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  1. He doesn’t have that elite height like Terrance “200k salary” Boyd, no way he’ll start.
  2. My brother just started a OneSoccer trial so I watched most of the last two games, the CPL teams definitely didn't look out of place. York 9 should have won it
  3. Watched/skipped through a lot of the game. I had no idea Kaye could shoot like that from distance, he could have had a few from outside the box. The rebound from his shot also led to the 5th or 6th goal
  4. Great first start. Too bad Vanney probably has another nephew who will come in and steal his spot.
  5. Who’s the last player to score a hatty for us?
  6. Nearly full strength? I guess our week off is the reason why. I want to see Okello get some minutes if we’re destroying them. Also Millar in the second half
  7. Yeah, Atiba’s pace worried me a bit. I’d rather just have him at CM in place of Piette and have two natural CBs.
  8. I’m somewhere in this pic. Obviously a lot of empty seats but I wouldn’t say the attendance was terrible or anything.
  9. Game one out of the way. Narrowly missed a successful high five with Jimmy B
  10. Then when people get pissed off at us we have to go on social media and completely miss the point on why everyone hates us. When people call out Hoilett for taking his shirt off and running into the stands after putting us up 11-0 we just have to send them death threats and that will do the trick!
  11. The US squad looks quite underwhelming, too bad we probably won’t play them. I’d laugh if Panama and T&T haunt them again in the group stage.
  12. I thought Fraser looked great last year whenever he played despite 2018 TFC being a shitshow. I can’t see why Delgado keeps getting starts when he has been awful since missing that sitter against Chivas. Fraser and Bradley should be out there together but Vanney never seems to want to try anything new.
  13. Aren't FIFA games made in Vancouver? That has to give us a bit more influence hopefully.
  14. Millar over Ricketts for sure.
  15. Saw this live, seems like a lot of MLS bias. Borjan is still going to be our starter for a while unless someone gets good enough to steal his spot. I doubt it happens for a while, I watched his Champions League games and he was amazing. Cavallini has to be out there. Osorio isn't a starter for us right now and I say that as a biased TFC fan. Too much midfield depth.
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