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  1. You list the number of countries but you neglect to mention their population, which is not large relative to those countries where basketball completely dominates hockey. Philippines population 100M. China population 1.4B. Brazil population 104M. Argentina population 44M. Spain population 46M. Lots of other basketball countries where hockey doesn't register so as a rough guess, there are probably 10 times more people who follow basketball than hockey.
  2. Steve Nash winning back-to-back MVP's is like a kid from China playing high school hockey in Harbin and then 4 years of hockey at York and then going to the NHL and winning back-to-back MVP's.
  3. Ben beat Carl Lewis. That counts extra. Also, I don't remember Bailey's race in detail but even now, I can picture Ben flying out of the blocks so hard he appears to stumble and maybe 40 metres in, he's ahead but that's when you expect Lewis to make his move but Ben just pulls away and 5 metres from the finish line, he raises his hand, easing up and still smashes the world record with a 9.79.
  4. Steve Nash won the equivalent of 2 Ballon d'Ors. Number 2 would be Ben Johnson winning the World's and then following up with Olympic gold. With all due respect, hockey is not a world sport and the talent pool Nash had to compete against is exponentially larger. Regarding Ben, we now know that every single finalist who line up against him was also on PED's so in my books, he won fair and square.
  5. Have to believe the one about yelling at someone for not passing was before he came to Bayern.
  6. I watched the game on stream. Overall, Gent was pretty bad and the score was indicative of the play. David didn't look as sharp as usual but the whole team seemed to be running in sand. David had the hockey assist on the lone goal. In the video, the Gent goal starts around 1:37. https://www.proximus-sports.be/index.php/nl/voetbal/jupiler-pro-league/video/28209/samenvatting-kaa-gent-sporting-charleroi A lot of forwards in David's position would've just attempted a shot on goal and it looked like he was about to shoot at the top of the box but he recognized the run by Bezus and slotted the pass over,
  7. Liverpool players reportedly each got a $200K bonus for winning Champions League but Real Madrid players got $2M for their CL win. Don't know how generous Bayern will be if they manage to win.
  8. Player with most goals in Jupiler Pro League has golden bull image on the back of his jersey
  9. Don't follow Serie A so don't know how Roma is rated defensively but in addition to his goal, he made runs into space where he was calling for a ball that never came. Teams who'll be making a bid for David will be studying hundreds of hours of video on David and they'll be comfortable that his game will transition well in a higher league given his play against quality teams in Europa League like St. Etienne and Wolfsburg, in addition to Roma.
  10. Those scouts must be thinking their creative mids would have recognize all those runs David made where the ball never arrived.
  11. Also, Davies' German after a year is way better than Bale's Spanish after how many years?
  12. David's not a diver and a lot of those are legit fouls which aren't called because he doesn't embellish them like, say, Neymar.
  13. He plays like that all the time. Its not so much hero ball as a lack of vision. David was in great position to receive passes that never came.
  14. Video of Bayern practice. Davies catches up to Kimmich and takes away the ball like nothing. https://media.giphy.com/media/jOhIkGUpeGeqCBCoOX/giphy.gif
  15. Here's a translated interview with David that came out today: Jonathan David dissects himself Sometimes a candy, the best muscle fibers and walking until you drop Tonight, Jonathan David faces Goliath. Because that remains AS Roma, a European superpower. If AA Gent wants to qualify, the 20-year-old Canadian will have to shine again after his hat trick against STVV. Once that has happened, he will have to raise at least € 25 million a little later. Dissection of the man who is to become the new Belgian record transfer. By himself. THE EYES: "I always know what's happening around me" GUILLAUME MAEBE An old quote from you: "If I get covered up close and don't see the goal, I use the defender to aim my goal correctly." Uh, explain. “Logical, right? If you don't see the goal, you have to use something else. How a defender positions himself, that betrays a lot about his place in relation to his goal. I learned it by looking at images often, by seeing multiple players doing it. If I notice something new, I immediately try it out on the training field. And then repeat. " Lionel Messi sometimes hangs in the same place for minutes, like last weekend against Eibar, and is suddenly free. Without even walking once. “Because walking is sometimes the best walking action. The game and the players are constantly on the move. It is smart." In addition to your mentality, coach Jess Thorup often emphasizes your sense of space. You often stand well between the lines. “That has become one of my strengths. Every time I make a walk, I first look