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  1. Probably due to HD equipment availability and MLS requirement that everything be broadcast in HD.
  2. Sure you can, just use your iPhone
  3. At times I'm confused by the animosity shown here towards Montagliani & Reed. Other than just being on the CSA BoD, are there specific details as to them being against reform? They are the previous 2 BC provincial presidents and obviously are in touch with the current group in BC.
  4. Posted on TTP by our retail manager - I think Dolie emailed it to him.
  5. No idea but I would assume it would be the custom one. BTW, the crest on the red kit has already been updated apparently.
  6. My understanding of the jersey situation is that Umbro is designing a custom top for Canada. Whether that means tweaks to what was introduced earlier this week or a completely different look remains to be seen.
  7. It's happened once before so I guess there is hope for you guys It's possible that the kit you see revealed in February is not the new official full-time jersey - which explains a bit why the public won't be able to purchase until the summer. The kit being used in the meantime will NOT be something that looks like the "ajax" jersey... perhaps there is hope it will come summer 2011. Cheers, Regs.
  8. Perhaps a support group should be started now then...
  9. Fitted - if you are familiar with the England kit, that's the fit they'll use (and material). In terms of design, I highly doubt it'll be the "ajax" look... more towards a high profile England club, one that isn't currently in Umbro (nor Adidas, nor Puma).
  10. EPL: http://www.premierleaguelive.tv Champions League & Europa League: http://video.uefa.com/video/geoindex.html
  11. BC Place was built for the opening & closing ceremonies Expo 86 with an eye to also attract a Major League Baseball team. First event held in the stadium was Pope John Paul II
  12. Not really, you shut down the board, back-up the database, back-up the files, insert the database backup into a new database on the new site, copy the file backup to the new site, update the config file and that's pretty much it. 1 hour tops including testing some stuff to make sure it works. I will say this - the whole change is a clusterfcuk of the highest order. How can you have 2 boards running now?
  13. Does that matter in the CIS? Years back I remember the whole UBC squad played the summers in the CSL... Cheers, Regs.
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