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  1. The 26 man squad from the Euros: Their 3 keepers played senior football in Belgium before transferring on Defenders: Dendoncker, Castaneda and Meunier played senior football in Belgium before transferring away. All the other defenders were in a Belgian academy until 15 Midfielders: Thorgan Hazard was in a Belgian academy until 14, Carrasco was in Belgian academy until he was 17, Chadli until he was 16. All others played senior football in Belgium before transferring away Forwards: All forwards (except 9 one) played senior football in Belgium before transferring away. Eden Hazard was in a Belgian academy until he was 15 Its great for development. I’m excited he’s there, I think he’s going to thrive
  2. When rashford stepped up for his pen 2 thoughts came into my mind. 1, he and sancho have not been able to run off any nervous energy. There’s a decent chance one or both miss, lots of adrenaline still and hard to keep calm. Lots of pressure when you’ve been brought in solely to score a penalty. 2, I’ve seen it happen before with zaza rashford was ready from HT in extra time, no idea why he didn’t get on earlier. And like you said, southgate left it so late he had to put them on for that corner. Not the best decision making in those 15 mins. But I guess if England had won the pens he’d be labelled a mastermind! Such is football
  3. Chiesa’s goal was lovely, absolutely lost it when it went in. Difficult game but the mark of a good team is still managing to pull through Side note, Bachmann really seems to struggle with shots from that angle eh? 👀 Sorry I just couldn’t resist 😁
  4. Sames. Part English as well so bit of extra skin in the game for me, Italian as well so got a couple of bases covered. I expect I’ll get overly annoyed by all the “lads” being overbearing about everything as per every damn tournament
  5. I’m so glad I opened this thread
  6. Winner gets in the super league?
  7. Yeah and certain regions are moving through age groups even more. We are a bit behind in Colchester, or we were anyway as we didn’t organise it too well at the hospital in my opinion. But I know Suffolk has been doing really well vaccinating and a lot of people in 30s and younger have been offered them. One of the (few) things Boris did good with
  8. Yes and catch them out before they can get organised behind the ball
  9. Think we should switch the play more often as it seems to stretch their shape a bit more, plus most of the time there’s a nice run made in the channel by a second player which is not getting used. Control on the switch and slide through would potentially unlock the parked bus
  10. Sweet! Will definitely need to take a trip down the A12
  11. Simeon Jackson is at Chelmsford?? Will have to drive the 20 mins to watch them when allowed to!
  12. My nightmare/reality: Wrexham get promoted and stabilise as a league club while we struggle as fan owned forever because of all the moneybags owners in non league. Boo 😔
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