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2011 World Cup Prep


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With the 2011 WWC on the horizon the question is - Did the CSA learn from Olympic saga and put aside enough dollars for the 2011 WWC preparations?

Many will remember there was a huge challenge for the CSA getting enough money together for the Olympic run on top of the Kerfoot donation......thankfully the COC and Feds came through.

Presently the CSA is hiring 4 more staff before year end -

1. Communications Manager

2. Sponsor Servicing Coordinator

3. Community Outreach Coordinator

4. Referee Programme Administrator


We have yet to hear anything about the usual CONCACAF cash reward/appearance money from the Gold Cup,

It strikes me as interesting timing on these job postings but then maybe the CSA has more money as CM would have had her budget in prior to Gold Cup.

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Glad to hear they're hiring, looks like they're putting resources into Communications and Sponsorships which is fantastic. It also looks like Richard Scott will get some help too which is great for us.

I'm all for giving the women quality training and matches, but I'm not a big fan of long-haul campouts. How much time you spend together isn't a linear equation. It's not the more the better. There is a not only a point of no return, but a point of going backwards. We as Canadian women's fans know that better than anyone (i.e the condo years).

Preparation is about a healthy mix of quantity and quality, upset the mix too much in either direction and you throw off the recipe's results. Quality also takes a lot of time to prepare - for not just coaches but players too. Going on the road with the band for 6 months is always great fun, but the great work is always done in the studio while the band members are at home centered and grounded in their personal space. Being on the road with your teammates is a pretty carefree life and some players will ride that train 24/7/365. But after a while it's not real anymore and it's our job as coaches and managers is to protect them from themselves.

Everyone (including coaches and staff) needs their personal space. That's where they come from and that's where they center themselves and derive their power and drive. That's what makes it real.

Get in, get quality, focus, learn, work hard, get out, re-center, heal, re-think, re-target, dream, re-focus. Recycle.

Below is our 9 months of prep in 2003 from January 1 to the World Cup in late September. Some good quality opponents, some weak ones to beat the snot out of (most that aren't weak any more), and the get-in/get-out pattern above.


Feb 10-20 @ Bradenton, FL

Mar 7-20 @ Algarve (Norway, USA, Sweden)

Mar 14 - CAN (1-1) v. USA @ Algarve

Mar 16 - CAN (1-1) v. Norway @ Algarve

Mar 20 - CAN (7-1) v. Greece @ Algarve

Apr 26 - CAN (1-6) v. USA @ RFK Stadium (- LeBlanc, Nonen, Boyd, Kiss, Hermus, Burtini, Hooper)

May 19 - CAN (4-0) v. England @ Claude Robilliard

May 22 - CAN (4-0) v. England @ Ottawa

Jun 13 - CAN (4-0) v. Mexico @ Guasave

Jun 15 - CAN (2-0) v. Mexico @ Mazatlan

Jul 17 - CAN (2-1) v. Brazil @ TBD

Jul 20 - CAN v. Brazil @ Ottawa

Aug 16 - CAN (1-1) v. Ghana @ Seattle

Aug 31 - CAN (8-0) v. Mexico @ Commonwealth

Sept 4 - CAN (6-0) v. Mexico @ Swangard

Sept 14 - CAN (2-0) v. Australia @ Kingston

Oct 11 - World Cup Bronze Match - CYCLE ENDS

p.s. some flash from the back:


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Great comments there and a good look at the past too.

I'm not sold on the new hires given the CSA's track record for producing new sponsors and deliverables. I find it a bit concerning that these new hires will take a good $160-200K out of the budge when one looks at the offices size to what they bring in once you take away member fees and fed money. As we know from the past the WNT it almost totally funded by the Feds and gets very little CSA funding. The ratio of how money is used between the CSA and USA shows an interesting picture



Outside of potential money issues what will be interesting this time around will be how the program is balancing the players coming and goings from their commitments with pro clubs and college. Athletes can't afford to live off their AAP so those that don't have the extra income will have to live at home and work. Those playing pro will have to watch that they are not over playing and training. I'm not sure how long stays from college impacts those will scholarships but maybe someone here has an idea.

One good thing CM has done is had a good look at all the Seniors and U20's so she has a big player pool to choose from if some can't get the time to for National duty. The 4 Nations gave everyone a good look at how well everyone get along when players are called up......the family has gotten bigger ;-) Also, CM's staff is pretty clear and good at insuring the players take breaks after training and playing. Overall, I've enjoyed the technical/theory aspects that CM has brought to the WP.

