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  1. I think the couple of sitters that he missed are more telling than the two he got, even the first one which was a cracker of a finish. It's a small sample size but it's like the Kingsley Coman school of finishing. You make highlight reel plays and goals but you miss absolute sitters.
  2. I watch both Ligue 1 and Jupiler and Ligue 1 is a huge step up from Jupiler. Bottom half of Ligue 1 would absolutely wipe the table against similar teams in the Jupiler.
  3. That was how much they paid for Sanches last year, their highest ever transfer. If 25M is their starting point, they'll likely go a bit higher.
  4. That was my reaction the first time I saw the video. He instantly reacted to the situation and knew the Anderlecht player was breaking away. There might be faster players who either don't recognize the danger or are out of gas by the 85th minute. David runs the most km's on his team each game and his somewhat stocky build belies his fantastic fitness level.
  5. In addition to the skill set you've listed, David's got an outstanding motor. This lung busting track back run in the 85th minute against Anderlecht has probably been posted already but here it is again. https://www.rtbf.be/sport/football/belgique/jupilerproleague/detail_jonathan-david-sprinte-97m-a-33km-h-en-fin-de-match-contre-anderlecht?id=10428508
  6. If there's a fifty-fifty ball and you want the other player carried out on a stretcher, then Piette's your guy but in virtually all other parts of the game, Eustaquio is a better player.
  7. I've been closely following Lille since their near death relegation season when my son used to work there. He's back in Toronto but I still follow the team. For every Pepe who underwhelms, there are countless players who have made a seamless transition to a top 8 Champions League tea. I thought Pepe was good but he dominated physically in a technical league. A player like David has more soccer IQ in his left boot than Pepe has in his whole body. Same for Osimhen but at least he's not as ball dominant as Pepe. The only thing he has over David is height and power but that said, he'll do better in Italy than the Premiership. David has the type of skills that are not league dependent. He sees and uses space so well his play making abilities will shine if he has some class players around him. It's too bad that Chakvetadze was injured this season because he's the type of gifted creative player that would have been a dynamic pairing with David.
  8. Brian Budd was decent for the level of soccer when he played but for those who have no idea who he is, think of an uber fit Chad Barrett but with worse touch and even worse finishing.
  9. Video highlight package.
  10. David would fit well with Lukaku, who is a much better version of Depoitre.
  11. From an interview with Gent coach: https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/jess-thorup-gent-juvel-havner-i-en-storklub/ David content: onathan David has been brought under the wings of Jess Thorup, and the Dane predicts his Canadian comet a great future, while he himself strives for a relatively open and Danish style in Belgian Ghent. Jess Thorup was close to a guy's note in Belgian Ghent a year ago, but the Dane saved himself at the last minute with a strong tactical maneuver. And since then the former FC Midtjylland coach has established himself as a definite success coach in the Belgian top club. Read more about Thorup's ride here. bold.dk brings here the second part of a longer interview with 50-year-old Thorup. The first part can be read here, and the third part follows Sunday. Happiness turned for Ghent and Thorup when the Dane switched to a 4–4-2 system with a diamond in the middle at the end of last season. That meant, among other things, that 20-year-old Canadian attacking talent Jonathan David was jerked on the central offensive midfield. And David has since exploded with 27 goals and 10 assists in 43 games, making him one of the hottest sales leads in Belgium and Europe in general. - When I came to the club, David was just 18 years old and had a few bucks, but he didn't play. - When I first saw him, I thought he was amazing. A player of that age with the finishing skills is very rare to see. And at the same time, he is an incredibly intelligent player. - But I don't think he was the typical 9's who can play with his back towards the goal, because he is not strong enough for that. To me he is more of a fake 9's or a 10's because he is the one who runs the most yards for us in matches. He works hard in the press and has a good connection with the two attackers and the two 8s. - He is probably the greatest talent I have worked with, and I think I can safely say that there is no limit to how far he can go. - I hope, of course, that we can keep him for one more season where it all plays, but then he will probably move on to one of the big clubs in the big leagues. There is no doubt about that.
  12. David's looking like a classic 10 with his playmaking and scoring touch. Too bad the video didn't show his box-to-box tracking run to win a ball back from one of the fastest players in the Jupiler league.
  13. Coman says Davies is faster. https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/alphonso-davies-the-fastest-player-at-bayern-munich-kingsley-coman-kylian-mbappe-10805
  14. You list the number of countries but you neglect to mention their population, which is not large relative to those countries where basketball completely dominates hockey. Philippines population 100M. China population 1.4B. Brazil population 104M. Argentina population 44M. Spain population 46M. Lots of other basketball countries where hockey doesn't register so as a rough guess, there are probably 10 times more people who follow basketball than hockey.
  15. Steve Nash winning back-to-back MVP's is like a kid from China playing high school hockey in Harbin and then 4 years of hockey at York and then going to the NHL and winning back-to-back MVP's.
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