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Diyaeddine Abzi


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See that his home club Pau has gotten 10 of the last 12 league points and are again close to the promotion playoffs, with 6 games left they are 2 points back.

I suspect he'll be sent back to Pau next year, as I don't see how with so few minutes anyone in Spain would pick him up, even in 2nd division, even if he was on a team promoting to top flight. 

Again, I am pretty sure that his salary is higher when on loan as the minimum in 2nd division must be higher than what he was getting at Pau.

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Haven't seen him in a Leganés squad, dressed, since before Easter. He apparently asked for a personal leave, and I don't see he is back. Or he may be and is not making game-day. 

Lega is still leading Spanish 2nd, they have held up against many rivals. 

Look at how competitive this league is: with two games left, no direct promotion is decided, and no relegation. There are 5 teams vying to go up directly, 11 teams in total trying for promotion playoffs at least, then nos. 14-22 in the table can avoid relegation or fall into it.

Only two teams of 22 have nothing to play for on matchday 40.

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Thinking that even though he has not been with the team for a month, if they promote he'll likely have a share in the promotion bonus. For a guy making a low salary at Pau in France and probably raised just to the minimum for 2nd division in Spain (93,000 euros/year), it'll be significant for his finances.

I don't know what salary was applied to him in France, but they start low for younger players and first contracts. I am just assuming this.

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