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  1. Big Signing! https://canpl.ca/article/fc-edmonton-signs-canmnt-midfielder-keven-aleman-for-2020-season
  2. This whole coronavirus thing may be a good avenue to force them to play in the CPL for the time being
  3. I totally agree with this. Imagine Montreal gets a team - then we have four teams that travel to almost half of their away games (6/14) via bus. Buses cost 3,000-4,000 for two days of travel. At its maximum, that's 4,000 for the 20-23 players + coaching staff + other (media+physio+admin) whereas a return ticket at best will cost 400$ per person if you assume the local bus travel takes the place of, for example, a Ottawa to Vancouver match (which will cost much more than 400$ return). If you do the match, you save several thousand off of one trip alone.
  4. Just captured it on my iPhone - be prepared to pay a heavy price for this proof should your prediction come to fruition
  5. Sorry for stealing you're thunder Ansem! I'm just really excited as well ...
  6. Lmao sorry - how do I change this? NVM - found it!
  7. Any ideas on whom the new coach could be? Do you think they'd hire local or someone from their system who shares their footballing philosophy?
  8. Because the expansion of an Ottawa franchise deserves a committed thread ...
  9. Tulsa is friggin HOT for us Ottawans (Ignore this) Sorry didn't read the last sentence. Considering they aren't paid in the off season I would imagine a lot of them leave their USL to go home, where they may get free rent and food if they can tolerate their parents
  10. Although not Wikipedia official, according to my source, Jeff Addai has just signed for Vaasan Palloseura in Finland.
  11. Heard two things from a reliable source (currently 4/5 on rumors) 1) Apparently some of the Fury players who already signed elsewhere are annoyed they didn't wait until the Ottawa announcement. They are still interested in coming back, perhaps next year though or later on this year. (He's pretty certain about this) 2) Some of the Fury players that haven't signed elsewhere have already agreed to come play ... just waiting for a contract to be signed (not as certain since this is coming from two degrees of separation).
  12. Am I the only one fervently refreshing the canpl homepage every minute, waiting for this announcement to drop?
  13. I imagine they want to reveal the jersey design in an announcement as well. I guess at this point, the only thing we know is they don't have an all black jersey!
  14. Familiarity may very well give them a shot at the CONCACAF League spot
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