My hope is the 2011 WC prep will have less bumps than the Olympic prep did as not only is the WWC important to how will the WP does but also the WC bid too.

To all here have a Merry Christmas and fantastic holidays with those dear to you.....

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Hey Vic , a couple of corrections as I was there for all these exciting matches.

May 19 - CAN (4-0) v. England @ Lachine and they were hanging off the rooftops around the stadium.

Jul 17 - CAN (2-1) v. Brazil @ Mcgill Stadium

Jul 20 - CAN (2-1) v. Brazil @ Ottawa Frank Clair Stadium

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Oh man was I tired last night. I was at Lachine and Frank Clair too but had to miss McGill. I did see the Zidane game there though and it was a great day. The Catalogna game was really surreal... I remember it started under daylight and ended as it got dark. I also remember they parked the bus in the ghetto apartments parking lot east of the field. And I remember wondering how England feels playing on a game with almost nothing but a sideline lined with people. Not something that happens much over there. There were a couple of people on the roof of the complex and I remember being really, really jealous and wondering how they got up there. I had been over to England a few times and seen some not bad women's soccer and remember being surprised how unbalanced they were. They had some technically good players (one in particular who was very good) but half the team on the field was pretty dodgy. Don't think the keeper left that great an impression either.

The Ottawa game was a repeat. Watching a game played on turf in Frank Clair isn't the most exciting or intimate thing in the world. It's light years behind Saputo or BMO in enjoyment for a fan. They all just meld together over time too.

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France prep below. Other than a couple of weeks before the World Cup their prep is just Cyprus and a friendly.

27 Feb -> 10 Mar Cyprus Cup

- Canada

- England

- France

- Italy

- Netherlands

- New Zealand

- North Korea

- Switzerland

May 18 v. TBD @ Brittany

May 30 - Jun 4: camp @ TBD

Jun 10 - 13: camp @ French National Training Center

Jun 15 v. Belgium AWAY

Jun 18 v. Belgium HOME

* the French D1 Féminine season goes all winter until late May, but breaks for the Cyprus Cup.

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Odds from BetBrain (before the Four Nations):

1.5-1 Germany

5-1 USA

12-1 England

12-1 Sweden

19-1 France

24-1 Canada

24-1 Australia

49-1 New Zealand

France and Germany being in Group A as well. Good money to be made betting against the home country Deutschlanders.

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Can't remember where on the FFF site they mentioned the Belgium series. It's interestingly no longer in their published schedule.

English bookmaker William Hill odds out. Germany the absolutely massive favourite. We're predicted to be out in the group stage.

11/10 Germany

5-1 Brazil

6-1 USA

14-1 Japan

14-1 Sweden

16-1 England

16-1 Norway

20-1 France

25-1 Korea DPR

28-1 Canada

40-1 Australia

50-1 Colombia

50-1 Mexico

66-1 New Zealand

125-1 Nigeria

500-1 Equatorial Guinea

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They're not like us where the national team stays together and plays like a club team. France has the D1 women's league and the national team gets together very briefly. They are together for two weeks in Clairefontaine/Cyprus a month from now and unless they can fit something else in that's it until June.


In 2010 France went 10-0-0 in their World Cup qualifying group to go to the quarters. They met Italy in a home-and-away for an automatic Cup berth. The Poland game in November was a friendly (in the Cyprus Cup last year we beat Poland 3-0).

5-0 Poland Nov 19

3-2 Italy Sep 15

0-0 Italy Sep 11

7-0 Serbia Aug 25

1-0 Iceland Aug 21

6-0 Estonia Jun 23

3-0 Croatia Jun 20

2-0 Switzerland May 5

4-0 Northern Ireland Mar 31

6-0 Northern Ireland Mar 27

2-1 Ireland Feb 25

The Italy series would be their most definitive result. The first-leg was 0-0 in France with the French outshooting the Italians 7-1. Ahhh the joy of catenaccio. The deciding game in Italy was pretty dramatic. Italy's veteran striker Patrizia Panico scored in the first-half to give Italy a 1-0 lead at the break. The French scored two in five minutes early in the second half and held the lead before adding another in extra time. The Italians scored from long-range in the last minute but it was too little, too late and they lost the World Cup ticket and were off to the playoff path (where they got by Ukraine and then Switzerland but went down 0-1 and 0-1 to the USA).

