need a guy who can take control, has an attitude and and won't roll over. This was a disgusting, meek performance. The things they were doing wrong had nothing to do with team cohesiveness. Lame first touches. Weak passing, outta position, basic communication on a football 101 level. Bright spots I thought were goalkeeping (even that is a stretch) and corners. Some pretty decent balls into the box.
  4. Hoillet scores in the 93rd min. to give Blackburn a tie with Blackpool. Good job. He seems to be having a surge in the last 1/3 of this season.
  5. He would be a great character for the league as I cannot think of any player in the MLS with similar characteristics....but watching him in action and all his rants..... I am Sick of Savage.
  6. Go for it!! He has pretty much achieved all he can in MLS. He is going to play in a mediocre league but he will have better coaching, more money and team stability ONLY because it is Celtic. Not worth moving to Scotland for any other reason than Celtic or Rangers in DeRo's case. He has nothing to lose and all to gain.
  7. They are definitely more liberal about smoking that we are. I used to live in Italy and I swear that when you are born, they give you a carton of Marlboro lights just to welcome you into their world. Smoking in the stadiums was prohibited but everyone, including medical staff and security guards smoked. I went to a "pro" baseball game there and players were smoking on the bench. FYI. Bruno Conti was a baseball player and was offered a prep school scholarship in the US at the age of 13 - or so the story goes.
  8. Puyol looks like he would drink Lysol....Age is creeping up on him. I was a big critique(sp) of him this world cup but with age comes wisdom and he seems to be making could use of it... on the field at least.
  9. These are cigarette smokers. There was Bastian Shweinsteiger on the list. I should have included him. There was a few lists of weed smokers. Socrates was a two pack a day smoker. Same generation was Bruno Conti from Italy and Roma fame. Loved his smokes. I was shocked as well when I heard that. Berbatov - pack a day supposedly.
  10. For sh*ts and giggles was curious who are/were some footballers who smoke: This is what my research turned up. And you know it's true if it's on the internet ;-) Ancelotti 1) David James 2) John Terry 3) Gallas 4) Berbatov 5) Rooney 6) Ronaldo 7) Ronaldo 8) Maradona 9) Socrates 10) Zidane 11) Cruyff
  11. at least someone is getting some action
  12. Seems as though Italy is using TV Replay -albeit mostly after the match is done- to start cracking down. Great to see. Any other countries doing this on a frequent basis? http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2010/11/23/inter_etoo_ban/
  13. Was speaking with some folks from head office at the last match and they were adamant that there was not going to be DP in the first season. That being said, none of these people are in decision making positions so take it for what its worth.
  14. Of course Ozil or Cassano etc.... wouldn't come here. I am openly dreaming of some of the players in the world that I would like to have on my team. Dreaming being the key word. Since this has been dummied down to Sesame Street level, I am going to say Bayern Munich.
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