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  1. Vanney having 5 subs is scary since he usually can’t figure out how to use 3 correctly in the first place. Poor Fraser had to sit and watch that happen when he should have been out there.
  2. The Canadians made a case for more playing time for sure. Tabla looked more dangerous than the other wingers to me, I noticed he’s very direct. He didn’t beat his man every time but I love when wingers actually try to challenge defenders.
  3. The level of play was reallyyyyy bad this game lol.
  4. In Cavallini’s case this might be the end of his season considering how MLS won’t be coming back this season after the covid cup, not with the shitshow in the states continuing. I wonder how these guys are gonna get playtime in 2020? Hopefully some more CPL loans but I doubt it. At least our top guys are getting playtime in Europe.
  5. Good to hear. I know Ligue 1 has been considered the “5th league” for a while now but I didn't think the difference would be huge. Considering the insane amount of good French players there are right now I figure there’s still a bunch in Ligue 1 right now. If the move goes through it will be great for David to be playing against better players every week. I’d love to see him against PSG.
  6. I was secretly hoping for a move to a big club so I could watch him more but Lille is a good destination. A step up from Belgium, even if it’s not a huge one. There are some decent players on Lille so he’ll hopefully have no problems getting service and linking up with others. If he repeats what he did this season I’m sure he’ll be ready for a big club!
  7. Was just about to make him a thread. He looked good at the World Cup, definitely plays like he’s older. Great move to the CPL, assuming it actually gets going again soon.
  8. Ouch, was 1-0 when I checked at half. At least he wasn’t on for the last 3.
  9. Even sporadic starts for Bologna would make him top 3 for sure. I wouldn’t play him over Borjan or Crepeau yet unless he somehow becomes a starter out of nowhere though.
  10. Hopefully no positive case that results in lung damage here. How ****ing stupid do you have to be to think Florida was a good place to hold the tourney?
  11. Klagenfurt won 3-0 and Kennedy apparently assisted the 2nd goal.
  12. https://streamable.com/7zxzdj https://streamable.com/raefi5 Two goals today, I'm starting to think it's getting more unlikely he'll play for us...
  13. This is a tough one. Even if Atiba stays for the rest of the cycle, I don’t think there’s enough games left and he definitely won’t be playing every game if we have multi game windows. Piette, it all depends on if he even makes it to 100 in general I’d say. He’s a guy who will generally make the squad every time for sure in the next 5+ years but it’s a matter of making the 11 from there. He has Eustaquio to compete with now and if Fraser/Kaye/Okello/whoever progress to a better league than MLS, that will make it harder for him if he’s at the same level. He seems to have the leadership aspect going for him though and he already is half way there. I still went with Davies, he’s the safest bet to basically play every game other than NA based camps (another advantage for Piette). He’ll rack up caps the quickest. Still a coin flip for me, all depends on if Piette even makes it to 100 like I said.
  14. He made a really impressive first touch mid range pass in the second half. Other than maybe Fraser he's probably our best passer.
  15. More like NES font but that's the first thing I thought lol. Anyone catch the first half? I could only watch the last few minutes and all I saw him do was get a yellow.
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