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  1. Yep. While staying in Turkey wouldn't be the worst thing, and it would be cool to see him continuing this form next season in front of Besiktas fans in the stands, he needs to go while the interest in him is there. I also want him to join this list, hopefully Corbeanu can also get on there soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_Premier_League_players#Canada
  2. Deleon's mindset is stupid and dangerous, if everyone had his anti vaxxer mindset we would end up enjoying this pandemic for even longer. Makes zero sense and sets an awful example as a pro athlete, at least most sports fans have no idea who he is and didn't see the quote.
  3. May 01 - May 06 Saturday, May 01 Junior Hoilett - Cardiff City FC vs Birmingham (Championship) 10AM EST Liam Millar - Charlton Athletic FC (On Loan from Liverpool) vs Accrington Stanley (League One) 10AM EST Atiba Hutchinson - Beşiktaş J.K vs Hatayspor (Super Lig) 1:30PM EST Cyle Larin - Beşiktaş J.K vs Hatayspor (Super Lig) 1:30PM EST Jonathan David - OSC Lille vs Nice (Ligue 1) 3PM EST - Onesoccer and BEIN Extra Montreal vs Columbus (MLS) 3PM EST - CTV & TVA Sports Sunday, May 02 Scott Arfield - Rangers FC vs Celtic (Scottish Premier League) 7AM EST Harry Paton
  4. Yeah, to be fair he's out position if he's not in the middle. It is more on Armas for playing him there, you need to have some sort of offensive talent if you're out wide. I'd rather Oso go there, especially when Pozuelo is back. All those low crosses with zero pace on them, hurts to watch.
  5. So PSG lost to Man City today, I wonder if they'll rest everyone for the league game this Saturday since the next leg is on Tuesday. They could end up dropping points due to the CL.
  6. Almost all of the Soviet cards in these packs are covered with that white powder stuff since they’re in the front lol. The gum snaps so easily.
  7. On that note, Delgado was shocking last night and somehow played all game.
  8. I’ve been opening 30 year old hockey cards that come with that gum, want me to put some aside for you?
  9. I did just find these yesterday, kinda related I guess?
  10. Minnesota’s defence looks so bad this year, a lot of awful giveaways leading to goals. Nothing he could do on the 2nd goal tonight. You’d think Montgomery would get some playing time if they keep this up.
  11. I live in a pretty Italian town, I’m kinda surprised no one here made it pro (other than I think a not Italian former USLer). I did play with a current NHLer for a couple of years and also an OHLer for a few years, I think a lot of guys here played both sports since a lot could afford it. When I was 18 I played with one guy who was incredibly good, he was apparently at some Italian academy when he was younger but had a heart problem or something. He was probably the best player I’ve ever played with or against and it’s a shame he never made it. Once I got to men’s league there were
  12. Sportsnet suddenly stopped showing Bayern games on tv. 🤬 April 24 - April 29 Saturday, April 24 Alphonso Davies - FC Bayern Munich vs Mainz (Bundesliga) 9:30AM EST Junior Hoilett - Cardiff City FC vs Wycombe (Championship) 10AM EST Liam Millar - Charlton Athletic FC (On Loan from Liverpool) vs Peterborough (League One) 10AM EST Atiba Hutchinson - Beşiktaş J.K vs Kayserispor (Super Lig) 1:30PM EST Cyle Larin - Beşiktaş J.K vs Kayserispor (Super Lig) 1:30PM EST *injured Montreal vs Nashville (MLS) 2PM EST Toronto FC vs Vancouver (MLS) 3PM EST - TSN Sunday, April 25
  13. I can’t read the article but it looks like it happened over a year ago. I’d be more concerned if it was more recent but I assume it was a “learning experience” or whatever. I hope it’s not still being held against him.
  14. Just checked the twitter page for Charlton and he just scored! Looks like he may have forced an own goal and gotten an assist as well.
  15. I still have a feeling he might not get the best service this year, I'm pretty sure he hardly saw the ball the first half. I'm happy he got one already though, 10-15 goals should be doable as long as the Whitecaps improve at all from last year. Then again, he was able to score 10+ in Liga MX twice on a mid-bottom table Puebla team so he'll probably be fine either way.
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