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  1. Obviously he was better off staying in the CPL but it might not be all that bad if he gets a lot of playing time. It looks like there are 34 games this season and it just started, if he was with Valour he'd have like a 7 month off season instead.
  2. I agree, we can't trust anyone who played in Bulgaria. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milan_Borjan
  3. Bdog

    Mo Farsi

    ? I was making the point that Godinho was put in a bad situation from the fact that he was starting despite not playing much before the Gold Cup, the only other RB we had was ZBG (who should have started) who I guess wasn't proven enough. I had to look it up and Godinho only played 5 games in 2019 before the tourney, I think he had injury problems. If we had guys starting regularly like we do now at RB we wouldn't have had that situation, we could play someone who's in form right now like Laryea, ZBG, Johnston, Farsi, Chung, Cordova, etc. Also shouldn't you take your own advice when it comes to Liam? He hasn't gotten to play much recently so why keep bringing him down when he hasn't had a chance to go on another loan and prove himself?
  4. Bdog

    Mo Farsi

    I like how we have the best LB in the world (according to the twitter football fans...I mean experts) and we're talking about this. I'm in the anti Davies at LB for Canada boat like most of you but it's funny to think about. Imo we're good at fullback now, I like ZBG at RB and I think Laryea looks great at LB for TFC. There's also depth now so we can actually start guys based on form, we don't have to start Godinho when he's coming back from injury and hasn't played in a few months, which is what I think happened at the Gold Cup. It's all about getting some CBs now.
  5. Much better than him coming to the Whitecaps or something.
  6. I was gonna try to avoid spoilers and watch at 8 but good thing I don’t have to waste my time now. At least Lille paid a lot for David so maybe they’ll eventually start using him correctly.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_European_Cup_and_UEFA_Champions_League_winning_players Just Kirovski but he wasn’t even in the 18 for the final, so no way you can count him.
  8. Turkish translations always make no sense but I assume it means he got invited? Could just be a rumour that the CSA has been in contact, hopefully it means he’s leaning towards us. Imagine a midfield with Eustaquio-Kadioglu-Arfield/Atiba. Nasty.
  9. Congrats Phonzy! After the Chelsea game it seemed like no one would touch Bayern.
  10. I was gonna say this, why not get some more competitive games in? As long as we can call up our strongest team I'm not worried at all. Well, maybe a little since we're Canada...but we should be good...right?
  11. According to some website I made some decent money on the video, that's news to me lol.
  12. I've got a video with 22 million views, I'm the biggest celebrity here.
  13. Axel Desjardins is on the bench for Spezia. They’re up 1-0 at half in the first leg of the promotion playoffs finals. Edit: ends 1-0
  14. Forward for York 9 Born August 19, 2003 https://canpl.ca/video/york9-fcs-lowell-wright-makes-history-as-cpls-youngest-goalscorer Scored 6 minutes into his professional debut today at the age of 16.
  15. It's one thing to get past Messi, Vidal, Semedo, and Pique (can't say I've heard of any of these guys before) but we're kidding ourselves if we think he can beat Daniel Lovitz, not happening.
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