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  1. Does anyone know why Atletico Ottawa only had four substitutes last game?
  2. Sorry to be off topic, but with Arnone signing for Atletico Ottawa and Fisk signing for Cavalry, does that make them the only players to have played for 3 CPL clubs?
  3. Can anyone at the game give an idea about how many people are there?
  4. Does One Soccer work in the states? I was legit just watching the Qatar-USA game when the feed cut out and said that the stream is unavailable in my region.
  5. I just did - let's make it a movement!
  6. I don't know why we are expecting this to be a walk-over - Haiti are a decent and very athletic team and we are playing in an effing cauldron on poor turf and even poorer reffing. Let's keep this 1-0 and go back to the continent with the advantage ...
  7. Wouldn't it be nice if Ottawa only agreed to pay a portion of it and make Atletico Madrid pay the rest ... get a player like that for 40,000 Euros
  8. Not to rip on this signing, I'm sure he's good .... but we have enough midfielders! We need some defenders. No?
  9. To play the devil's advocate, isn't it more effective to have your main marquee signings in positions that can win you games? I'm an Everton fan, and it reminds me when our best players were our two wingbacks (Baines and Coleman) - capable of some great play but never enough to get us to the top of the table. At this point I'd be more concerned who is going to score Valour's goals and not jumping through hoops about picking up two wingbacks who, at the top of their game, were likely better than anyone else in this league ..
  10. Would those three teams be the three reserve teams for MLS or three other Canadian soccer clubs - like the Thunder Bay Chill etc.? Maybe I am being picky on semantics but it would make sense if it was the former since he said "the three Canadian clubs" - implying its likely the ones already in MLS.
  11. Hey sorry for starting a redundant thread, couldn't find this one although admittingly I didn't look hard for it. I'll be in Kansas City from the end of July to the end of September on a work placement but am trying to head early given that's where we are playing! Would love to meet up with any stateside Canada supporters if possible.
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