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  1. At work right now, is there a replay later?
  2. I remember not too long ago he was our 3rd best striker.
  3. I just hope we don’t panic sign some average MLS midfielder to fill in. I’m confident Fraser can do the job, hopefully he does well like always and forces Vanney to keep him on the pitch when Bradley is back. Bradley doing Delgado’s role should work. Also I doubt we’ll see it but it would be great if Okello gets a few chances because of this as well, even if it’s off the bench.
  4. Is Osaze USMNT eligible for whatever reason?
  5. At the very least we now have good depth there, it’s just a matter of a few of them becoming clear starters.
  6. We should be tied right now 😐 We really need to make some creative subs. Also Brym is looking promising.
  7. Nah, Iceland is a lot better than people realize, even with their B team.
  8. A bit disappointed that we won’t see Carducci, I’m sure Borges will make an appearance though. It’s nice that we can finally see Brym and Bassong.
  9. So even if we win our group we have to go through probably the US?
  10. Didn't really start watching TFC on TV until 2012-13, though I did go to games every year since 2007. Henry is the only CB we've had that I've actually seen play quite a bit. Despite how good Laryea was last year it still felt like he wasn't playing enough.
  11. Would be nice for TFC to actually play some Canadian defenders for once.
  12. This is why I’m not too worried about his production. I’d check the score after every game and kept seeing Killie getting shut out, it’s hard to get going offensively when no one else is.
  13. Thank god it happened against Barbados lol. Hopefully we get Laryea-Cornelius-Miller-Adekugbe (right to left obviously) against Iceland.
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