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  1. Familiarity may very well give them a shot at the CONCACAF League spot
  2. Is there any way to play both games at once on One Soccer - I don't want to have to choose between games tonight
  3. haha if they enter they should be called the Prairie Canaries FC ... Not a bad ring to it, eh?
  4. Looks like if they do enter the CPL, they'll have Norwich-esque kits
  5. Was there an official roster for this summer series?
  6. haha should have guessed it was a tequila company given the name and the aspect of the league they are trying to represent ... "shot of the match"
  7. https://www.soccerway.com/players/ahmed-alghamdi/608873/ If I had to make an assumption from his profile on soccerway, he's a young player from the Van Isle region
  8. Do we have an official attendance for this game? I imagine the weather kept many away.
  9. People from Saskatchewan support their sports wayyy more than Newfoundlanders
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