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  1. The way I look at it, for both of them it's their only chance to potentially play in a world cup. You'd have to be crazy to pass up an opportunity like this before you retire (not that they will soon ). Maybe I can understand them skipping the games against minnows due to the travel/pandemic but it's hard to see them not showing up for the octagonal.
  2. Updated @jordan February 27 - March 04 Saturday, Feb 27 Alphonso Davies - FC Bayern Munich vs 1. FC Koln (Bundesliga) 9:30AM EST - Sportsnet Junior Hoilett - Cardiff City FC vs Middlesbrough (Championship) 10:00AM EST *may be injured Liam Millar - Charlton Athletic FC (On Loan from Liverpool) vs Blackpool (League One) 10AM EST Harry Paton - Ross County FC vs St.Mirren (SPL) 10:00AM EST Stephen Eustáquio - FC Paços de Ferreira vs Santa Clara (Primeira Liga) 1:00PM EST Sunday, Feb 28 Jonathan David - OSC Lille vs Strasbourg (Ligue 1) 11:05AM EST - OneSoccer Mon
  3. Really nice goal on a really awful field. I usually don't pay attention to the NCAA but Russell-Rowe seems like he could turn out to be a decent player.
  4. Ends 2-2 on a last minute header! Yeah, it seemed like it kinda went under him, probably both their fault. The goal that was called back was also a pretty bad attempt to cut out the cross. He did make some good saves otherwise, not a bad game overall.
  5. Feb 15 - 25 Monday, Feb 15 Atiba Hutchinson - Beşiktaş J.K vs Gençlerbirliği (Super Lig) 8AM EST Cyle Larin - Beşiktaş J.K vs Gençlerbirliği (Super Lig) 8AM EST Alphonso Davies - FC Bayern Munich vs Arminia (Bundesliga) 2:30PM EST - Sportsnet Stephen Eustáquio - FC Paços de Ferreira vs Sporting (Primeira Liga) 3:15PM EST Tuesday, Feb 16 Junior Hoilett - Cardiff City FC vs Luton Town (Championship) 3:15PM EST - DAZN Wednesday, Feb 17 No games Thursday, Feb 18 Jonathan David - OSC Lille vs Ajax (Europa League) 3PM EST - DAZN Scott Arfield - Rangers FC vs Antwe
  6. It's cool if you want to! I might also align the schedule with the pinned weekly Canucks Abroad thread.
  7. I think the league has a number of guys who got kinda screwed over by the CPL not existing earlier, having to resort to playing semi pro in their early-mid 20s due to the lack of professional opportunities. I understand them staying in the game to follow their dreams but I think the league will improve from good young players eventually taking their spots. I hope York smashes everyone this year with how young their team is, it should force more teams to start trying to find more good young talent. It's good to have more Canadian coaches for sure, if a lot of the players I mentioned get in
  8. https://streamja.com/5r7oN
  9. I usually type these up pretty quick so I might accidentally forget to delete old games/accidentally put wrong dates. It's worth double checking if I made a typo on any games you guys are interested in. I don't mind switching up the next one to align with your weekly thread, only thing is the weekend schedule tends to be busier so the it's easier to be reminded of weekend games early in the week. Though if you linked to here in your thread, at least I don't have to bump this thread mid week. It doesn't matter to me though, either format works. 👍
  10. February 8-14 Monday, Feb 08 Steven Vitoria - Moreirense FC vs Farense (Primeira Liga) 12:00PM EST Alphonso Davies - FC Bayern Munich vs Al Ahly (Club World Cup) 1PM EST - TSN Tuesday, Feb 09 Stephen Eustáquio - FC Paços de Ferreira vs Portimonense (Primeira Liga) 10AM EST Junior Hoilett - Cardiff City FC vs Rotherham (Championship) 2PM EST Wednesday, Feb 10 Jonathan David - OSC Lille vs Dijon (French Cup) 1PM EST Thursday, Feb 11 Cyle Larin - Beşiktaş J.K vs Konyaspor (Turkish Cup) 12:45PM EST Atiba Hutchinson - Beşiktaş J.K vs Konyaspor (Turkish Cup) 12:45PM
  11. I’ve read a lot of people say that ACL injuries are a lot less of a career ender now, still a wasted season every time someone gets one though. My knees have been messed up since grade 6, sadly it tends to be a reoccurring thing.
  12. It’s honestly hard to get excited about this now, it’s one thing if this was four years ago but who knows what level he’ll be at after two ACL(?) tears. Still good news, at least it shows another player wanting to play for us and our player pool just got bigger. Best case he gets back to where he once was, worst case the injuries took their toll and we don’t select him. I don’t know how similar he plays to Vitoria but they both strike me as slow but tall and good in the air, maybe he will just replace him in a year lol.
  13. KJ was a great analyst, damn that sucks. Also Jay and Dan are gone again? That's the one sports highlights show I actually liked watching.
  14. What a hit! I also like how he wasn't on for the two goals against
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