The French undefeated run is 17 games and a year and a half.

All five games in the past decade against them were away friendlies in France, and we are three wins, two ties and no losses. Not bad for all on the road.

Mar 2008 0-0

Aug 2006 2-2

Aug 2006 1-0

Apr 2005 2-0

Apr 2002 2-0

Canada/France is a very, very interesting matchup. The French strength is their midfield play (Abily, Necib, Bompastor if they play her there) and their achilles heel is their goalkeeping. If we get Parker, Matheson and Schmidt in the middle it could be the best game of the entire tournament.

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Unprecedented TV coverage of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011

Underlining the huge strides the women’s game has made in recent years, for the first time ever the FIFA broadcast production will comprise up to 18 cameras for selected matches, including in-goal cameras and two steadycams for all matches.

A spidercam and a helicopter camera will be in operation for selected matches to capture the action on the field from a bird’s eye perspective, while a further two cameras will follow the teams’ arrival by coach at the stadium. Virtual graphics will also be provided to support broadcasters and ultimately ensure fans enjoy a viewing experience on a par with the men’s game.

FIFA has also secured top match directors from the FIFA World Cup™ and other premier football competitions for the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a view to ensuring the best possible broadcast production and meeting broadcasters’ high expectations.

In North America, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Univision and ESPN will throw their support behind the broadcasts.


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Interesting comments on our group from the exciting German superstar Fatmire Bajramaj.

What are your expectations ahead of the tournament? Which teams do you think will be challenging for the title?

I think there are going to be a lot of surprises this year. The usual suspects like Sweden, USA, Brazil and England will all be among the favourites for the title. There are other teams who are always good for a surprise too, though.

Such as?

I’d say Nigeria, even if we beat them by a surprisingly large scoreline last year.

How important do you think it will be to get off to a good start against Canada in the opener?

The first game is always the most important. I remember when we beat Argentina 11-0 in our first match in 2007. It’s hugely important for your confidence. Also the other teams think, ‘Wow, they won 11-0’.


I'd say that was a callout...

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bwin gets into the action with more realistic odds. Their closest call is if Canada or France makes it out of the group stage.

Here are the favoured Quarter-Finals:

Germany v. England

France v. Japan

USA v. Norway

Sweden v. Brazil

Or, translated, out of group:





5/5 UEFA

2/11 Everyone else:


1/3 AFC

0/2 CAF

0/1 OFC


$10 to win on Canada brings you $340

Odds to win the Tournament:

Germany 2.75

USA 6.50

Brazil 6.50

Sweden 12.00

Japan 12.00

England 15.00

France 15.00

Norway 15.00

Korea DPR 34.00

Canada 34.00

Australia 41.00

Colombia 67.00

New Zealand 67.00

Mexico 81.00

Nigeria 151.00

Equatorial Guinea 201.00

Group A - Group winner

Germany 1.10

France 10.00

Canada 13.00

Nigeria 51.00

Group B - Group winner

Japan 1.85

England 2.75

New Zealand 8.50

Mexico 11.00

Group C - Group winner

USA 1.50

Sweden 3.00

Korea DPR 12.00

Colombia 34.00

Group D - Group winner

Brazil 1.60

Norway 3.15

Australia 7.00

Equatorial Guinea 41.00

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France and Germany are the favourites in our group, but it's Nigeria who are the true wildcard. Abiodun Obende is a good example of the different path of women footballers around the planet.


She grew up in the midst of seven brothers in a polygamous family of nine. As the baby of the house, she had her elder brothers as playmates and thus, would always join them whenever they go out to play street soccer with their friends.

And to keep up with the older ones in the mastery of the game, she would always resort to packing sucked oranges in nylon bags to improvise for footballs. This is the interesting story of Super Falcons' player, Abiodun Obende, who now blazes the trail in the women professional league in Finland.

The player, who ran around the dusty streets of the Boundary Area of Ajegunle, Lagos State kicking oranges, has risen from her humble beginning to become the striking queen of her Finnish club, KPV Kokkolan Pr. with nine goals to her credit last season.

