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  1. Could be the fit of the jersey but he looks a lot more trim than when he was in MLS or Turkey: https://twitter.com/axiasportsmgmt/status/1205413494071480320
  2. Transfermarkt bumped up David's value to 20M Euros. Gent's made the knockout round of Europa League so if David continues to impress on the larger stage, it can only enhance his value. There's some worry on the Gent forum that David might leave during the winter transfer window but unless there's an offer that blows them away, for both David and the team, there are a lot of reasons to play out the season and then leave in the summer.
  3. The internet attracts these types of arguments because you'd be talking to yourself at a pub.
  4. With all due respect to Hutch, David is already a top 5 player in the Belgian league and probably the top prospect based on age. Also, the Belgian league is miles ahead of the leagues Hutch played in before his move to PSV.
  5. Leverkusen keeper also made a number of miraculous saves.
  6. I watched a stream and it wasn't Davies finest game with Bayern but he was far from their worst starter. Gnabry's miss at the end of the match when he was in clear was borderline unprofessional. Also, Bayern kept going down the right side in their buildup and the few times the attack went down Davies side, he looked way more dangerous than Pavard.
  7. Gent goes through to knockout round on a 0-0 result and can finish first with a victory at home against the weakest team in the group. Gent parked the bus, especially after a defender gets a red card around 75'. David didn't do much offensively but ran his tail off tracking back when Saint Etienne was on the attack. Corners were 8-1 in Saint Etienne's favour, which gives you some idea of one-sided the game was.
  8. Here's a video profile of David from Europa League Magazine, ahead of Gent's match with Saint Etienne today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVagvEdVpTU&feature=emb_logo
  9. No, tying goal by Antwerp was legit. Literally last minute of extra time and Antwerp launch a hail Mary ball into the box from their half. Two defenders and a forward go for the ball and one of the defenders crashes into the leaping Gent keeper who spills the ball to a nearby Antwerp attacker who knocks it in. David could have had 3 or 4 goals easily with any luck at all.
  10. David with an assist on the first goal with run down left side and a square ball across the box with a nice dummy through the legs of Depoitre to Yaremchuk. David had three glorious chances, with a fingertip save along the ground from the keeper after a through ball on a free kick. With the other two chances, the ball delivery was just a fraction off.
  11. David's goal. http://www.proximus-sports.be/index.php/nl/voetbal/jupiler-pro-league/video/26809/goal-royal-antwerp-3-2-kaa-gent-94-david David's assist. What a pass. http://www.proximus-sports.be/index.php/nl/voetbal/jupiler-pro-league/video/26805/goal-royal-antwerp-0-1-kaa-gent-21-yaremchuk
  12. Article on David from https://www.nieuwsblad.be/ Translation a bit rough. I know from watching streams of Gent matches that David has a great motor and covers a lot of ground but that 13km per match figure referenced in the article has to be a mistake because very few players, in any league, approach that type of distance in a game. Top coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck filters the (Belgian) top football every Wednesday. This week, he pays tribute to AA Gent striker Jonathan David (19), who hopes to steal the show again on Thursday evening against Antwerp. The first time I went to Jonathan Davidheard, was somewhere in the summer of 2017, when I was in contact with AA Gent with Bart Van Renterghem, my promise coach. Ghent regularly attracted young players without consulting the first team's trainer, to allow the riders to mature first. Many did not seem to have the level to ever get the first team, but Bart told me: We have a small Canadian here recently, and he has something, there is music in it. Well, that has turned out in the meantime. Great for scouting, of course, for men like Gunther Schepens, who are looking for young opportunities at foreign tournaments. That you often miss the ball is actually not illogical. But David was a real hit. Remarkably, Davidspent so long in the waiting room. When I was a trainer from Ghent, he was of course only 17, and had just arrived from Canada. Apart from a few duels with the promises, I did not see him then - it was too early to include him in the A-team. Unfortunately I was not allowed to experience it, but even under Vanderhaeghe or in the first months under Thorup he played very little. This is really a story of 'one is dead the other is his bread'. Only when Chakvetadze fell out in December 2018 did David become a basic player. Before that, he was no more than a super sub. Of course, his talent had always come to the surface, but without the injuries of Chakvetadze he would have had to wait even longer for his chance. Then he might not always have been a lecturer now. Meanwhile David, however, the most crucial part in the Ghent radar work, also difficult to replace. Although we must not forget Depoitre. Thanks to him, Yaremchuk gets more returns, and as a third man, David also benefits . Davidhas really emerged in recent months as one of the best players in our competition. He has an unbelievable engine and endurance - he travels 13 kilometers for every match, which is phenomenal for an offensive player - and he is super fast. You don't see that combination often. He is technically skilled, with both feet. His header has improved - witness his fantastic deviation match against Cercle in early September. He has a very good understanding, knows perfectly which areas to dive into, where to drop out. And he has, finally, an incredible mentality. He is anything but a pseudovedette, on the contrary: he is a real star in the making, because he goes full training, rest and sleeps a lot, only thinks of football and keeps his feet on the ground. All these qualities deliver a unique pallet for Belgium. Endurance, speed, technique, insight and mentality: most football players in Belgium score well on two or three, sometimes four of those five elements. AsDavid on all five score well, is rarely seen. Kevin De Bruyne, yes, he also had everything. But further? The question is: can Ghent keep it next summer? If he finds it time to leave, it will be difficult. Moreover, Ghent has never been able to hold players that were in great demand. After our champion year and our Champions League campaign, Sels, Kums and Depoitre were also sold for 6/7/8 million. And for Davidthe bids will be much higher. That is a player who normally generates 20 million. The fact that Ghent hibernates in Europe is 95 percent certain, but if it hits a few more rounds, and it can show itself, its value will only increase. Being a Ghent champion is just as important. The Champions League is perhaps the only thing that can convince him to stay an extra year, but this boy has the potential to reach the absolute top. He is able to end up at the four / five best clubs in every top competition. Apart from that, I wonder: what if Chakvetadze is back? It was also brought in very young by Ghent - luckily just before Bayern Munich and co. discovered him - and predicted a bright future. The return with Davidis much higher than with Chakvetadze, who sometimes misses the overview, but I think they can also be in the team together. David is also tactically versatile, because he can be the offensive man in the diamond, but he can also play as a second striker, or grow as a deep man, in the role of false 'nine'. And who knows, just like Chakvetadze, he can even handle the positions of Kums and Vadis. He had to get Vormer back about five times against Club Brugge. As the most offensive midfielder, he even made a defensive impression with his walking ability and character. But still let him infiltrate himself. Once he is up to speed, there is no defensive midfielder who can keep up with him. HNB
  13. David is also very good on counters resulting from turnovers. With him and Davis on top, US can't push forward with abandon. David doesn't have the pace of Davies, well no one has, but his straight line speed is very underrated. He's also an excellent passer on odd man breaks.
  14. Davies getting some major props from Fox Soccer: https://twitter.com/FOXSoccer/status/1193960079097122817 The video doesn't even show probably the most impressive 1v1 defensive sequence where Thor Hazard gets completely owned by Davies.
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