in all directions: left, right, in front of me. I always know what is happening around me, it has almost become a feeling. And that half a second that I save because I no longer have to look around me helps a lot. ” DE LONGEN: "Just keep going until you can no longer" How good are your physical tests? “Okay, I think. I don't know the numbers. " Your VO2max is above sixty. Excellent for a soccer player. "Is that right? I'm just doing those tests. The trick is to stop when you can no longer. Easy." "Jonathan has fast and slow twitch fibers," says general manager Louwagie. Your muscle fibers give you both endurance and explosiveness. Unique. “What can I say? I have both, yes. " Are you the fastest at Ghent? “I'm among the fastest, but I'm not the fastest. In terms of kilometers traveled, I am at the top together with Sven Kums and Milad Mohammadi. ” One downside: your jumping power would only be 'normal'. (laughs) “That has been a theme since I was in Ghent's promises. I can jump even higher, but now I don't use that often in my game. " Do you diet I ask because you are naturally strong, muscular built. “I don't diet. That is in my genes. I don't spend much time in fitness and I stick to the guidelines of the team. The only thing I sometimes do is eat something the day after a match. But then it's allowed, isn't it? " THE HEAD: “I never think I am the best. Or the worst ” When we ask Thorup about your strongest point, he says that your mental strength is unseen. "Agreement. My calmness is my strength. I never have heights or lows. It is always neutral in my head, as if I am in the zone. " What do you mean by heights and lows? “That there is never too much of anything present. After a good match I will never think that I am the best, after a bad one I will never think that I am the worst. I know no doubt. Maybe some frustration because a certain action could be better, but no doubt. " Do you know joy? Thorup said he saw you laughing in the dressing room for the first time after your hat trick against STVV. (laughs) "But I always smile." Kums called you the coolest frog he ever met last weekend. "That's a compliment. That is my character: being calm, relaxed. That strengthens me as a football player. ” THE HEART "I thought the sprint against Doku was the most normal thing in the world" Are you selfish enough? "I could be more selfish." But you consciously do not choose that? “I'm just not like that. I like to involve my team mates in everything. If I can choose between a pass or a shot, I will choose the shot if I think I can score. But I'm not going to feel worse if someone else scores. " You scored 22 times in all competitions together, but your most striking action was against Anderlecht: the sprint in the final phase with which you brought Doku back. “Unbelievable how many people have spoken to me about that. That wasn't a crazy sprint, was it? I just had to do that. " No other striker sees it that way. “Doku has been dangerous for a whole match. I had to prevent him from hurting us. " Are you selfish enough for the top of Europe? There count goals, not the defensive actions. "Maybe, but if I play such matches later, that experience will come." DE FEET: "One by one I am good, but almost nobody knows that" Strange, but of all the people I asked about what your greatest quality is, nobody said your feet. "They will be more impressed with other things, certainly." Your technique isn't just okay, is it? "My first touch, my dribble, my left foot: there are still many things that I cannot be completely satisfied with right now." I hope you are satisfied with at least one technical aspect? (thinks for a long time) “Maybe my finish within sixteen. In Canada they also call me a killer for purpose. And my one-to-one situations are also good, but in the role that I now play at AA Ghent, I don't use that very often. Few know that I can actually do that well. " David about his future: "Bundesliga would be a good step for me" Jonathan Davidis hot on the transfer market, extremely hot. Tonight the Ghelamco Arena is full of scouts from top clubs. Scouts have been reported from England (Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea), Germany (Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 04, Werder Bremen), the Netherlands (PSV), France (Lille, Nice) and Spain (Seville) ). European top players such as Manchester City, Lyon and Arsenal have already shown interest in the attacker. The Spanish newspaper AS even published a piece on Monday comparing David with Dortmund's super talent Erling Haaland. "Really? Honest: I never see such articles pass. I will never actively look for it. ” The German style of playing Which does not mean that David does nothas thought about his future. “The Bundesliga would be a good next step for me. The German playing style is somewhat similar to that in Belgium, playing at high intensity and the higher level is a nice stepping stone. A transfer to another competition is of course also possible, but a lot will depend on the club, their project and my role in it. We will see what happens this summer, my focus now is on AS Roma. "
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