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  1. We really need to start games better, it takes us too long to settle in sometimes. We looked great towards the end, we’re usually much better in the 2nd half as well so I hope we keep pushing. It’s also bullshit we’re not getting any calls.
  2. I’ve got FOX on while I wait for my slow ass laptop to load, we actually got called a worthy opponent. We’ve been upgraded from minnow!
  3. I'm not sure where I'll watch it yet, I find it annoying having to hook up my laptop to the TV and watching a laggy Onesoccer stream but I don't know if I can stomach listening to Americans yelling stupid shit for 90 minutes. I might just watch on OS and if we win, I'll watch it again later on FOX to laugh at the salty Americans commentators.
  4. I’m glad our guys don’t do that stutter step bullshit.
  5. I’m probably one of the few who wanted to see a lot of rotation this game, part of this tourney should be giving fringe players a shot to see what they can do. I would have liked to see Corbeanu, Pasher, and/or Akinola start along with a few others. I know a win puts us through, but with a depleted Haiti squad our B team is still better on paper and I’d take the risk to test different players out. I just want us to go all out against the US, I’d take a tie but would love to beat them. Our guys on yellows better be careful.
  6. I missed the beginning of the game but he actually pulled off some pretty incredible moves to get past a few defenders in a tight space in the first half. I didn’t realize he has as much skill as he does. I’m hoping he’s the first big prospect the CPL has. It would be great for the league to have one so early on.
  7. Oh wow, the US only beat Haiti 1-0? Considering they were at home, Haiti was missing players, and it was a low pressure game, that’s not very good. For some reason I thought we played the US next instead of Haiti. It kind of sucks that our next game happens before theirs because after the Haiti game, they’ll know how many goals they potentially need to pass us on goal differential. We need to try to go all out against Haiti, try to get another at least 3-0 win to give ourselves a cushion.
  8. I just finished watching the last game and was gonna mention how he already looks stronger than everyone out there, which is crazy considering his age. I think he's also a good decision maker, he holds up the ball well and doesn't try to do too much or randomly give the ball away like a lot of young players typically do.
  9. When I was in grade 9 and 10 I played indoor in my town, both years I was the best player in the league and it wasn't even close (to be fair, it was co-ed and I think I was the oldest player). The next year I played a season of indoor soccer in Brampton, the level of play was so much higher. I held my own skill wise but I didn't stand out, I feel like there wasn't a single bad player in the league. To be fair, my town (which is nearby and may have been mentioned above) does have a lot of really good players, I'm surprised we haven't really produced any professionals of note. I just assume none of them bothered to play indoor soccer lol.
  10. I'm realllllly hoping for a repeat of this game tomorrow.
  11. I won’t lie, part of me is happy that the possible scenario of Akinola ending up a very good player but playing for the US is no longer possible. That would hurt too much to watch. His two best traits I’ve noticed are his strength and ability to make runs, he always seems to find space behind defenders very well, it’s a matter of someone being able to find the pass. Sometimes his finishing can be poor (his shots go pretty wide sometimes), but at the same time he has already proven he can score at the MLS level. He also seems out of shape so far this year but I’m hoping it’s just from whatever injury/illness he had. I’m not gonna call him a sure thing since I’ve learned my lesson from Tabla but he could be a big addition to the team for years to come.
  12. But did you see that engine of his?
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