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  1. David was playing attacking mid, behind the two forwards. He would also drift over to the flanks depending on the play. His play making skills would be wasted as a pure striker. For the go ahead goal, he got the hockey assist, taking the ball deep down the right side and then cutting it back to a player at the edge of the box to crossed it in for the header. Another thing I noticed is that David tracks back really well. He lost the ball near the right edge of the box and he went stride for stride with the attacker deep into his own end before a pretty cynical foul chopping him down to earn a yellow card. I think Gent will play two big target forwards in the Cavallini mold with David either playing as a recessed forward behind them or an out-and-out attacking mid who'll do his share of the dirty defensive work. For the National Team, if Larin ever regains his form, he can team with Cavallini with David playing on the top of a diamond mid. Aird and MAK are locks as well as Davies as LB or mid depending on the opposition.
  2. I don't think people appreciate the vision and awareness Larin shows in the entire sequence. When he receives the ball from the keeper, look near the top of the screen and you'll see the guy who ultimately scores racing up the field towards the goal. In a nutshell, the sequence is what makes Larin such a tantalizing and also frustrating player because he has both the physical tools as well as decent soccer IQ to do so much more than he's shown.
  3. If you take your chances and score the goals you're supposed to score along with a few crackers from both feet, you are easily a regular player in a top 5 league I stream a lot of Lille matches and they recently sold a 20 year old Portuguese striker to AC Milan for 38M euros and David is a better player in my opinion. The player, Leao, scored 8 goals in his first season with Lille and has size over David but that's about it.
  4. Thanks! It's too bad all of the Gent information is only available in Flemmish and not French but it's not surprising given the language dynamics of Belgium. I've visited my son when he was working in Lille, near the border, and he quickly learned it's much less hassle to use English in the Flemish areas than French even though they all understand French.
  5. I think Depoitre is quality for the Jupiler League but just couldn't make the next jump to a higher level, much like Larin. Off topic but you seem to know Gent well so do you know what happened to the Georgian kid Chakvetadze? He's seems to have fallen off the map but he's roughly the same age as David and at one time was rated much more highly.
  6. Gent likes to play with one or two big target forwards, like the guy who scored the first goal. They're actually quite good at running into space and if they're even halfway decent finishers, David will get a bucket full of assists this season. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I'm just as impressed with his playmaking as with his finishing.
  7. He played the full 90 in yesterday's 1 -0 win over Sporting KC. Miller's never been on a losing side in any of his starts, 5 draws and 4 wins. Also, he's never been subbed out in any of his starts, which indicates he's getting his minutes based on his defensive play.
  8. The official Gent site has videos of all their matches. https://www.kaagent.be/nl
  9. David's run at 2.50 outpacing 2 defenders to set up PK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=270&v=qv6HWLpQ2k8
  10. Gent wasn't confirmed for EL qualifying until just last week when another Belgium team ahead of them had their disqualification for game fixing upheld. Anyway, here's a video of the game from the Gent team page https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=270&v=qv6HWLpQ2k8 David's run and pass at 2.50 that set up the penalty. Officially, he didn't get an assist on that one but what a burst of speed. I didn't think he had that pace. His other assists were at 3.30 and 4.00
  11. Fantastic vision and technique. The cross on the first goal put the ball to the forward's foot in full stride.
  12. So a generational player like Philip Lahm was wasted at left back for both Germany and Bayern.
  13. Lille is also my team because my son worked in there for the last few years. I've been to a few games in the stadium and watched others at a supporters bar there. Both Lille and Lyon (LOSC and OL) have really good youth development systems. Hazard, Cheyroux brothers, Payet, Pavard, etc., all came through the Lille system.
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