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  1. So, does anyone still want to defend TFC for being awful when it comes to integrating young players into the 1st team? Anybody?
  2. I have less time to update this now but here are some games this week. Saturday, Oct 16 Reading vs Barnsley (Championship) Lille vs Clermont (Ligue 1) Rangers vs Hearts (Scottish Premiership) Montreal vs Philadelphia(MLS) Toronto vs Atlanta (MLS) Sunday, Oct 17 Paços de Ferreira vs Aguias do Moradal (Taca de Portugal Third Round) Bayern vs Leverkusen (Bundesliga) Panetolikos vs OFI (Super League Greece) Vancouver vs Sporting KC (MLS) Wednesday, Oct 20 Bayern vs Benfica (UEFA Champions League) Lille vs Sevilla (UEFA Champions League) Thursday, Oct 21 Rangers vs Brondby (UEFA Europa League)
  3. Did it just disappear from anyone else’s app? It wouldn’t let me enter these upcoming games last time I checked a few days ago and now it’s gone lol. I was 11th but I’m pretty sure technical difficulties screwed me over a few times with missing out.
  4. I was still in a pissy mood once I finally got in since I missed most of the first half from the long ass lineups and thought I was going to miss more, too bad that happened because otherwise that was the best atmosphere I've seem at BMO Field other than TFC v Montreal 2016. Luckily all the corners and the first goal happened after I got to my seat. We're a scary team once we get momentum, though I admit I thought we'd concede when we couldn't even touch the ball for what felt like 10 minutes early in the 2nd half. The Davies goal felt like it came out of absolutely nowhere, that defender probably felt that way too. Luckily the subs were able to come in on time as well. Considering we were missing 6 (7 if you still include Arfield) key players, this window went pretty well. Larin was a big loss imo considering he scored two huge goals in the first two games, good thing we have threats all over the field now though. Also I found the shithousery and crowd rowdiness pretty fun. The bench clearing "brawls" were pretty entertaining and the Panamanian subs warming up in front of us were getting chirped pretty hard. I loved the guys next to me trash talking Panama in Arabic too.
  5. Kamal Miller gave his jersey to a kid in the south end as well right before I left.
  6. I finally got in the stadium around the 25th minute, they scored off the corner right after I got here and celebrated 15 feet away from me
  7. I tried getting there as quick as I could after work but I might (along with THOUSANDS of others) literally miss most of the game cause of the biggest lineup I’ve ever seen. Fuck this shit
  8. About to head down to the game If we win we’re in good shape so far. Hopefully AD and JD have some energy left, it’s going to get nervy if we can’t grab a goal in the first half. At least three of our more creative players are fully rested.
  9. Is this kid a guitar virtuoso by any chance?
  10. I'll be at a wedding tomorrow so watching this game will be a Monday morning hangover activity. At least I'll only have to wait two days for the Panama game.
  11. Let's foookin go! We're going undefeated all WCQ lads! One positive thing to look at, even though we might be a bit gassed I presume Jamaica mostly played their starts as well. It's not like they're going to be fully rested. We have much better depth. As mentioned above, Henry in for Vitoria and ZBG or Adekugbe in for Laryea isn't really a drop off. Millar, Hoilett, or even Shaffelburg should do well enough to replace Buchanan. I'm also not against another CM coming in for Kaye.
  12. Well, this basically proves we can hang with any team in CONCACAF no problem. Tough decision now when it comes to how long the big guns stay on the field.
  13. His pace and improved crossing this season is making him look dangerous every time he's out there. If he doesn't mysteriously vanish to the bench again, he could eventually become an interesting option for us. It's hard to break into the NT as a winger right now though.
  14. Slightly off topic and not that I have any cards worth grading but is sports card grading actually trustworthy? I'm asking because video game grading is a straight up scam right now, so much shady stuff is going down to drive up the price of old games which is unfortunate for the people who actually play them.
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