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  1. Ikone is actually a very skilled player. He's been called up a few times by Dechamps. It's when he has to consider options during the run of play that his game becomes extremely one-dimensional and entirely predictable.
  2. The one-two to David notwithstanding, Sanches plays possession almost to the point where he's trying to show off. Nothing wrong with stepping in and hoofing the ball away for a clearance but it's like he want's to finesse his way out of a jam all the time.
  3. Kante has more soccer IQ than all of the starters for Lille combined, if you allow for negative IQ.
  4. I've streamed a few Charleton games and because I've got too much time on my hands, I watched a half of the latest Ingolstadt game. The Transfermarkt value for both teams are roughly similar but for what it's worth, there are a lot more players on Charleton who would embarrass themselves in a rondo drill than on Ingolstadt.
  5. In the l'Equipe article, he mentioned that at the start of the Ligue 1 season, he hadn't played since March and his weight was 84kg on 1.80m. Keep in mind that he had been kept out of Gent preseason games when they were negotiating with Lille and wasn't practicing with the team.
  6. I don't quite see it like that. Strictly from an asset management prospective, Besiktas knows they can cash in on Larin down the road and they're not going to do anything to impair what they can get for him.
  7. They don't make the simple plays. Twice, late in the game, Sanches lost the ball which allowed Rennes to counter attack. First one was a shot in the box that rebounded to a Rennes player. Second was near midfield when he beat a couple of players with some nice ball handling and tried to get around a third when he got dispossed.
  8. Probably the same people who would be excited if Alex Ferguson accepted an offer to coach CNMT.
  9. Yes, you are correct. Sorry for the confusion. His loan with Pacos ends in June and his contract with CA ends in Dec. 2021.
  10. Eustaquio's contract ends June 30, 2021. He's unlikely to move during the winter transfer window, particularly to clubs like Porto or Benfica unless CA asks for a really low transfer fee. Most likely, Eustaquio will go on a free transfer to a club over the summer.
  11. He's reading the game much better but his fitness level now is also night and day better than when he first came to the league.
  12. David Ligue 1 leader in pressing in attacking zone and Yilmaz in 5th: From TACOMPO @faistacompo: Voici le top 5 L1 des presses en zone offensive/joueur : 🇨🇦Jonathan David – 112 🇬🇦 Denis Bouanga – 111 🇧🇯 Steve Mounié – 101 🇫🇷Randall Kolo-Muani – 96 🇹🇷Burak Yilmaz – 93 Here's the bottom five: Hwang - 19 🇫🇷Dimitri Payet - 24 🇳🇬Moses Simon - 26 🇧🇷Neymar - 33 🇫🇷Kylian Mbappé - 35
  13. Very good point. Many teams use inverted wingers and I think Davies is much more dangerous cutting in on the off wing and unleashing a shot or cutting the ball back to an onrushing forward. He's not the classical winger who sends crosses into box to set up his forwards for headers.
  14. If he picks Philippines in the next few years, it says a lot more about him than the CSA and I really like Baldisimo.
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