“I went to Finland in April 2007 for trials and it was very difficult adjusting from the warm weather in Nigeria to the cold climate in that place. There was heaps of snow everywhere because that time of the year was the height of winter in Finland,” she began.

“I play for KPV Kokkolan Pr. In my first trial match with the club, I scored the only and winning goal of the game, but I could not celebrate my feat because of the biting cold."

Hard tackles from boys made me a better player – Obende

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Ebere Orji cries REVENGE! …Against Germany


Arguably one of the rising stars to watch at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany this summer, Nigeria’s Ebere Orji is dreaming of revenging against the German team that denied the Falconets the trophy at the Under-20 FIFA World Cup and equally clipped the wings of the Super Falcons in a scandalous manner late last year in a friendly game.

Orji told Women Soccer that some factors contributed to her team’s loss to the Germans in the previous encounter and that another opportunity has presented itself for her to make the difference by correcting the mistakes of the past.

“The weather really affected us because it was freezing and many of us were not used to such an unfriendly climate. So, nobody should blame the players or our coaches for the poor result from that friendly game."

“If you had watched our matches at the AWC in South Africa, you would have seen that we played better football. But in Germany, the weather was not in our favour in any way that time."

“Although some people talk about ‘group of death’, we are not scared. We have every confidence that we will book a ticket and move to the next round of the competition, and from there, anything can happen."

“And for your information, our opponents are respecting us because they truly understand that Nigeria is not a pushover in world football,” she concluded.


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In following with the theme of keeping up on our group...

Bend it Like Bajramaj

A good CNN video profile of German star and World Player of the Year finalist Fatmire Bajramaj, who calls hosting the World Cup a fairy tale come true for the players. She may have lost to Marta in the final vote, but she's extremely dynamic and a complete package who makes everyone around her better.


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The Women's World Cup is in Canada along with the press kit of backdrops for the photo ops at the press function tomorrow, and afterwards we'll be able to catch up on it off the CSA and FIFA websites.

It was just in Equatorial Guinea and Mexico, where Women's World Cup Organizing Committee President Steffi Jones was invited to the presidential palace to meet Felipe Calderon and first lady Margarita Zavala Tuesday.

"The presidential couple are both huge football fans and keen proponents of girls' and women's football in Mexico."

Mike Bolt has a similar job. He's the keeper of the Stanley Cup and similarly travels with it and is entrusted with it's protection and well-being. He has a great quote that sums it all up perfectly:

"Can I have your job? That's probably the biggest question I get," Bolt said, smiling. "People tell me I have the greatest job in the world. I think the greatest job in the world would be playing for it."


Steffi Jones (center) with Mexican President Felipe Calderon (left) and first lady Margarita Zavala (second from right):


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This guy is so out of touch with the CSA and the WNT!!!

Mar 11, 2011 12:30 ET

Statement by the Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of State (Sport), on the Occasion of the FIFA Women's World Cup Tour in Ottawa

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 11, 2011) - Today, the trophy tour initiated by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the Women's World Cup 2011 local organizing committee from Germany visited Ottawa. The tour began last December to bring the Women's World Cup trophy to countries that will participate in the FIFA Women's World Cup this summer.

Participation in soccer continues to grow steadily across Canada, and awareness and pride in our national women's soccer teams is at an all-time high, particularly since the recent announcement that Canada will host the 2015 Women's World Cup, the largest women's sport event in the world.

Our Canadian team's participation in the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 will give our athletes an opportunity to strive for excellence at the highest level of competition. The tournament plays an important role in the development of young Canadian athletes for podium success on the international stage. Our Canadian team is ready to compete in Germany this summer, and we are behind them all the way!

On behalf of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Government of Canada, and all Canadians, I wish the Canadian women's soccer team the best of luck as they prepare to compete in the 2011 World Cup in Germany.

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Canada’s statement of intent in Cyprus

(FIFA.com) Friday 11 March 2011

Exactly 109 days before taking on hosts and holders Germany in the Opening Match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011™, Canada have given yet another impressive demonstration of their footballing credentials. Carolina Morace’s in-form team beat the Netherlands 2-1 after extra time in the final of the Cyprus Women’s Cup, retaining the trophy they won last year and sending out a clear statement of intent to their rivals.

The fourth edition of the prestige tournament featured 12 teams split into three groups, with matches played in Larnaca, Nicosia and Paralimni. This year’s contest featured no fewer than five Germany 2011 hopefuls: England, New Zealand and Mexico, and Germany’s group stage opponents Canada and France. FIFA.com reviews the pick of the action.

