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  1. 2001 born forward with Valour FC. Just turned 18 and has 6 goals in 15 appearances (7 starts) so far this season.
  2. Sooooo, this wouldn’t be a bad first CMNT game to attend.
  3. Some of us need to gear up for the Z squad. I’m washed up at the ripe age of 23 but still have my pace, just sub me out after 20 minutes because I have no cardio anymore.
  4. Turns out I'll probably be home to watch the game after all but it's good that it's being replayed so soon after.
  5. Soooo I might have to miss most of the game tomorrow. It looks like OneSoccer did upload the replay for the last game, anyone know how long it takes for them to upload? I’d rather miss the game completely and avoid spoilers for a bit than to watch only part of it live.
  6. Out of all pure LBs we have, Adekugbe is getting the most play time in a comparable to MLS league. I probably would be pissed if I were him. For Cordova I just want to see him finally play. Cuba won’t be a great team to evaluate defenders against but let’s see what we have.
  7. I’d like to see Córdova and Adekugbe get the start Tuesday.
  8. Wheeler's commentary always seems overly... cheesy? Dunno how to explain it but I'm definitely not a fan.
  9. While they obviously have way more depth than us (population and the fact that we only just got a professional league makes it inevitable) but with how they’re playing right now I don’t think our first team is that far behind. We have a better keeper and attacking players (Zardes is still starting lmao) and a potential Arfield-Eustaquio-Kaye midfield isn’t going to be outclassed by theirs. The only thing that will screw us over could be our back line.
  10. This doesn’t really strike me as a “best 23”, it almost looks like a way to see some of the guys on the outside looking in. I’m still happy with the squad and some of the new additions, there are just a few that I don’t see as a part of our future plans. It’s Cuba so I can see why some guys are missing, it’s not like we ever play friendlies to give certain players a chance.
  11. Someone do it for Vanney now.
  12. Apparently both were in stoppage time at the end of the game.
  13. Made his first appearance for TFC today. Very intriguing player for sure.
  14. I think he got sent off shortly after the goal? Translating on Twitter isn’t the best so I’m not sure.
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