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  1. Not actually watching the game but it's on in the background, looks like Tajon drew the penalty that made it 1-0 and assisted the 2nd.
  2. Back in 2017 he was probably our 3rd best striker. He's definitely nowhere near that right now though and probably doesn't have a future with the CMNT since he's now 27 and hardly playing. BUT I think he'd be a great CPL signing and would raise the level of the league for sure. I hope more guys who are still MLS quality-ish but aren't getting opportunities would go to the CPL, it would be win-win if they don't mind lower pay.
  3. And it was just over 2 months ago that he got his first start. Sometimes it's just a matter of these guys getting an opportunity, same with Hasal this year.
  4. Just caught up, before he even got the assist I was already thinking he was playing great. It seemed like he was still cursed when it came to scoring, a few of those shots that went straight at the keeper he could have placed better but the fact he's getting more good shots off was encouraging. I'm so happy that he finally scored at the end, after feinting the defender you just knew he'd put that one in.
  5. I only caught part of the first half but in the few minutes I watched he was looking really dangerous. I like how direct he is, I wouldn't be against him getting called up soon.
  6. At this point I'm glad we got him out of all the dual nationals recently mentioned (other than maybe Kadioglu but he always was considered a longshot), it would be amazing if he even got a sub appearance for Wolves this year. A couple of years ago I thought were gonna be stacked on the wings but with Tabla not making progress, Davies playing more at LB, Hoilett probably done at the PL level, I wasn't feeling as confident recently. Now I'm getting excited again. Hopefully Millar can go on loan next year as well.
  7. Also on the subject of population, Macedonia has 2 million and made it to the Euros for the first time yesterday!!!! At least one of my teams did something this year πŸ‡²πŸ‡°πŸ‡²πŸ‡°πŸ‡²πŸ‡°πŸ‡²πŸ‡°πŸ‡²πŸ‡°πŸ‡²πŸ‡° I love how they played, even though they're a bit boring they were very organized and solid defensively. Way easier to watch than Canada. You could also tell how much it meant to the players to represent their country.
  8. The US only has over 100x the population of Wales
  9. I just realized the keeper is Thomas McGill, he was in a pretty bad collision early in the video.
  10. Too bad Liam couldn't get his loan but it's not the worst thing getting a ton of minutes right now, good to see him playing well scoring more recently too. Really hoping he can go somewhere in January though, the next step is to play against men every week for sure.
  11. Late to post but I thought it was a great game for David, even though his drought continues. Did a lot of simple things right, drew fouls, etc. I think he had like three decent chances blocked, seems to be happening a lot to him lately. Great pass for the 3rd goal. Ikone and Bamba definitely pissed me off, he could have gotten a goal if they had awareness/weren't hogs, whatever their problem is.
  12. Played very well in his first start tonight!
  13. Yep I was going to post in his thread that we’re so lucky we got him with so many dual nationals ditching us.
  14. Man he’s cursed right now. I’m not worried long term but he REALLY needs one soon lol
  15. It's amazing how bad TFC's CBs look without Mavinga beside them. Dunn can't be worse than Gonzalez at this point.
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