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  1. Scottish cliques, Spanish-speaking cliques, Eastern European cliques...
  2. Not soccer related but we Canadians are remarkably patient and tolerant in long lineups. Back in August, I was in a line of about a couple hundred people inside Pearson at an Air Canada ticket counter after our original flight got cancelled. We were rebooked for the next day but the people in line wanted to fly out the same day. Anyway, about 3 hours into the lineup, at 5pm, two of the three ticket agents got up and left because their shift was over. There was still about 50 people in line and most of us just shrugged or laughed. A couple of people got really upset and started yelling at the lone ticket agent remaining but others in line told them to relax.
  3. Accumulation of yellow cards.
  4. He was going to let it roll out for Panama throw in.
  5. Came across a tweet that said that when David has scored, LOSC has 15 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws, unprecedented for Ligue 1 and previous elite levels of soccer in France going back 70 years.
  6. It might be awkward to pull rank on Yilmaz but Lille should let David take all the penalty kicks going forward to pad his goal count. I think Pepe got 4 or 5 goals on PK's the season he was sold to Arsenal.
  7. Eustaquio is crazy fit but I've watched World Cup matches where Kante looks like he's doing a beep test for the entire game.
  8. Eustsaquio would need a motor like Kante to be in the mix for Portugal and short of growing an extra lung, it's unlikely to happen.
  9. Laryea certainly won't be intimated in hostile CONCACAF venues. I don't know if he speaks Spanish but he was talking to ES players after dead ball situations all game.
  10. I have a subscription and from his brother Mauro and others in the article, it's clear that Herdman was absolutely instrumental in convincing him to play for Canada. Herdman made dozens of calls to Eustaquio before he commited.
  11. I watched a lot of Jupiler League games when David was in Gent and Brugge is easily better than NE. That said, the mid-table teams are comparable to mid-table MLS and bottom 4 or 5 teams are significantly worse.
  12. I would make it a point to watch any TFC game that has Priso in the lineup. He's literally developing in leaps and bounds and he makes a couple of plays each game that might not be flashy but shows his tactical awareness beyond his years. A couple of games ago, he was receiving a short pass under tight pressure and he let the ball roll past him away from his marker to create space for himself.
  13. You're not complaining but you're still coming across as someone who needs to find a downside to everything. Also, you're being overly defensive when others correctly point out that your successive posts are moving further and further away from your original point.
  14. Yilmaz is the starting #10 but he's not playing yet due to load maintenance from the Euros.
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