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  1. Their trash tier fanbase is celebrating Bradley’s injury, I hope they all get to see how great their MLS midfielders are. If they lose it will still be Bradley’s fault, and despite their lack of talent it will also be all Berhalter’s fault!
  2. Uhhh...he's both not in the 18 for the U20s and the senior team. Some of the fans are saying he's already with Canada so hopefully that's the reason.
  3. Just finished watching the game. I noticed this back when he was still with Vancouver but his tackling is really damn good, once his defensive positioning gets better he can become a world class LB for sure. The commentators on the replay I watched were saying he was having a phenomenal game. I just wish we can watch him on the wing more, watching games to see a LB can be a bit boring at times.
  4. Hopefully the next time our best player gets an early breakaway the flag doesn't wrongfully go up.
  5. I’m avoiding spoilers here so I haven’t looked at the new comments, is this game not on DAZN for some reason? I only see the other games from today.
  6. If only he scored that volley... On the subject of our national team, I think him playing LB depends on what other options we have at the wings and if we can't get a clear starting LB. Hoilett is still going to be a good option for this cycle but is David actually effective out wide? He looks great at striker and it sounds like CAM is his best position but I think against Cuba he didn't look super effective out wide, it might have been that 1-0 game where no one looked great to be fair. Tabla is out of the picture right now. Borges might be an option but we have to probably see how he does at a higher level. Millar likely has the highest ceiling out of our winger prospects but right now he's not a starter for us. Basically I'd keep Davies at LW/RW right now unless we can get another solid starter besides Hoilett. I'd also keep him at wing if someone claims the LB spot but right now I think we're just average there tbh. Adekugbe probably won't become much more than a MLS level player and we don't know how good Miller will turn out to be. If his peak is just an MLS starter, I'd consider just putting Davies there.
  7. 4 starts in a row! Sucks that I won’t be able to watch it until later.
  8. On the disallowed goal - I saw it was an MLS ref on VAR duty tonight and thought "I'm sure he'll find a way to screw us over with misuse of VAR tonight", can't say I'm surprised lmao. People will disagree with me but I've always thought that very minuscule offsides in the build up to a play (that aren't caught right away) isn't really what the "spirit" of the rule is for. Think of the NHL where we're now seeing goals disallowed because a player's skate was a millimeter high when he crossed the blue line, the play goes on for a minute before the goal is scored, and finally after 5 minutes of reviewing it the goal gets disallowed. It's not why the rule is there. I feel like I can explain it a bit better but I'm too lazy. Anyways I have to see another replay of that goal but it's obviously not "clear and obvious" if it takes that long to look at it. Like everyone is saying, there are definitely some players who have tons of talent but there seemed to be no cohesion at all. Habibullah is crazy good for being the youngest(?) player there but at times he held on to the ball way too long. I think it was near the end where he had Rea open on the wing but just kept ignoring him and everyone else. Nelson wasn't as guilty of doing this as some people are saying imo.
  9. David went 90 in a 0-0 draw and Atiba went 90 in a 1-0 win. Atiba apparently had a great game, Turkish translates badly but I saw a few people calling him the MOTM. Call him up!
  10. In my case I don’t want him traded or anything, I just think we might better with Laryea and Auro starting now. He’ll still be useful if they get injuries or are in poor form.
  11. He’s definitely playing it safe but I thought he had a solid game. A lot of good one touch passes in tight spaces, some decent defensive plays and interceptions. Only attacking moments I can remember are the Lewandowski goal he kind of assisted, a blocked shot, and one quick burst of speed past a defender to get a cross in. At least he proved he’s not a liability out there.
  12. Had the same issue last week, I’m done work at 3 so I’ll have to spend the rest of my day watching sports. Unlike last week it sounds like I also can’t skip through most of the Bayern game
  13. But he has played well. In 2018 he looked good every time he was on the field despite the team being a **** show and this season he also looked great, Vanney decided to reward him by leaving him out of the 18 in the last half of the season. What has Patrick Mullins done to get playing time? Dude gets subbed on late last game and looks like he's jogging at defenders to pressure them.
  14. I’ve been hoping this happens next year. Morrow has been a great signing for TFC and has been the most consistent player year by year but I also feel he’s starting to decline a bit. Defensively he’s still ok but going forward he just doesn’t look threatening anymore. Laryea and Auro are more useful now since they’re so good offensively. Laryea is so damn good at beating defenders 1v1.
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