Group A

Canada comfortably won Group A with three straight victories and no goals conceded. In the clash with England, Christine Sinclair and Brittany Timko struck either side of half-time to secure a 2-0 victory for the North Americans and underline the seriousness of their challenge this year. The Canadians had previously recorded tight but deserved 1-0 wins against Italy and Scotland.

England opened with a promising 2-0 success against Italy, but Hope Powell’s side then fell to a shock 2-0 defeat against the Scots, with Kim Little and Jennifer Beattie sealing their country’s first victory over England in more than 30 years. "I'm absolutely delighted with the result,” coach Anna Signeul told the Scottish FA website afterwards. "We played well against Canada in the first game but the result didn't go our way. We built on that performance and put on a really impressive display today." England had to be content with third spot in the section, after Scotland and Italy played out a goalless draw.

Group B

Group B also featured two FIFA Women’s World Cup contenders, France and New Zealand. However, contrary to pre-tournament expectations, it was the Netherlands who strode forward to top spot and a place in the final, with three convincing wins and 12 goals scored. The Oranje stars opened in style with a clear-cut 4-1 triumph against New Zealand. Sherida Spitse opened the scoring midway through the first half before a Manon Melis brace put the Dutch firmly in the driving seat at half-time. Sara Gregorius pulled one back 15 minutes from the end, but Renee Slegers restored the three-goal margin with five minutes left.

The Dutch were pushed a lot harder by France, as Slegers and Camille Abily traded early goals, before Melis again came up trumps with the 73rd-minute winner. In their final group outing, however, the women in orange ran riot against Switzerland with an emphatic 6-0 success. Elsewhere, in the clash between Women’s World Cup starters France and New Zealand, the Europeans gained the psychological edge with a 5-2 victory. It was a sobering group stage for Switzerland, meanwhile, who fell 2-0 to the French and 2-1 to New Zealand, finishing their programme without a point.

Group C

Korea Republic proved that their spot in the top 20 of the FIFA Women’s World Ranking is no accident by finishing top of the section. Lee Sea-Eun scored the first hat-trick of this year’s Cyprus Women’s Cup to secure a 3-1 victory over Northern Ireland, before the Koreans drew 1-1 with FIFA Women’s World Cup contenders Mexico, and beat Russia 2-1. Mexico were forced to settle for the runners-up spot after a goalless draw with Russia and a 3-1 victory over Northern Ireland who, like the Swiss, finished without a point for their efforts.

Finals day

Canada and the Netherlands faced off in the Cyprus Women’s Cup final in Paralimni, with neither having dropped a point en route. The game lived up to its billing with action at both ends throughout before the contest was finally settled in extra time.

Morace’s side took a 20th-minute lead through Jonelle Filingo, but Claudia van den Heiligenberg levelled for the Dutch five minutes before the break. There were no further goals in an evenly-matched second period, but Emily Zurrer netted after a corner in the ninth minute of extra time to secure the trophy for the North Americans, previous winners in 2008 and 2010.

France claimed third spot overall with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Scotland, Marie-Laure Delie firing all three goals for L’equipe Tricolore.

A Sue Smith brace saw England beat Korea Republic and take fifth place. Despite the group stage defeats to Canada and Scotland, England boss Hope Powell felt the trip to Cyprus was time well spent. "We have been out in Cyprus a bit longer than in previous years and it has been a fantastic week of preparation because it gives us more experience of how demanding a tournament can be. Most importantly, with the World Cup looming, it has given me a chance to look at the players, and it has given these players an opportunity to play,” she said on the English FA website.

In the remaining games, New Zealand were routed 5-0 by the Mexicans in the seventh-place play-off, Italy beat Russia to finish ninth, and Switzerland ended on a winning note with victory over Northern Ireland to finish this year’s Cyprus Cup in 11th place.

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On the other side of the border the U.S. won the Algarve Cup. Now, which of the two cups is more significant?

Clearly the Algarve Cup. I'm just looking at the FIFA Rankings of the 8 teams in Groups A & B. (Which were the "Championship" Group)

Algarve: 1, 4, 6, 7, 13, 14, 16, 17

Cyprus: 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 18, 23, 24

The Group C was better in the Cyprus Cup, though.

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